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How to Stay Calm During an Interview?

Learning how to stay calm during an interview can make the difference between nailing the job interview or not.

Most times, the recruitment process for a job is a roller coaster of emotions.

From being thrilled that you have finally landed a job interview, to getting nervous about actually attending it.

So, if you landed a job interview, give yourself a tap on the back, as this means that your resume impressed the recruiter.

Usually, what makes people nervous during a job interview, is either desperation because they really need the job or the feeling that they are not good enough for that job.

Below is a quick guide on how to stay calm during an interview so that you can rock it and land an offer.

So, how to stay calm during an interview?

how to stay calm during an interview


One of the keys to acing any job interview is preparing for it.

Researching about the company, its employees and the role that you have applied to will give you an edge, as this will allow you to know exactly how to position yourself as a candidate.

A simple search on LinkedIn will give you important information about the current and past employees of the company and according to their background and career growth pace, you will be able to better understand how demanding that company is.

If, for example, you are applying for a Digital Marketing Manager position, your first search should be focused on who the current and past employees on this position are.

Knowing their history before joining the company, will allow you to know what advantages or disadvantages you have compared to them and can project realistically what your chances of landing the job are.

At the same time, knowing their history with the company will tell you a lot about the company culture and employee turnover.

If the job opening is to replace someone that has been with the company for 5 years, that probably means that the person that they are looking to replace has grown with the company and is now is looking for a change.

That is absolutely normal and healthy and staying for 5 years with a company says a lot about the company.

Not many people stay for more than 2 years if the company culture is toxic or the line manager for that position is not a great person.

If, on the other hand, the company has had several persons holding that position in a span of just a few years, that most probably means that the company culture is not the best, in which case you might want to reconsider wanting to work for that company.

The more you know about the company, regardless of the position you are going to interview for, will allow you to know how exactly to sell yourself and help you stay calm during the job interview.

Eventually, every company that hires someone, they do so to solve a problem.

If you are able to find their pain points during the research, you will know how to prepare your pitch, in which you should convey how your background and skills will help them solve these problems.

Being prepared will help you feel more confident and, therefore less nervous.

Worst-case scenario

Before attending any job interview you should always think about what is the worst-case scenario if you don’t get the job.

Once you face your fears, you’ll be able to be more relaxed. Will it be the end of the world if you don’t get the job? Of course not.

You might have a rough time but believe in the process. Whatever is right for you, will come at the right time.


Positive thoughts

This might seem like a no-brainer, however many people, although aware of the power of positive thoughts, fail to focus on this.

If you haven’t found out yet, nowadays employers value more positive energy than any other trait in a candidate.

You might have an amazing Resume, but if you don’t have a positive and open attitude, you are minimizing your chances of getting hired.

Know your self-worth and the reason you have been called in for this interview and act as such.

Remember not to fall into the other extreme of being arrogant. Confidence is what you’re aiming for.


Make sure you get a good night of sleep before the interview.

The last thing you want is to feel tired and not able to focus on the questions you are being asked.


Plan your meeting ahead of time.

From your outfit to the documents that you are planning to take with you (resume, portfolio, etc.), don’t leave this until the last minute or the night before the interview.

Also, make sure you know the exact address of the company, the name of the person you are going to meet and their email address or direct line, in case something happens and you are to be late for your meeting.

Before and during the interview

Make sure to arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier so that you can relax and take a breath before you go in.

Be friendly to everyone you meet in the company. Smile when presenting yourself. It will help you feel more relaxed and project positive energy towards the people you will be interacting with.

Hold a napkin in your pocket to dry your hands in case they get sweaty and make sure to express your excitement for being called in for an interview when you meet the recruiter.

During the interview don’t forget to breathe before answering any question. This will allow you a few seconds to clear your mind and prepare your answer.

If you are being asked a more difficult question, don’t be shy to ask for time to think about your answer.

If you have been invited to a job interview, this means that the recruiter felt that your background and qualifications fit their requirements.

Now your only job is to show your personality and enjoy the process.

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