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30 Fun Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement (Easy and Well Paying)

Many people feel that life stops after they hit 60 and being retired is terrible. While many look forward to retirement after a long and successful career, some think they still have lots to do, and that age is just a number.

Both perspectives are praiseworthy. It is okay to want to spend time with friends and family after retirement and indulge in all the things that one always wanted to do but couldn’t while they were busy with their career.

On the other hand, it is also commendable if one does not want to stop and feels they would lose their edge if they stop working altogether. Being active and engaged is vital as one hits old age, and it is all right if one wants to continue working.

Doing something light and fun is the perfect combination of both these aspects. Even a few decades back, there were very few opportunities for retired people who believed they would have to spend time at home with nothing to do.

The situation is very different today, and many avenues retired people can explore. There are jobs available that are not too demanding and pay well, adding to the incentive.

Why Do You Need to Work a Little Even After Retirement?

Why Do You Need to Work a Little Even After Retirement?
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Working after retirement can be a good thing if you have always had a sense of high self-worth.

Men feel stifled if they have to spend their entire time playing golf or walking the dog the whole day. Women would not have it if they were expected to bake cookies and knit the entire time.

Here is why doing something light and meaningful can suit you post-retirement.

1. Continued Income

Continued Income
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Working professionals manage to build a life for themselves and their families over decades of service. They attain financial freedom and have become used to living on their terms. Suddenly seeing that income source dry out is not a good feeling.

Even if there are other means of secondary or passive income in place, by the time one reaches the age of 60, one gets used to receiving a steady salary at the end of the month, and it takes a while to get over that. Being employed in a light job can help with that.

2. Engagement

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When you have been working for several decades, it is natural that you will treat your workplace as your second home. Your colleagues become your friend over the years, and you might be closer to them than you are with your own family.

Retiring doesn’t mean you lose your friendships and cannot interact with anyone anymore. When you start another job, you will again meet new people, which would be a great way to spend the day.

3. Staying Productive

Staying Productive
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Retirement can suddenly bring a sense of emptiness. It might take some time, but it may happen after some time.

After you have spent the first six months of retirement traveling, pursuing your hobbies, and spending quality time with your grandchildren, you may want to feel productive and active again.

Engaging in a job can help you feel young, and you know you still have the power to contribute. This is a very empowering feeling that will prevent you from feeling old.

How to Look for Low-Stress Jobs Post-Retirement?

How to Look for Low-Stress Jobs Post-Retirement
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Retired people have several opportunities today, and there are dedicated job sites that cater to retired people. You may create a resume that speaks of all the achievements and skills you acquired over your years of service and talk about something you would like to do.

Many companies hire retired people because they can bring onboard their insight and experience about several matters, something that young employees need to be equipped to do, no matter how much they train.

You can look for low-stress jobs through job portals, ask colleagues to offer suggestions, or tell your friends and neighbors that you would like to work again. You will receive contacts to help you find light, fun, and meaningful.

Some Jobs That Retired People May Try Out for Engagement Without Stress

It would be best if you took care of your health post-retirement. After spending years stressing about the different aspects of your job, you deserve to relax and have earned your right to look after yourself.

Moreover, old age brings some health problems, and you do not want to join a job again that will spike your blood pressure or aggravate your arthritis. Here are some low-stress jobs you can consider doing after you retire.

1. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring
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After spending years in an office alongside people who mainly belong your age, it can be fun to interact with youngsters again. Online tutoring lets you do that. You will feel so good when you see them learning new skills from you, and you have a way to pass on your experience.

You can tutor them in languages or teach them about communication skills and other soft skills. You can also become a trainer for data analysts or teach them how to become consultants by drawing from your experience.

You can prefer to teach anything you have learned after decades of working at a job. Students love to learn from experienced people as they are eager to do well and bring a fresh perspective to their college and university exams.

2. Hosting an Airbnb

If you are a private person and want to control whom you interact with post-retirement, then hosting an Airbnb can be ideal.

