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5 Best High Income Skills To Learn in 2023

Regular white-collar jobs require some form of formal education or the other, which can be expensive and sometimes leads to unimaginable student loans. These white-collar jobs are often not enough to take care of your needs. The pay may also be too low or the job insecure for you to rely entirely on it as you move through life’s challenges. This is where skills come into play.

We aren’t talking of just any skills, but high-income skills that can supplement or even replace your regular job while providing you with enough money to care for your needs.

The need for high-income skills has skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic amid the loss of jobs and the reduction of productivity. Many people have seen the need for a high-income skill and the kind of security it brings. If you’re among the people looking to tow this path by learning a high-income skill that’ll take you out of the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck, then read on as we go through some of the top high-income skills to learn in 2023. But first, let’s see what a high-income skill is all about.

What are High Income Skills?

What are High Income Skills?

A high-income skill is an ability that can earn you a huge amount of money and often requiring no college degree. These skills are in demand, and people are willing to pay huge bucks to anyone that can give them results.

A skill can be hard or soft. Hard skills are easily quantifiable abilities like coding, while soft skills are more subtle, like an effective communicator. Bear in mind that some high-income skills will still require college degrees to get started.

Why High Income Skills?

Why High Income Skills?

There has been a lot of talk about high-income skills recently, with many people taking notice of this tremendous opportunity to improve their standard of living and make money. While some people have taken on this opportunity with vigor, others have yet to understand why it is so important. So why should you consider learning high-income skills?

Better Pay

High-income skills promise better pay. While the salary for white-collar jobs can be huge, only a handful of jobs pay staff that is not in the higher ranks premium, say six figures. Learning a high-income skill, on the other hand, can be a faster route to earning six figures in no distant time. So if you would like to increase your income and fast, learning a high-income skill can provide you with the opportunity.

Job Security

While nothing is ultimately sure, knowing a high-income skill makes your position more secure than working a traditional job. Because the number of people with high-income skills is low, you immediately become essential to the organization you’re working in that gives you some form of security not usually seen when working in traditional positions.

More Freedom

Most high-income skills allow you more flexibility and freedom when working. You may be able to work from home or set your working time. All these are hard to come by when working traditional jobs without a high-income skill. Learn a high-income skill, and you immediately become the high-value individual who can set his working time and take vacations when needed.

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Top High Income Skills

Do you want to learn a high-income skill in 2023 but don’t know which one you should start? Well, I’m here for you with this list of top high-income skills and what they entail to make it easier for you to make a decision.

1. Sales


Sales are one high-income skill you do not need a college degree to start. Some companies may require any degree, while others do not care. Sales, as the name implies, is being able to sell and make the company money.

Sales is among the highest paying high-income skills, with top salespersons earning over $4 million yearly depending on the company. Organizations can afford to pay these high commissions because sales directly impact the company’s revenue. If you can close a client or help the company close a client who brings in $20 million, nothing stops your company from paying you big bucks. Remember, hard skills are easily quantifiable, and sales make the company a lot.

You can make it in sales if you can convince people, even strangers, easily. The job involves convincing clients to do business with your company. In sales, you can either be a ‘closer’ or ‘appointment setter.’ An appointment setter is the first point of contact with the potential client. The job is to set an appointment with a closer in your company. A closer aims to turn the potential client into a client after the appointment has been established.

2. Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of the top high-income skills to learn with a lot of opportunities. Software engineers are highly sought-after in the industry now, and because the world is going digital, there’ll be even more opportunities to come.

Software engineering is about coding to make software for companies. Some companies may require a degree in computer science or a related field, but many others are more concerned about the results you can give them.

You can learn software engineering on your own or through coding boot camps. Learning coding can take anything, from three months to six months, to become a junior developer. This is a lucrative skill that can give you the chance to work either as a full-time staff in an organization or as a freelancer. You may also be able to work from home or from anywhere in the world since it hardly requires any physical meet to do your job.

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3. Copywriting

Making notes

No, I do not mean copyrighting or anything related to books ownership. Copywriting is an often misunderstood skill as many people do not know what it means or think it is copyrighting since they are pronounced almost the same way.

Copywriting here means selling in print. It’s almost like advertising, but this time, the copywriter is in charge of writing the words used to sell any product. These are not mere words; they are carefully thought out psychological triggers that move prospects.

If you’re someone that likes to hide behind the scene, knows a thing or two about persuasion or is willing to learn, this high-income skill would be an exciting choice. You do not need to be a master wordsmith to become a copywriter; in fact, some of the best copywriters out there studied unrelated courses like engineering and the likes, while many others do not even have a college degree.

You can work as an in-house copywriter or a freelancer helping businesses write compelling messages that’ll bring them sales. When your messages get the desired results, you can command huge fees and have businesses line up to work with you.

4. Project Management

Project Management

Project management involves overseeing the whole project phase from idea to completion. This requires soft skills like communication, organization, and sticking to deadlines. You’ll be shocked how valuable something like sticking to deadlines is, especially in huge companies with many expectations.

More often than not, a college degree in project management is required for this role. Still, some organizations do not mind as long as you have some necessary certifications in project management and experience. You can get experience by taking on a distinct role in the project management phase and work your way up by picking up other aspects along the way. You can also gain experience by interning under a project manager.

Project managers are in charge of keeping everybody in line and ensuring deadlines and specifications are met for a project. The skill of project management is enormous, and people with this skill are paid well because of this.

5. SEO


When you search a term on Google or any search engine, the search engine uses some form of algorithm to quickly search the millions of pages and websites on the net and look for related pages with possible answers to your query. Typically, the associated pages/websites can be in their thousands. The search engine has a way of rating these pages by their order of importance (according to them). The term SEO means search engine optimization.

Pages that appear high up the list get more organic visitors, and users hardly go past the second page of the search engine. In fact, most users hardly go past the first page. It is the job of an SEO expert to work the magic that takes a page closer to the top of the list and makes it easier for people to find it.

Organic visitors to a website are a valuable asset as you get people actively searching for a solution. Most businesses understand the importance of SEO and are ready to pay big bucks to an expert that can improve their ranking for the top keywords in their niche on the search engine.

You can learn SEO yourself by reading blogs and watching videos of some top SEO experts like Neil Patel and Ahrefs.

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High-income skills will provide you with better job security, make you more money, and usually requires no formal education. You can get into them without having any prior educational background. With sheer will and dedication, you can learn any top high-income skills in 2023 and join the big leagues of 6 figure earners in no distant time.

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