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While working for 12 years in different fields and 9 different countries, I came across different cultures and different work environments.

Due to the nature of some of my previous jobs, I have been in charge, in addition to other responsibilities, of hiring new people.

A common thing that I noticed was that, on one hand, many of the employers have the “You are lucky to work here” mentality, while many candidates, on the other hand, have the “I hope I am good enough to get a chance to work here” mentality.

My aim, with this blog, is to change the mentality of both employers and candidates.

Companies need to understand that their success would not be possible without the people working for them, therefore they need to treat their employees with respect and consideration.

Candidates, as well, need to be able to asses themselves and know the skills that they are selling, in order to be more confident and realize that employment is a two-way street.

It’s not only a company that screens and chooses the right candidate, it is also the candidate who needs to make a choice between several companies and choose the one that is right for him or her.

Through my articles I am teaching millennials how to handle job interviews, in order to help them make the right choice and hopefully land their dream job.

I offer advice regarding:

  • Job interview tips
  • Job interview questions
  • Resume writing
  • Choosing a career
  • Recruitment process

In addition to this, I am also sharing tips and advice regarding Digital Marketing, as this is my background.

Everything is turning digital nowadays and learning how to build a website, knowing SEO, social media or graphic design can be very lucrative, regardless of the industry.

Having said that, I hope my articles will help you reach your financial freedom, be it by finding your dream job, or starting an online side business.

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