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How to Write a Job Transfer Request Letter With Examples

Several things in your work life could require changes from time to time. One of them is that you may have to move to another location for better opportunities or personal reasons.

In some cases, your boss might transfer you to another location. However, you might want to transfer yourself to certain others, and you must request your boss to send you to a particular location.

This is one of the biggest requests you can make for your boss because seeking a transfer is difficult. The company has to take into account several factors before it can send an employee to another location. It requires time for all the factors to fall into place.

Hence, you must be very careful while writing a letter for a job transfer so that your request is granted.

Personally, you also need to make sure that you are hundred percent sure about the transfer because once you have been sent to another location, you may not be able to return to your former location quickly.

Writing a letter of request for a job transfer should be a thoughtful process. It is not something you can just put together in minutes. By choosing the words carefully, you can ensure that your job transfer request has been granted.

How to Explain Why You Need a Job Transfer to Your Boss?

How to Explain Why You Need a Job Transfer to Your Boss
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You must explain to your boss why you need a job transfer. No matter how dire and severe the reason is, unless you have explained it to him properly, your boss will never understand why you want to move to another location.

In some cases, if your need to transfer is urgent and the boss cannot grant it, you might have to contemplate quitting your job and searching for a new job in the preferred location.

Or, it could be that you had once rejected an offer of transfer earlier. However, when you want the transfer again yourself, you must explain what has changed and why you are seeking the transfer again.

Being clear in your words is essential while writing a job transfer letter to your boss.

Some Common Reasons for Job Transfer

There could be several reasons why you might be seeking a job transfer. Some of them are as follows:

1. Personal Reasons

 Personal Reasons
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One of the foremost reasons why many seek a job transfer is that they want to stay close to their family. The college your kids attend is maybe closer to the new location you want to move to.

Or, maybe one of your family members is undergoing treatment, and you want to stay closer to them. Or it could be that you like the weather more and you love the lifestyle that the new location can offer you.

2. Problems in the Current Workplace

Problems in the Current Workplace
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Another reason for seeking a job transfer is that one faces problems in the current workplace. Maybe the colleagues are challenging to work with. Or perhaps, the office is understaffed, and there is mounting work pressure.

Or, it could be that one does not get along with the HR or the superiors, and they want to move to another location.

In severe problems, some employees do not care where they are sent to as long as they can get out of their current office.

3. Better Opportunities at New Workplace

Better Opportunities at New Workplace
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A predominant reason someone would want a job transfer is that the office in the new workplace is perhaps bigger and better.

Not all company offices are the same, and you could have heard that the office in a particular location has far better opportunities to offer than the ones that are open to you now. You might want to shift there to increase your chances of a better career in the future.

4. Moving to a City With More Amenities

Moving to a City With More Amenities
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Another reason one might seek a job transfer is that the city or state they want to shift to has better amenities. Maybe it has a better culture, or the rent is lower. Or perhaps the public transport system is better.

The state may have better tax rules, or the real estate is better. It could also have great nightlife and bring more opportunities to socialize. If your present location does not offer all of these, you might want to seek a transfer for a better work-life balance.

5. Want to Try a New Department

Want to Try a New Department
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Although you might have worked at a particular position for a long time, it could be that it is not your dream job role.

However, your current office may have a different department or position than you want, and the company has those roles for another office in a different location.

If you want to try out that department or switch roles, you need to apply for a job transfer.

Factors That Can Facilitate Job Transfer

While writing a letter requesting a job transfer, you need to maximize your chances of having your request granted. Here are some factors that can increase the chances of job transfer.

  • You know that some major changes are happening in the office, and with so many things being reorganized, your transfer request may also be granted. It might not be so easy if things have settled down as it would cause fresh reallocations.
  • Write and send your letter when your boss is in a good mood and has been happy with your performance. They are far more likely to grant your request.
  • Research and ensure that the location office you want to shift to has a vacancy you can fill. If that office is full, then your request may not be granted. Of course, if your agenda is to get out of the present location, and if you are open to working in any other location, there are far greater chances of your request being granted.
  • If you have a clean record and a good work report in your current office, your request for a job transfer is much more likely to be considered.

Points to Remember While Writing a Letter for Job Transfer

Here are some points you need to consider while writing a job transfer letter.

  • Be formal and professional in your approach while addressing your boss. This is not a casual email, so you must be on top of letter-writing etiquette.
  • Identify yourself correctly. Apart from your name, you also need to mention your department and the position you are working for.
  • State the purpose of writing the letter and why you need the job transfer. If the reason is personal, be brief, but still mention why it is essential for you to be close to your family.
  • Write in brief about your professional achievements in the company and how long you have been working here. If you were a model employee, your boss might be incentivized to grant your request. You could also attach your CV if required.
  • Irrespective of whether your request is granted later or not, thank your boss for taking the time to go through the letter. End on a hopeful note that you know there are increased chances of their request being granted.
  • Even if you have sent an email to your boss regarding this matter, it is always a good idea to approach them in person and explain the reason behind sending the email. You could also tell them something more if you like, and a proper conversation will definitely increase your chances of getting the transfer.

