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How to Write a Cover Letter To Land a Job Interview?

Knowing how to write a cover letter will make the difference between landing a job interview or not.

Although not all job postings require a cover letter, sending one is what will actually make the recruiter or hiring manager open and view your job application.

You might have an impressive resume but if you are just sending a dry email, without selling yourself because you don’t know how to write a cover letter, chances are that nobody will do the effort to open the attached resume.

A good trick to increase your chances of your application being viewed is write the cover letter in the body of the email.

This way, as soon as the recruiter or hiring manager opens your email, they will immediately be able to read your cover letter, without having to open or download any attachment.

how to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter that lands you the job interview

How to write a cover letter: things to include

Before starting to write a cover letter, you should always read the job description twice and make sure that your experience and skills match the job requirements.

This will save yourself some time and, as well, the recruiter’s time.

Knowing the name of the recruiter or hiring manager will allow you to address your email directly to them.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting called in for a job interview, this is a great step to take. You can easily do this research on LinkedIn, looking for the list of employees of that particular company.

You should start writing your cover letter by introducing yourself and mentioning your current or most recent position, which should be related to the position you are applying to unless you are changing careers, in which case you should specify your intent.

This should be followed by stating your interest in the job opening and continue by showing how you fit the requirements, by mentioning some of your most relevant past experiences that can translate to the job you are applying to.

To make sure that your cover letter is appealing to the person reading it, you should always include keywords that they have used in the job description.

Always customize your cover letter, as this will allow the recruiter to asses if you have the right profile for the job, without wasting a lot of time.

Keep in mind that some job openings receive thousands of applications, so you need to make sure that your application stands out.

After stating how you fit the job requirements, express your interest in the job again and by inviting the reader to open your Resume to find out more information about your professional work experience.

Conclude by saying that you would like to discuss this further in a job interview and always thank them for their time in considering your application.


How to write a cover letter: how long a cover letter should be

Not all cover letters are the same and it usually depends on the role advertised and the level of seniority, however in most cases, recruiters and hiring managers always appreciate a short and straight to the point cover letters because, as mentioned above, sometimes they need to screen thousands of applications.

Avoid including things that are not relevant.

A typical cover letter should have the following structure:

  • To whom is the application addressed to (hiring manager or recruiter’s name)
  • Your name and current or most recent position
  • Your interest in the job
  • How you fit the job requirements (past experience and skills)
  • Your interest in the job again
  • Call to action
  • Thank you

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  1. I’m a writer but not a cover letter writer. And so, it is the most difficult letter I always force myself to do. That said, I am also a letter writer, which means I take email writing as just that: letters. I find they’re much easier to write than cover letters.
    I am not sure about any of the advice you give but thank you for your articles.

  2. You’ve submitted a resume, you have a LinkedIn profile. The reason for a cover letter is to clearly connect the dots between your experience and interests and the particular role you’re applying for. Don’t leave anything to chance (“they’ll see that I have the experience they want”). Instead, show them that you understand the top challenges of the role and explain how you can meet those challenges. Give examples from your experience that go beyond your resume and LinkedIn profile. The cover letter should add the “color” and and show your enthusiasm not only for the particular job but for the hiring company and its mission.


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