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The Best Career Blogs For Millennials

A curated list of the best career blogs worldwide, which have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, TIME, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc. which all millennials should follow.

Changing careers or looking for a new job can be so confusing. With so many career blogs available out there, you don’t know who to trust when preparing for a job interview, as every opinion is so different.

Top Career Blogs You Should Follow

The Muse

The Muse is one of the best career blogs and it serves as a platform meant to help young professionals and millennials with advice about everything related to career, from how to find a job or a career that makes you happy, job interview preparation, how to succeed at work, networking and much more.

The Muse does not only provide advice in its career blog section, but it also provides services such as coaching in resume writing, acing a job interview, job searching, getting a raise or changing careers.

It also serves as a job portal, where job seekers can browse and apply to thousands of jobs, the website being updated on a daily basis with the newest jobs available in the US market.

Career Contessa

Career Contessa is the only career blog built exclusively for women. It provides expert advice on all things career, while also providing lots of freebies for job seekers, such as checklists, e-guides, quizzes, and worksheets.

The great thing about Career Contessa is that, if you are not much of a reader, they also have webinars on career growth, job search, work and life balance and many other topics.

Similar to The Muse, Career Contessa offers career coaching services, as well as a job portal.

Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl

As the name suggests, Classy Career Girl is focused on helping women with their careers, however, the free advice available on the blog can be used by anyone.

Classy Career Girl has been online since 2010 and is now one of the leading career blogs in the world, having helped launch more than 2000 successful careers and businesses.

While the main topic on Classy Career Girl is career, the blog is a lifestyle blog, covering different topics such as job search, entrepreneurship, health and balance, leadership, fashion, productivity, social media and money.

What I love about Classy Career Girl is that it also provides its readers with a Facebook group, where you can get real-time advice from the Classy Career Girl community and even from Anna Runyan, the founder herself.

Watch Her work

Watch Her Work was founded by Denise Hamilton, who brings more than 25 years of professional experience. Watch Her Work provides advice about career, how to reach your goals, side jobs, achieving life results and even advice about motherhood and health.

On top of the free advice available on the blog, Watch Her Work also provides resources such as videos, books, and coaching services.

Work it Daily

Work it Daily was founded by J.T. O’Donnell, Career Counselor and Coach, Recruiter and Expert in Professional Development.

Work It Daily is a career blog that has helped thousands of millennials to gain confidence and skills to achieve their goals. The blog not only provides invaluable advice for job seekers, but it also provides tips about salary negotiation, career happiness, work relations, work productivity and so much more.

Chasing Our Financial Freedom

Chasing Our Financial Freedom

Chasing our Financial Freedom is a career blog meant to help millennials find their financial freedom by either landing their dream job on their own terms or starting a side hustle such as a money-making blog.

The purpose of Chasing our Financial Freedom is to change the mentalities of both job seekers and employers, by making them both understand the power and importance of employees in a company; the fact that recruitment is a two-way street, where job seekers also have a word to say.

Chasing our Financial Freedom provides advice about everything career-related, from how to write a resume, job search, job interviews, interview questions and much more.

Career Sidekick

Career Sidekick is one of the most successful career blogs out there. It was founded in 2013 by Biron Clark, a former Executive Recruiter who has worked with hundreds of job seekers and more than 50 companies, including Fortune 500 firms.

Brian’s articles include advice on CV/Resume writing, LinkedIn, Networking, Job Search, Interview Preparation and useful tips for fresh grads.

The Way Factory

The Way Factory is a career blog meant to help millennials, as the name suggests, find their way. Find your way to discovering a career that is in line with your personal objectives and aspirations.

The Way Factory provides useful tips about work, personal development and self-employment in an easy to read and funny way.

Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily was founded in 2015 and rapidly grew to become an authority career blog online.

The founder, Celina, believes that everyone can achieve their dreams, no matter their background. All the content available on the blog is about career advice, life lessons, success stories and setting goals.

Besides providing free advice, Career Girl Daily designs and sells very cute planners, which any millennial woman should carry.

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