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4 Wildly Successful Bloggers To Follow In 2022

What made me decide to start blogging was actually reading the stories of all these wildly successful bloggers.

After devouring all their articles I realized that not only are they extremely hard-working people but, what made them successful is the fact that they use what they learned, to help other people become successful.

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Here Is A List Of Successful Bloggers That You Should Follow

Elna From Twins Mommy

Elna From Twins Mommy

Elna is by far my all-time favorite blogger.

Her blog is all about helping other mommies start a blog in order to be able to stay at home and care for their little bundles of joy. She’s a twin mommy and that’s why her story is so inspiring.

She was able to create a super successful blog, all while being there for her twins.

Elna shares all the steps and strategies that helped her become successful and her writing is just so genuine. Anyone, not only mommies can follow her, as her blog is so full of resources.

I truly respect her because her articles provide so much value for someone who wants to start a blog. She puts her soul into actually helping other people out. You can check her blog out here.

Abby From Just A Girl And Her Blog

Abby started her blog as a creative outlet in 2013 and managed to turn it into a successful story, as well, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

She writes about decoration tips and how to organize your home, however, her blogging tips and resources are amazing for new bloggers.

I like her story and find it extremely motivating because she was so dedicated to making this blog happen, that now both she and her husband work full time on the blog, allowing them to live the life that they want.

I relate to her a lot, as this is one of the reasons why I decided to start a blog, to be able to help my husband quit his job and pursue whatever makes him happy. Check out her blog here.

Alex And Lauren From Avocadu And Create And Go

Alex And Lauren From Avocadu And Create And Go

Alex and Lauren are a couple who decided to quit their jobs and try to make a living from blogging, against some of their family members’ opinions.

After hitting rock bottom with their first blog, they created Avocadu, as Alex was a PT, so they decided to write about workout routines, eating healthy, diets and everything in between.

The blog grew to become wildly successful, so they decided to open another one, Create & Go where they share everything they learned while building Avocadu, in order to help other people start successful blogs. With Lauren’s background in accounting, they are able to provide in-depth guides on how to run a blog.

Their story is so inspiring because they did everything possible and believed in themselves, although some people around them didn’t.

Their Create & Go blog should definitely be on your follow list, as their articles are filled with tips and tricks to becoming a successful blogger. Having such a huge success with Avocadu, they do not need any other recommendations.

Michelle From Making Sense Of Cents

Michelle is one of the most successful bloggers out there.

She is making $100K+ per month (yes you read that right) from her blog. Michelle started blogging to keep track of her personal finance while trying to close her student loan.

She writes about how to manage your money and provides helpful tips to becoming financially free. While building her blog, she also started writing about everything she learned and her struggles.

Her blog is an endless source of information for beginners and besides, she also has a super successful course, Making sense of Affiliate Marketing, which if you are planning to monetize your blog, you should definitely buy.

Her blog allowed her to quit her job and pursue a more simple life. She spends her time traveling around the world with her husband and their dogs. They traveled around the US while living in an RV and now they are sailing around the Caribbean. You can check her blog here.

There are many more successful bloggers out there, however, these 4 are the ones that motivated me to start a blog and I turn to them whenever I need motivation.

If these bloggers convinced you to give blogging a try, check out this article on how To Start A Blog In 2022.

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