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The portal is dedicated to discussing career issues that every person faces in the modern world.

Despite being well-educated and well-trained, it can take time to understand the shifting dynamics of modern workplaces.

The website aims to streamline all the issues and provide a detailed analysis of the various scenarios that might arise in modern workplaces and how to navigate through them for the best possible outcome.

What Can Our Readers Learn from Our Website?

Our website provides insight into the various aspects of work life that can enable readers to lead the life they want. This can only happen when they find a job they love, achieve job satisfaction, secure their finances, have a healthy work-life balance, get along well with their bosses and coworkers, and also find personal fulfillment along the way.

Our readers can find helpful blogs and articles on the various aspects:

Career Tips

Finding a meaningful career is essential for financial freedom. Unless you love your job, you won’t feel motivated enough to pursue it for the rest of your life. And that will make it impossible for you to achieve financial freedom.

The blogs under this section help you find your purpose and understand the implications of making the right decision when choosing a career and how you should go about it.

Interview Questions

One of the best ways of cracking an interview is to be prepared with the answers to the various questions that you might be asked during the interview. This could range from your educational qualifications, job experience, soft skills, certifications, diplomas, and vocational training.

In addition, you also have to handle behavioral questions that tell your employer whether you can handle the job responsibilities in the real world. This section will give you a pretty good idea of the questions you may be asked during an interview and how to answer them.

Job Hunting

Looking for a job is not easy, and it is much more than scrolling and applying through job portals. Landing the right job is half the battle won, and you are on your way to building a successful career.

Hence, it is crucial to keep certain aspects in mind to choose a job befitting your talent and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less. This section will help you learn about the nuances of job hunting so that you can choose the one that best suits your future goals.

Interview Tips

Acing an interview can be difficult when competing with other brilliant minds in the field and aspiring for the same position you have applied to. It would be best if you had some extra help to crack the interview and land the job; this section tells you how to do it.
You will find informative blog posts providing valuable advice regarding every aspect of an interview to help you crack it.

Personal Development

You cannot do well in your career unless you are happy, and this only comes when you have a sense of purpose. While devoting time and energy to your job is definitely essential, investing in yourself is equally so.

When you invest in yourself, the mundane aspects of day-to-day living cannot affect you. You always have something to look forward to that replenishes your mind, body and soul and helps you be more productive in your job.

Under this section of our website, you will find many blogs that can teach you how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and invest in personal development so that you can be at the peak of your mental and physical health.

Resume Tips

The first step towards landing a job is to write a good resume. This gets you selected in the first place, and you start receiving calls for the interview.

Unless your resume stands out from the others, it isn’t easy to make a mark on your employer, as your fellow applicants will probably have the same set of skills that you possess while applying for a particular position.

In this section, you will learn how to write the perfect resume that distinguishes it from the others. You will be able to form a favorable impression on your employers even before you meet them.

HR Tips

Dealing with an organization’s HR and how they function can be tricky. However, it would be best if you communicated with them about every aspect of your job.

Be it applying for leaves, understanding your benefits, talking about promotions or even filing complaints, you have to rely on HR for several reasons. You will come across various blogs under this section about the various aspects of dealing with HR.

Freelancing and Blogging

Freelancing and blogging are now viable means of making money, especially if you want to work while traveling or you want a second source of income. This section can give you valuable information on how to do so. You will learn about various jobs that you can do along with your regular job or indulge in something you are passionate about. This will also help you understand the field and explore new opportunities.

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From the Author Himself

Forrest Webber


Forrest Webber is an ordinary businessman who stumbled upon the lucrative world of blogging by accident. Forrest founded Wander Media LLC in 2017 and has led the company through ups and downs to a recent watermark of $30,000 in monthly revenue. He’s most passionate about imagination and the positive futures it can create.

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It’s great to have you here.

I hope you will enjoy reading and applying the things that I am teaching through my articles.

While working for 12 years in different fields and 9 different countries, I came across different cultures and different work environments.

Due to the nature of some of my previous jobs, I have been in charge, in addition to other responsibilities, of hiring new people.

A common thing that I noticed was that, on one hand, many of the employers have the “You are lucky to work here” mentality, while many candidates, on the other hand, have the “I hope I am good enough to get a chance to work here” mentality.

My aim, with this blog, is to change the mentality of both employers and candidates.

Companies need to understand that their success would not be possible without the people working for them, therefore they need to treat their employees with respect and consideration.

Candidates, as well, need to be able to asses themselves and know the skills that they are selling, in order to be more confident and realize that employment is a two-way street.

It’s not only a company that screens and chooses the right candidate, it is also the candidate who needs to make a choice between several companies and choose the one that is right for him or her.

Through my articles I am teaching millennials how to handle job interviews, in order to help them make the right choice and hopefully land their dream job.

I offer advice regarding:

  • Job interview tips
  • Job interview questions
  • Resume writing
  • Choosing a career
  • Recruitment process

Having said that, I hope my articles will help you reach your financial freedom, be it by finding your dream job, or starting an online side business.

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