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9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

Quitting a job is not easy. Your finances depend on it, and you must consider your future. However, sometimes things at your workplace might become too difficult to handle.

The important thing about quitting a job is to be careful about what it will do for your career. After all, life without a job and a source of income can be uncertain, which can be terrifying in many aspects.

Sometimes, people stay in unsatisfying jobs because they are too afraid to take the next big step.

However, suppose you see the job taking a toll on your mental health, and other issues keep coming up despite your best efforts to solve them. In that case, you should consider quitting your job immediately.

Yes, you might face financial problems with the sudden loss of income if you do not manage to secure your next job quickly enough. But nothing can be more important than your mental and physical health.

Signs to Look Out for That You Have to Quit Your Job as Soon as Possible

Sometimes, employees are unaware they must move on and quit their jobs. They are so engrossed with their work that they often fail to notice or avoid noticing the signs that it is time to leave.

Here are some signs you should quit your job immediately and try not to ignore them.

1. Your Skills are Not Utilized

Your Skills are Not Utilized
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There is a reason why an idle blade quickly becomes prone to rust. If you don’t use the blade often enough, it will rust and ultimately become useless. The same can be said about your skills.

If you do not get a chance to use them, you will forget what it is to be good at something and ultimately forget how to use them. For example, you might have excellent communication skills and networking abilities.

However, spent years working at a back-end job, only sifting through paperwork. You will eventually feel uncomfortable when you try to face the clients or customers again. This could lead to frustration, as you will miss out on what you do best.

Hence, it is a sign that you quit any job that does not make good use of your abilities and look for a position that does. 

2. You Do Not Feel Passionate

Everyone has a dire need to be employed, and it is possible that you could have taken a job that seemed promising at first. You might even have considered it your dream job at one point.

However, a few months in, you realize that it is not what you want to do, and you do not feel any passion for it. You don’t feel motivated enough to go to work in the mornings and end up going through the day like a zombie.

This is a telltale sign that you are unhappy with your job and should quit immediately.

Look for something that excites you, even if it means starting over and learning new skills.

3. You Have a Toxic Work Environment

You Have a Toxic Work Environment
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A toxic work environment can suck your life out, and you should never continue working there. It is okay if there are issues related to workplace stress from time to time- every office has them at some point.

However, if you have to deal with an abusive boss, jealous colleagues, face racial or gender discrimination, are forced to work in unsanitary or unsafe environments, or face any other forms of abuse or problems regularly, you must quit immediately.

Sometimes, employees do not come forward and take the issue to the higher authorities because they do not want any trouble. However, you can always look for a better position elsewhere and quit working in such a place.

4. Your Career is Stagnant

Another sign that you should quit your job immediately is that you see no growth in your career. There is hardly any growth, almost no scope for promotion, and the company does not seem to expand or go anywhere. You do not get new opportunities and keep working on similar projects like a drone.

The company often faces financial issues, and there have been no increments. It also fails to get investors, and you have seen no innovation.

You might find that the seniors are reluctant to help you, and there is no firm authority to take things forward. You must quit immediately to advance your career and prevent such stagnancy.

5. Your Ethics and Goals Do Not Align

Your Ethics and Goals Do Not Align
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Working in a workplace where your goals and ethics are not aligned with the company’s can be very frustrating. You find you are forced to do things in a way you disapprove of. You might even find proof of shady transactions.

Or, despite what the employers told you during the hiring process, what you are advised to do in no way matches the job description, and you feel exploited.

In such cases, it is impossible to keep working in such an environment, and you should quit immediately for the best interests of your future.

6. You are Underpaid

One of the reasons why you should quit your job as soon as possible is if you feel exploited and underpaid. Maybe, your employer is just giving you the barest minimum salary, and it hardly covers your expenses.

In addition, there might be no or negligible benefits like travel expenses or medical insurance. You hardly have any savings and must work overtime to meet ends. It is okay to accept a job with low pay when you are in dire need of employment.

However, it would be best if you soon started looking for better positions elsewhere that will pay you what you deserve for your skills and positions.

Putting in your time and effort consistently and not getting paid for it enough can be one of the most frustrating things about your job, and you need to quit immediately.

7. Your Friends are Doing Better in Other Organizations

Your Friends are Doing Better in Other Organizations
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Another sign that you consider quitting your job immediately is when you notice your friends working in similar positions and designations in other organizations doing better than you. They have higher pay, and they get more perks and benefits.

Their future looks brighter because they talk about new projects and opportunities. If you feel you are missing out on all this, it is time to quit.

8. You Have no Time for Yourself

While work is an essential aspect of your life, it is not your whole life. It is essential to have a healthy work-life balance so that you can take care of yourself and your family.

You need good physical and mental health if you want to thrive professionally; that will happen when you have a good balance.

Too much stress will only make you less productive. Hence, if you cannot find any time to do the things you love, it is a sign that you must quit so that you do not have any regrets later.

9. You Wouldn’t Recommend the Workplace to Others

You Wouldn’t Recommend the Workplace to Others
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When your friends or erstwhile colleagues ask you about new positions, you do not feel like recommending your workplace to them. And this is a sign you must take note of.

Because if you are unwilling to recommend the place to others, what are you doing there yourself?

There must be something wrong, and you do not feel right that your friends also work there.

So if you feel unmotivated about going to work in the morning or do not see yourself working long-term in the workplace, you should consider quitting and starting over.

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Points to Consider Before Quitting a Job

Points to Consider Before Quitting a Job
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When you consider quitting your job for any of the reasons mentioned above, it is still essential to take a step back and look at things to ensure that you do the least damage to your finances and do not jeopardize your career. Here are some things you must consider.

1. Manage Your Finances

Getting a job immediately is not easy, especially if you stay at a location that already has a competitive workforce. Hence, managing your money before quitting is essential.

When you plan to quit your job at short notice, ensure you have at least two months’ worth of savings to cover your expenses.

2. Talk to the Authorities

Since quitting is indeed a big step, you could talk to the authorities once to set things right first. Approach HR and talk about whatever you find disturbing in the present situation.

If there are chances that the problem might be resolved, you might not have to quit and start seeking a new job all over again.

3. Prepared to Move

Once you quit your present job, you have to be okay with the fact that the next job you find might not be close to where you stay, and you have to move. There are specific practical issues when you move.

You might have to pay higher rent at other locations or miss out on some amenities you enjoyed at your present location. Hence, consider the changes that will come over your life when you quit the job.

4. Start Looking for Other Positions

When considering quitting your job, immediately start looking for other positions. This will give you confidence that you do not have to worry about fending for yourself even if you quit.

You will feel stronger, giving you the incentive to do what is needed and quit a toxic workplace or underpaid job.

5. Maintain a Rapport

Even when you quit your job, it is essential to maintain cordial relationships with your erstwhile employers and colleagues. Whatever it was that was bothering you, if you think you couldn’t change any of it, do not get into any altercation while quitting.

You might need your former employers and coworkers for recommendations and references, so it is a good idea to maintain a good rapport with them.


When you notice the signs that you should quit your job immediately, you must take action as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes, and you start second-guessing yourself.

That will eventually make it even more difficult for you to quit the job, and you will find yourself stuck in an unsatisfying and somewhat confusing situation.

Try to learn some coping strategies that can help you deal better with workplace tensions and can help you preserve your mental health, and start thinking about the next phase of your career. Whatever you do, do not ignore the signs, and all should be well.