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The Best Resume Examples That Will Get You Hired in 2023

If you are looking for resume examples this list is perfect for you.

Having a well-written resume is the first step in landing a job interview.

A survey among more than 100 hiring managers and HR professionals from top recruiting companies during the pandemic, shows that the most common mistake job seekers do is using an outdated resume template.

The second biggest mistake is not customizing the resume and job application to fit the requirements.

That is why the below resume examples are perfect for anyone looking for a job now, as they have helped more than 46,000 job seekers to land a job they love.

If you don’t know how to write a resume, how to format it, what information to include and what sections to add on your resume in order to stand out in the massive pool of applicants and land a job interview, the below templates are great, as you will not only get a resume, you will also get a Cover Letter template, references template, detailed instructions on how to customize them and also a 50+ page “Guide to landing the job” as a bonus.

The following are the best resume templates according to current trends; they are written by a professional resume writer, enabling you to customize a winning resume and beat the Applicant Tracking System, by providing you with detailed information, including which is the best resume font, so that your job application will actually be seen by a human being, instead of being disqualified by the ATS.

Click on any of the images below to find out more information about each resume template.

Resume Examples for Marketing and Sales professionals

resume examples with summary

The Lauren Davenport is a great resume to showcase your unique set of skills and experience if you are in the Marketing or Sales industry.

Whether you are a junior or senior professional, this resume is perfect as it comes with 1, 2, and 3 pages templates, so you can fit as much or as little information about your professional experience as you want.

This template has helped more than 2,000 job seekers to land a job this year, making it one of the best resume examples with summary for Marketing and Sales professionals.

resume examples with skills
resume examples with objective statement

Resume Examples for Finance, Technical and IT professionals

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds scanning a resume before deciding if it’s worth giving it more attention or putting it into the “rejected job applicants” pile?

That is why having a well-formated and easy to read resume is crucial in order to get your job application noticed.

The Elliot Grey resume sample is great for Finance, Technical, and IT professionals as it easily conveys your professional experience, achievements, and skills.

While this and all resume templates on this list are fully customizable, they are written after years of research and testing what works and what doesn’t among recruiters and HR managers into the smallest details, such as using the best resume font.

Resume Examples for Doctors and Nurses

Resume Examples for Teachers

Resume Examples for Students

The Olivia Wagner is one of the best resume examples for students, freshers, or if you are looking to apply to an internship.

It has been the most successful resume template for first job seekers, helping more than 3,000 people land a job interview.

resume examples for students

Resume Examples with picture

Many resume writers advice against using a picture on your resume in order to avoid unjust profiling, however, there are certain jobs, such as customer service or any other jobs where you get in contact with other people, particularly clients, where it’s honestly important to have a certain appearance.

While we all hope that the most important aspect in getting a job is skills, we need to be realistic and aware of the fact that sometimes (or unfortunately many times) looks can make or break a job interview.

If you are confident that your look won’t stay in the way of you getting a job, by any mean, use the below resume templates as they are great, particularly for those looking for entry to mid-level jobs.

resume examples with picture
resume examples with picture

Executive Resume Template

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