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Examples of Letters Requesting Job Transfers

Here are some examples of how you can write a job transfer letter efficiently. You can customize the letters to suit your particular circumstances.

Example 1

Subject: Seeking Transfer to New Office in Denver, Colorado

Dear Jackson,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to request that you transfer me to the new company office set up in Denver, Colorado.

I have been working in our current office for three years in the position of a Market Researcher. However, although I love my job, I have always wanted to work in the finance department. The new office has a vacant position for a Senior Accountant, and it would be an excellent opportunity for me. I want to work as a Financial Analyst eventually and, someday, become a CFO. Hence, it would be great if you could look into the matter and grant the request for my transfer. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you and Regards

(Your name and contact)

Example 2

Subject: Seeking Transfer to Office in Houston, Texas

Dear Kathy,

I hope you are having a fine day.

I am writing to allow me to transfer to the company office in Houston, Texas.

I have been at this organization for five years and love it here. However, now that both my kids have received scholarships and internship opportunities at NASA, I want to be closer to them as well. Houston is a great city, and our company office has several senior roles in the customer care department, just like our present office. I could continue working there in the Customer Relationship department. However, the change of location would be beneficial as it is essential for me to be closer to my family. I would really appreciate it if you look into the matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Regards

(Your name and contact)

Example 3

Subject: Seeking Transfer to New York Office

Dear Sir,

I hope you are well.

I am writing to you seeking a transfer to our New York head office. I have been associated with this organization for over six years, and I love my work and the people with whom I interact daily.

However, my dream has always been to work and live in New York, and my last promotion has finally given me the position I desired all along. Along with the other perks, I would also like to take this opportunity to transfer to the New York Office.

After the various ways I have helped the company acquire and retain several clients over the years as a Chief Sales and Marketing Executive, I think I have earned the right to make this request. I will continue working from the new office with my present responsibilities, just like I am now.

Thank you and Regards

(Your name and contact)

Example 4

Subject: Seeking Transfer to Miami, Florida

Dear Madam,

I hope you are having an excellent day.

I am writing to you to kindly allow me to transfer to the Miami office in Florida.
While I love everything about my life and work in Chicago as a Senior Editor for our magazine, the intense cold has been taking a toll on my aging parents, whom I have to care for as one of them is suffering from the early onset of dementia.

We have a small family home in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Miami office is only a couple of hours’ drive away. I could stay close to my parents and visit them without hindering my work in any way. Hence, I would appreciate it if you could consider my transfer to Miami.

Thank you and Regards

(Your name and contact)

6 Reasons Your Job Transfer Request May Not be Granted

Even after all the effort you put into writing the letter for the job transfer, your request may not be granted. Do not be disheartened, as sometimes, this might happen due to various logistical factors. Here are some of the reasons why this may happen.

1. No Vacancy in New Location

No Vacancy in New Location
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Your request may be denied because the location you want to shift to has no vacancy. It is not in a position to take on any new employees.

Or maybe, it does not have any role or position like the one you are looking for. Unless a vacancy is created, your office will not be able to transfer you.

2. You are Too Good

You are Too Good
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Even if you seek a job transfer, your bosses might be unwilling to let you go simply because they do not want to lose a productive and excellent employee like you.

Although you have been an ideal employee, this could go against your request as your employers want to retain you. In such cases, you must convince your employers how important the transfer is for you.

3. Your Position is Not Filled

Your Position is Not Filled
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Although your employers will let you relocate to another office, they must also look into filling your current position.

Unless someone is available to take over your responsibilities, they will not let you go because your share of work needs to be taken care of.

4. You are Asked to Try Later

You are Asked to Try Later
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Sometimes, your transfer request might not be rejected entirely, but you are told to try again after some time.

So, maybe your employers tell you that you can only go after six months or the following year once they have found your replacement or the other factors have fallen into place.

5. Your Office Will Look into Your Grievances

Your Office Will Look into Your Grievances
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Suppose you requested a job transfer because of certain issues in your current workplace. In that case, your employers might promise to look into those matters and resolve them rather than letting you go.

Employers who are mindful of the well-being of their employees do not want promising employees to leave if they can sort out specific issues. Hence, if your reason for transfer is eliminated, you might also change your mind about relocation.


Transferring to a new location is a big move, and no one wants to do it unless there is a good reason behind it. Settling down in a new city or state can bring its share of problems, combined with understanding the position of the new location.

Hence, you must be clear about your decision before making the request. However, it would be worth it if it allows you to be closer to your family or you finally get to enjoy the kind of life you want.

You will experience a new city or location, enriching your life experiences in many ways and advancing your career.