If you have a property with extra space, you can rent it out as an Airbnb for travelers. They will not stay long, and you will have the right amount of company.

You can work out all the details when the guests book with you. You must ensure that the facilities work when the guests are present, and you can spend the rest of the time as you wish.

3. Working at the Library

Working at the Library
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Whether you want to become a librarian or work as an assistant is entirely up to you.

But in any way, working at the library is a low-stress job. The quiet and calm of the library is just what you need post-retirement, and you can spend your time in the company of authors and revel in the smell of books, old and new!

You will still have ample space for socializing when you meet the people who regularly come to the library to pick up journals and books.

You will get to meet new people, young and old, and it is just the right mix of everything. The pay is also an incentive.

4. Editing Jobs

You may have acquired an eye for details over your years at the office, and you can put that into use when you start working as an editor. Editing jobs are lucrative and stress-free because you can work independently, and there is no reason to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

Suppose you have any physical ailments that prevent you from stepping out. In that case, it is perfect because you can work on editing documents, even from the comfort of your home.

You can take up freelance or part-time editing jobs and stand a chance to make good money. There are lots of companies out there who would pay well to have good editors on board, and you will always feel energized with new material to go through every time.

5. Caring for Pets

Caring for Pets
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Sitting a pet can be excellent if you want to stay active post-retirement. Many people wish to be responsible persons looking after their pets, and they would love to have an older and more responsible person do it than any teenager looking for pocket money.

You will get ample exercise if you have to walk the dog or take the cat for a stroll in the garden. It will be an advantage if you have had any pets of your own in the past.

You will also find the company of the animals delightful, especially if you love animals. And you do not have to interact with humans if you do not want to. It will be a splendid way to leave the house and get some exercise.

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6. Writing and Blogging

While you may not start making money out of it immediately, writing and blogging can be a very engaging way of spending your retired life. You could write the book you had always wanted to write for.

If you have taken up traveling post-retirement, you may document your travel experiences and inspire others to do the same. You could also write for online story portals. Or, you could start blogging about your experiences.

You can also do video blogs and learn about video editing. You can start making money from AdSense or when your channel becomes well known, and you start allowing advertisements. The possibilities are endless.

Soon, you will have a community of followers and readers, and it would be very engaging to interact with them regularly. If you already have a habit of journaling, then this should be easy.

7. Owning Your Own Business

Owning Your Own Business
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Did you always dream of becoming an entrepreneur but thought leaving a secure job with a steady salary for unchartered waters would be too risky? Well, now is the time to put your ideas into action.

With years of experience handling various aspects of a company and with substantial funds, you will have a much easier time launching your own business. You will only make a few of the mistakes that young entrepreneurs make, and you can start on a small scale without any pressure.

The best thing about it is that you can quickly turn your hobby into your business and start receiving orders online for the things you make. It would be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

8. Remote Customer Care Executive

If communication has always been your strength, you can use it to your best advantage by working as a remote call center executive. Many companies today want experienced people to deal with their long-term clients, and you will have years of experience to fall back on.

All you need is a good headset and microphone. You can guide the callers through complex problems, and they would love to hear from someone with experience.

You can work remotely and according to your schedule, and you will also be paid quite well by the companies for helping them retain their customer and acquire new ones.

9. Working at Craft Stores

Working at Craft Stores
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If you have always had a creative side that you wanted to explore, then working at a craft store can be an excellent idea. You will be surrounded by handmade goods and craft items and meet with like-minded people who come to buy them.

Craft items have wonderful cultural stories behind them, and you will find the discussions very enlivening. You will meet local artisans and work with the community to promote their talent.

Moreover, craft stores do not have the rush of supermarkets, and only genuine people walk into such stores, which makes the experience a lot more fulfilling and satisfying. You will have a great and colorful reason to leave your house, and you can work according to your schedule.

10. Focus Group Moderator

As a focus group moderator, you will be required to work with local communities and lead discussions on various topics and issues. It is a low-stress job, and you can meet many new people. The moderator is often reimbursed for their time with cash or gifts.

