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Top 10 Recession-Proof Jobs Worldwide

If you are looking for the most recession-proof jobs, you are in the right place.

What we’ve learned during the 2008 recession is that some jobs are more recession-proof than others.

While it is hard to predict exactly what the future holds, given the global economic climate, it’s safe to say that things are not going well.

That is why it’s always best to be prepared and one of the ways to do that is to know what are the recession-proof jobs and how you can get one.

Recession-proof jobs

Medical professionals and pharmacists

Recession-proof jobs

At the time of this writing, many countries around the world are on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which nobody was prepared for.

As a result, in the first line of defense, there are healthcare professionals, making their jobs very recession-proof.

While it’s a late train to catch to attend medical school to become a doctor, there are associate degrees or diplomas to become a Registered Nurse RN, which can take between 2 to 3 years.

If you didn’t know yet, many healthcare professionals can now work remotely.

Check out remote jobs for healthcare professionals here.

Police Officers and Law Enforcement

police officer jobs are recession-proof

Police officers and Law Enforcement professionals are in demand particularly in times of crisis.

Yes, these are recession-proof jobs, however, most of the positions in this field are also dangerous so keep this in mind if you are thinking about a career switch.

Caregivers and social workers

recession proof jobs social workers

The most vulnerable people are old people, children, homeless people and many other categories who even during stable times need extra care.

During difficult times, such as during the Coronavirus pandemic, these people need extra care, relying solely on their caregivers, if the family is not close.

If you like helping other people, this might be a great career, which on top of enabling you to do good, is also recession-proof.

Mental health providers

recession-proof jobs mental health professionals

During the research for this article, I was actually surprised to see that the need for mental health providers is growing during a recession.

While I understand that people get mostly depressed when the situation goes downhill, I was surprised to see that they are actually still willing to pay for such a “premium” service.

People do need to seek professional help when dealing with mental problems and, according to the 2008 statistics they do, which makes a career as a mental health professional a risk-free one during a recession.

The need for mental health provider services has skyrocketed since the pandemic.

If you are a mental health provider looking to expand your reach to new clients, check out remote job opportunities here.

IT Professionals

recession-proof jobs

With technology advancing every day and people relying so much on computers and the Internet, the IT professionals are safe during hard times.

Here are some recession-proof jobs in IT that are also well paid: Network Administrator, Data Analyst, Technical Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, IT Manager, Mobile Application Developer, Web Developer.

Check out remote job opportunities in IT here.

Data Analysts

recession-proof jobs as data analysts

Demand for Data Analysts is growing every year and they are needed in pretty much any field.

Basically what Data Analysts do is collect, process and translate data into an easy language for organizations to be able to make better decisions.

If we are heading into another recession, my bet is on Data Analysts.

Check Data Analyst remote jobs here.

Environment Specialists

environment specialists have recession proof jobs

While a couple of decades back to be an Environment Specialist was not particularly a recession-proof job, nowadays, things are completely different nowadays, making it safe for them to overcome times of recession.

Law professionals

Law professionals are safe during recession

While many people think of lawyers and judges when they hear about someone holding a degree in law, which is most often the case, there are several other types of jobs in this field that are recession-proof, such as Civil Service Professional, Customs Officer, Lecturer, Legal Executive.

Check out remote Legal jobs here.

Public Utility Workers

Public Utility jobs are recession-proof

Public utility workers always were and always will be in great need as entire urban areas rely on them.

Utility workers are usually in charge of maintenance activities in different areas, such as water, gas, power/electricity, telecommunications, garbage, etc.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing jobs are recession proof jobs

I left this at the end as many will not agree with me and, while I understand why, I would like to explain why Marketing professionals will do very well during the next recession.

In the past, during a recession, when many companies struggled financially, Marketing was usually the first place where they started cutting costs. I absolutely agree with this.

Nowadays, most companies have learned from that mistake and they know that if they cut their Marketing budgets and fire people, they are only making themselves invisible in an even more competitive market.

After the Coronavirus experiment of so many people being forced to work from home, Marketing professionals, in particular, are extremely lucky because they are able to perform their duties from home full-time.

As a measure to secure yourself for the next recession, if you are a Marketing professional, I would advise you to specialize in one area of Marketing (SEO, copywriting, design, branding, social media, e-commerce, etc.) because companies are now looking for experts in these fields, not generalists.

Besides, you can always work as a freelancer and provide your services remotely.

Check out remote Marketing jobs here.

If you are not yet working in Marketing, it’s not too late. There are plenty of free courses online.

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  1. Healthcare professionals are being laid off across the USA durring this pandemic because everyone thinks they’ll get sick if they go. Urgent care usage has dropped over 50% and Dr. visits are down by 30% or more. Those still working have a 20% chance of getting sick due to the constant contact and lack of PPE’s. Better luck in medical billing…of course some medical billing offices closed because they were considered nonessential.


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