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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest?

If you reached this post, you are probably wondering how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest, as you probably heard that Pinterest is a huge traffic booster, especially for new bloggers.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest?

Some of the most successful bloggers out there, rely almost entirely on Pinterest, as it drives up to 80% of their total blog traffic. That’s crazy!

(Quick sidenote! We’re friends with the PinManage.co team, who manage Pinterest accounts for bloggers. Highly recommended.)

How do they do that?

Before you digging into how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest, you need to understand how it works.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, which are social media channels, Pinterest works like a search engine. People who use Pinterest, they go there not to socialize, but to find stuff that they need information about.


This is one of the key things that you need to keep in mind when using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. In order for your Pins to grab attention, they need to solve problems.


how to drive traffic to your blog with pinterest

They need to lead to articles that offer a solution to people’s problems. This is what led you here, right? You were looking at how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest.

You need to switch to a business account that will be connected to your blog or website, goes without saying. If you need help in setting up your business account, you can follow the steps here.

After successfully creating your account and connecting it to your blog, now you need to edit your profile and start creating boards and, finally pinning.

Your Profile Needs To Be Concise And Explain Exactly What Your Boards/Pins Are About

For example, on my profile, I use my name, followed by  Career & Job Interview Tips for Millennials, Remote Work. I also use a personal picture instead of a logo, as it is proven to perform better.

how to drive traffic to your blof with pinterest

Your Boards Are Your Assets

Make sure you create boards that are related to your niche and best describe what your blog is about.

Start by pinning other people’s content to your boards. Show love to other bloggers by supporting them. They will definitely return the favor. Follow bloggers that are in your nice.

Discover Group Boards Where You Can Share Your Content

There are lots of group boards that you can join. Make sure you join group boards that are in your niche and their titles and description include niche related keywords. Avoid joining general group boards, such as “Bloggers Unite” or “Best Bloggers”.

How to drive traffic to your blog with pinterest
Example of some of the group boards that I’m in, related to my niche (career)

After you are all set up and comfortable, it’s time to start sharing your own pins.

One of the most important pieces of advice that Pinterest themselves offer, is to actually create several pins for each piece of content you have.

Pinterest, like Google, loves New Content

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, make sure you create at least 10 different pins for each article on your blog.

Make sure you are using different pictures and titles for each pin. This way, you will be able to test at the same time, which templates work better and drive traffic to your blog.

If you don’t know how to create pin designs, you can learn here.

Another important thing when creating new pins is the title and the description.

example of pin description and keywords on Pinterest
Example of pin description and keywords

You want to make sure that you use keywords in the description, for Pinterest to know what your Pin is about and push it to the right audience.

Make sure you enable rich pins. This way, whenever somebody pins directly from your blog, a rich description will be automatically added to the pin.

Timing Is One Of The Most Important Things To Consider When Pinning Your Own Pins.

When is your audience most active? If you don’t know that yet, try and pin at different times during the day and see during which time slots you get the best engagement.

Once you figure that out, you will know when is the best time for your pins to be posted in order to make sure that they are seen.

My strategy is pinning other people’s pins during the night and my own pins during the day when my audience is active.

This helped me get 17,000 monthly clicks to my website from Pinterest in less than 3 months and this figure is slowly but surely growing.

Last but not least you want to make sure that your profile and boards look neat.

Set cover pictures for all of your boards, ideally keeping the same style for all of them.

how to drive traffic to your blog

If you want to take your Pinterest game to another level and get access to the exact strategies that I’ve used to get 17,000 users per month to my blog from Pinterest, I highly recommend Anna’s e-book The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible.

You can purchase the e-book here

The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible

It’s a small investment to make if you are serious about blogging and making income from your blog.

Here is my progress after implementing Anna’s strategies.

How I got 17,000 monthly visits to my blog with The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible
I started implementing Anna’s strategies on September 20th

As mentioned before, I completely recommend Anna’s course as it saved me tons of trial and error time. Anna is a Pinterest Strategist and by implementing her techniques and learning from her mistakes, I was able to grow my monthly blog traffic to 17,000 visitors from Pinterest, while having the time to focus on other areas of my blog, such as producing content.

Check out here the success other bloggers have achieved after implementing Anna’s strategies.

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22 thoughts on “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest?”

    • Thanks Deborah. Glad you found it useful. Pinterest is a great platform to bring traffic to your blog. As a blogger, I can’t recommend it enough.

  1. Very helpful! I am learning how to use Pinterest better as a new blogger. I learned some new things and thanks for the link to the ebook. It’s really helpful to see someone else had actual real results with it and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg 🙂

    • Hey Mandy! Glad you found this article helpful. As a new blogger, Pinterest should be your main focus. Regarding Anna’s course, indeed it has been very helpful and as you mentioned, it’s very affordable.

  2. Such an informative post, I have love Pinterest for as long as it’s been around but switching from Personal user to a business user is tricky.

    I’ll definitely be following this advice.

    Thank you x

    • Me too, Claire! I love Pinterest, although as a blogger at times it can become frustrating until you figure it out :)). Thank god for Making Pinterest Possible course 🙂

  3. Pinterest was a game-changer for me once I realized how to use it to bring more traffic to my blog. Everything you suggested is helpful for growing Pinterest traffic and audience.

  4. This post includes some great tips…but I feel one needs to make the pins first as well. I need a format and I personally do not like the image photo with multiple pins above your photo or find it interesting. I saw one business one I liked with only images without all the words. All the bloggers’ boards look alike and it’s too busy and not appealing at all. Yes, I understand the categories having some similarities but would like to see more business profiles in my niche before I follow all your suggestions.

    • Hi Joyce! I’m not sure I understand “image photo with multiple pins above the photo” but I think I know what you mean. While I agree with you that most blogger’s boards look alike, that is because many bloggers use stock photography, as they want to invest more money into creating content and promoting their blog, rather than taking pictures. Especially if you are in a not very visual appealing niche or niches, like I am (career, blogging), you don’t really have a choice. Regarding the overlay text, the whole point is to use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog, if you don’t use text to explain what your article is about, nobody will ever click your pins. For you it’s different because you are in the gardening niche, although if you try adding text overlay, you will see how much the traffic to your blog will increase. I hope this makes sense.

  5. Great job of implementing the right strategies and getting awesome results. It is really encouraging to see bloggers making progress when we get to see the real time images. All the tips are great.

    • Thanks, Nadia! I hope my results will inspire others that maybe are struggling in the beginning, the same way I was struggling and I found other blogger’s posts inspiring. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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