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How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job?

LinkedIn is the most popular tool for job search, therefore knowing how to use LinkedIn to get a job should be your number 1 priority.

Although most people know how to use LinkedIn, there are certain things that many are not aware of, hurting their chances of finding a new job.

Tips on how to use LinkedIn to get a job, to help you speed up the process.

How to use LinkedIn to stand out

Make sure you fill in all the areas in your LinkedIn profile, starting with your profile picture.

Avoid selfies and keep it professional. Remember, this is the first thing that recruiters will see when they will open your job application.

The About section on LinkedIn should include an elevator pitch, which is a short overview of your background and experience, along with your goals.

You don’t need to be too specific about your goals, however, do mention what you are looking for.


For example, you can mention the industry in which you are aiming to get a job. Don’t be afraid to show your personality as well, such as how you are spending your free time, as recruiters will get a better understanding of how could you fit in their team.

The About section allows you to also include links or upload files. This is very useful if you have an online portfolio or work that you would like to showcase, such as presentations, files, pictures, etc.

Organize your About in short paragraphs and make use of white space, as it makes reading and navigating through the information much easier.

How to write your LinkedIn headline

The LinkedIn headline is one of the most, if not THE MOST important part of your LinkedIn profile.

The headline is what follows your name every time you interact on LinkedIn. If you post something on LinkedIn, this action will appear in your network’s feed and the headline will show right under your name.

How to use LinkedIn to job search

When recruiters are looking to fill in job openings, they are looking for keywords. That is why it is crucial to use proper keywords when writing your LinkedIn headline, such as the example below:

How to use Linkedin

If you are currently unemployed, avoid putting “I’m looking for new opportunities” as your headline, as this is not going to help recruiters find you.

Job history on LinkedIn

Include the most relevant positions you held and make sure that the information displayed on your LinkedIn profile matches the information that you have included in your resume.

Exclude any positions that are not relevant to the job you are aiming to get and also remove any very short-term positions, as they might get in the way of finding a new job, instead of helping. Recruiters might think that you are a job-hopper and just skip your job application altogether.

Same as with the Above section, LinkedIn allows you to include links or files for any position on your profile. Use this to include any relevant work you have done.

When writing down the description of the job it’s best to structure it with bullet points and ensure you include achievements, not just the job description. 

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Other details

You want to make sure you include the most relevant skills that you have, as this will help recruiters find you as well. If you want to be endorsed for the skills that you have, the best practice is for you to endorse people in your network and hope they will return the favor.

Also, fill in the Education section, as some companies are targeting candidates from specific universities.

Research on LinkedIn

Once your profile is set, it’s time to research. Knowing how to use LinkedIn for research can potentially land you a job by using a referral.

Using the search bar, you can conduct different types of research:

  • Target companies: prepare a list of companies that you would like to work for. Check all their employees and particularly look for the HR manager. Although it’s a long shot for HR managers to accept connect requests, you can follow them to be up to date with any job opening they might have. Also, make sure to check all the positions they are currently hiring for.
  • HR managers and recruiters: while it might be difficult to connect with HR managers, with recruiters it’s a different story. They are actively looking for talent and they might help speed up your job search process.
  • Job title: searching for the job title that you are aiming for will help you find people that have held this title in the past or are currently holding it. This will help you discover companies that might be great to work for and that were not on your target list. Make sure to check the companies’ profiles and the current vacancies.


How to use LinkedIn

Network on LinkedIn

Once the research is done, it is time to increase your network.

Send connect invites to anyone you think will be able to help you in your job search and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be active and interact on LinkedIn even though your network is small.

Share other people’s content, post articles and engage by liking and commenting on everything you find useful.

If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of people you should follow and interact with on LinkedIn if you are looking for a job.

How to use LinkedIn for job search

When using LinkedIn to get a job, it’s important to have a clear vision of the type of companies and roles that you are targeting.

It might be tempting to send as many job applications as possible, but do yourself a favor and don’t do that. Make sure that you meet at least 80% of the job requirements before submitting your application.

Also, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration before submitting any job application, in order to increase your chances of getting hired.

Whenever you submit an application on Linkedin, follow the instructions in the job post and include any additional documents required, such as a cover letter, resume or portfolio. Avoid submitting just your LinkedIn profile, if you wish to get a chance of landing a job interview.

Let recruiters know you ‘re open

how to let recruiters know you are open on LinkedIn

Below About, in your dashboard, the career interests button is off by default.

You want to make sure that you turn this button on, to signal that you are looking for new opportunities and enable recruiters to find you easily.

While LinkedIn is a great channel for finding a new job, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and use other platforms in parallel.

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