You can upgrade to hosting other events in the community as an MC. This would be a good use of your communication skills. You can also take notes and plan for other events in the future. You can do this in person or take up online gigs.

11. Transcription Jobs

If you have experience in writing and editing, then working as a transcriptionist is right up your alley. You can listen to audio files and write them down. You can also work on timings.

In the same way, you can also take up data entry jobs, similar to transcription jobs, as you just need to fill in the relevant information in the forms and documents provided to you.

12. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver
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Do you like driving and getting out of the house? Working as a delivery driver is an excellent way to use your free time post-retirement. You can deliver goods for online shopping sites, eCommerce websites, or even local businesses.

Choose your timings, and you will have an excellent time traveling around the city and earning simultaneously. All you need to do is register yourself and your vehicle; the businesses usually take care of the other formalities.

13. Voiceover Artist

If you feel that you are too old to pursue anything creative, think again. Being a voiceover artist is an excellent way to earn money and indulge in something creative simultaneously.

All you need is a good microphone and a strong internet connection. Of course, be mindful and take good care of your voice by avoiding very hot or cold food items, alcohol, or cigarettes.

Voiceover artists are required for documentaries, TV commercials, cartoon films, independent movies, and much more. You can work whenever you want without stressing yourself out.

14. Working at a Local Bar

Working at a Local Bar
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You will be amazed at the number of people who work at bars after retirement. While the perception is that only young people are hired in bars, many pub owners employ older people because they are more responsible and the locals know them.

Pouring drinks is light work, although you need a good and comprehensive knowledge of alcohol. You can work in the evenings for a few hours and enjoy a good time interacting with all the people who come for a drink.

15. Museum Guide

If you have a local museum, you could start giving tours to the people who visit. Many school children visit them during the weekends and holidays, and it is fun interacting with them.

You may also develop an interest in the arts, which is a very satisfying way to use your time. You will love all the creativity around you, primarily if you were engaged in a desk job your entire life before retiring. The hours are flexible, and there is no stress at all.

16. Aquarium Tour Guide

Aquarium Tour Guide
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If there is a local aquarium or zoo in the vicinity, you could start giving tours to the visitors. As long as you are not allergic to animals or do not have any health issues like asthma, which may be aggravated by animal fur, you will find this any easy job.

You need to brush up your knowledge about aquatic life and other animals, but the work is easy and stress-free.

17. House Sitter

There are many people who look for house sitters when they are away as they do not want to leave their houses vacant. Having someone in the house decreases the chances of robbery, and the premises are also taken care of, especially if the owners are away on a long holiday.

You will just have to live in someone’s house for a while, and it will be like a holiday for yourself. You can discuss with the homeowners beforehand the responsibilities you will attend to while you are there so that you can exert yourself less.

18. Gardener

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Gardening can be a good option if you love trees and plants. You will get plenty of sun and exercise, but there is no need to work every day. Tending to plants is a great stress buster. You can water the plants, brush the dry leaves, mow the lawn every few weeks, sprinkle fertilizer, and so on.

19. Knitter or Crochet Artist

Many independent clothing companies that promote sustainable living make garments by knitting and crocheting. You can bring the materials to your home or work at the store.

There is hardly any physical exertion, yet it is calming and a lot of fun seeing patterns coming alive under your careful moves. Knitters and crochet artists are paid well so that you can make some easy money too.

20. Bookkeeper

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Managing the finances of a local business can be a great way of using your knowledge of finances and calculation, mainly if you belonged to that industry when you were working.

Looking after the records for a small local business will be easy work after a long career. You can come in for a few hours every few days or alternate days of the week, and the business will also gain from your experience.

21. Stock Market Investor

If you have worked in the financial sector before or simply have a good knowledge of finances, then you can work as a stock market consultant.

Everyone looks for sound advice regarding the stock market, so you will soon have plenty of clients if word gets out that people are making money after following your advice. You can work according to your timings and make good money yourself.

22. Consultant

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You can put all the experience you gathered before your retirement to good use and become a consultant for companies or standalone clients. Consultants are in high demand because start-ups and would-be entrepreneurs want the best advice to ensure they do not fail.

You can work two or three days a week and choose the hours you like. You will make good money from the job and feel delighted because you will get a fresh opportunity to put your skills to good use. Guiding others can be very motivating, and it is a stress-free job as well.

23. Montessori Teacher

If you love working with children, you can become a Montessori teacher at a local school. You can even work only on the weekends by helping at a Sunday or weekend grammar school. Teaching little children can be very joyful, and they are not as demanding as mid-schoolers or high school students.

You may have to acquire a certification, which will take three to six months. You can choose to work part-time, and being with the kids is also sure to give you ample exercise without too much exertion.

24. Day Care Supervisor

Day Care Supervisor
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Community daycares can often use extra help, which is another fun way to engage with the children. You can spend a few hours weekly volunteering or get paid for the hours.

It is a wonderful job in every way because it has been proven that children and the elderly mutually benefit from their association. You can also get out of the house, and it is not a very taxing job either.

25. Cleaner

Working as a cleaner might seem stressful, but only if you consider it a full-time job. If you are looking for something post-retirement, you can work as a cleaner for a few hours a week and discuss with the homeowners accordingly.

Many families struggle with cleaning if children are in the house and both partners have to stay away from work extensively.

You could help them by coming in a few days, and they would appreciate the help. And they are also willing to pay handsomely for it.

26. Part-Time Cook

Part-Time Cook
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If you loved cooking but never got a chance to cook much because of your hectic work schedule, then post-retirement is the perfect time to use your culinary skills. You can take up baking or even start a meal delivery service by cooking according to specifications.

Many people would love to eat healthy for their fitness but have to depend on processed food because they do not have time to cook. They would appreciate a home-cooked meal.

You can take as many or as few orders as you like, and if you love cooking, then it will be the most relaxing and calming way to earn money and stay active after retirement.

27. Coach

Being a mentor or a coach to a local sports team is a great way to stay active and fit yourself after retirement. If you played some kind of sports in your younger days, now is the time to brush up your skills and coach the youngsters on playing sports the right way. In the same way, you could also become a yoga instructor.

You can coach them for a few weeks a day, which is a fun way of keeping yourself active and busy.

28. Florist

Image Source: creativemarket

If you want something fun, easy, and calming, you could work as a florist. Florists are in great demand as they are often called to make bouquets and flower arrangements for parties.

You will have to train yourself for a couple of months to become a florist, but your talents will be highly sorted. You can visit flower markets to choose flowers for your arrangements, which will be a relaxing exercise. It is a splendid way to mix creativity with skill and is perfect as a quiet occupation post-retirement.

29. Personal Shopper

You can become their shopper for those too busy to shop for themselves. You have to get to know your client about their dressing style and tastes, but after that, you can work only when you want.

You can go shopping and indulge in buying things, benefiting from retail therapy’s perks without having to spend money yourself. And you will be handsomely paid in return as well.

However, always try to update yourself about new fashion trends in the meantime, which can also be a lot of fun.

30. Video Editor

Video Editor
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You may work as a video editor if you want to work from home and do something creative. Many local channels need video editors to edit videos for commercials and documentaries. You do need a good setup and updated video editing tools, and you also need to train yourself as an editor.

However, you can easily take an online course to do the job. Once certified, you can take up as many projects as you like according to your convenience and work according to your timings.


Starting something new after retirement can make you feel young and whole again.

Many people continue their jobs out of necessity but without feeling passionate about it. And they tend to find what they truly love after they stop working and retire from their conventional jobs.

There is no telling what you might end up doing post-retirement but doing something stress-free will make you feel better in many ways.

You will have a reason to go out again, meet new people, and learn things you have never had a chance to do before. Life can be beautiful post-retirement, and there is no stopping you unless you decide to quit.