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What to Wear to a Teacher Interview for the Best First Impression

No matter what job you are applying for, it is always important to dress professionally when you are going for an interview. However, you must be more mindful when you attend an interview for the teacher’s position.

Being a teacher is not easy. Not only do you have to be on top of your subject matter and look like you know what you are talking about, but you also need to create a favorable impression to assure your employers that you will get on well with your students.

In fact, dressing up for an interview for the teacher position requires careful planning. While you can always dress up strictly formally, that is not always the impression you like to create. You are, after all, not applying for a corporate job, and you are not going to visit a regular office.

Putting time and effort into planning what you will wear for the teacher interview will work to your advantage. Following guidelines that help you dress appropriately for a teacher interview will surely help.

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Why is it Important to Plan Your Teacher Interview Outfit?

For several reasons, you must be mindful of what you will wear for your teacher interview.

1. Avoid Last-Minute Worries

Avoid Last-Minute Worries

Firstly, you must dress to impress your employers like any other job. No one wants a shabby employee. Hence, always make sure that you have planned your outfit the day before, your clothes are ironed, and your shoes are polished.

You do not just want to throw on anything you like at the last minute. The last-minute worrying can distract you, and you will lose focus on what you say during the interview.

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2. Feel More Confident

Secondly, the employers will notice how you communicate with them during the interview. A teacher always has to share ideas and inspire young minds to perform better. You should be able to convince your employers that you can do that.

However, suppose you feel conscious about your appearance after reaching the venue and feel like you are over or underdressed. In that case, it is bound to affect your performance. You are going to be distracted, and you won’t feel like your usual self.

On the other hand, your confidence shows through when you dress well, and it reflects your confidence. You smile more, stand taller, and show you are comfortable in your skin. This will have a positive impact on your interview.

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3. Considering the Class You Will Teach

When you plan for what you will wear for the teacher interview, you can dress for the class you teach.

For example, you might be applying for a job as a preschool teacher. Now, even if you wear formal attire, you can add a hint of color to the outfit that will soften it.

You have to interact and teach little children for the job, and it would be nice if your employers saw that you are warm and approachable. So wearing a sweater in muted colors can help you soften the look more than a suit.

On the other hand, if you are applying for a middle-school or high-school teacher position, you can dress more smartly and crisply. Your students will be adolescents or young adults who are often very conscious about their appearance.

As a teacher, you should be able to inspire them to embrace who they are and teach them about body positivity by dressing well and confidently. Your prospective employers will notice if you can reflect this in your interview outfit.

Some Tips to Help You Choose the Right Teacher Interview Outfit

Some Tips to Help You Choose the Right Teacher Interview Outfit

If you feel a little lost about what to wear for your teacher interview outfit, here are some tips to help you choose the ideal attire.

1. Research the Institute

Before heading for the interview, research the school or institute you would be attending. Check the website and see any regulations about how the staff should dress. Are there any strict policies regarding dress codes that the school follows?

While a teacher is not expected to follow those norms before formally joining the institute, dressing accordingly would mean that you are taking the interview seriously and want to follow the institute’s policy.

2. Keep it Simple

While it is always refreshing to add a bit of your style to the outfit you are wearing, doing so while applying for a teacher interview job is not a good idea. A teaching position is one of the more conservative job positions, and you should also try to dress conventionally.

You do not want to look drastically different from the other candidates, who might be dressed more conservatively.

Try to wear well-tailored clothes in soft and primary colors, only adding a hint of the unconventional with your accessories or the cut of the dress, and it should be perfect. For example, an oversized blazer might be great as a high-street fashion. Still, it could come across as shabby in a formal environment like an educational institute.

3. Dress for the Weather

Dress for the Weather

The day’s weather could be cool and windy or humid and stifling. You don’t want to be shivering while traveling to the school premises, nor do you want to end up with a shirt with sweat stains.

Check what the weather will be like beforehand, and you can dress accordingly. If you feel the weather might turn in the afternoon, you can carry a sweater or shrug.

Also, wear comfortable shoes that are made of stain-resistant material. In that case, even if you get something in your shoes while taking public transport, you can easily wipe it off before the interview.

4. Make Sure the Outfit is Comfortable

It is imperative to ensure that your attire is comfortable. If you choose something good-looking but not comfortable enough, you will be fidgeting throughout the interview. That would distract you from the discussion.

Fidgeting can also draw other people’s attention, making you even more uncomfortable. Moreover, you could find your movements are restricted, and you will feel awkward throughout the process.

However, to your employers, it might come across as nervousness, which is never a good sign for a job where you have to communicate with young people.

5. The Right Footwear

While men wear formal, toe-covered shoes for an interview, women should ideally do the same with low to moderate heels. Uncomfortable footwear is one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing an interview outfit.

Unlike a regular interview, you will not always sit during the process. You might also be asked to take a demo class, and comfortable shoes can see you through the duration of the class.

Moreover, during the interview, you do not want to risk falling over because of precarious heels.

6. Be Professional in your Choice

Be Professional in your Choice

While you might have eclectic tastes as an individual, you shouldn’t overdo it while appearing for a conservative teaching position.

Your aim at the interview should be to convince your employers that you are serious about the position, so try not to choose outfits that expose your tattoos or wear very bright lipstick.

It is important to be subtle on certain occasions, and this is one of them. That doesn’t mean you must dress in the most boring way possible.

However, if you prefer bright colors, instead of wearing the entire outfit in bold shades, choose a shirt in a bright color or bold pattern and pair it with a sweater or blazer in a neutral shade. That would balance the brightness, and you can still incorporate your style into the outfit.

It would be a great way to show off that you have a personality of your own without going overboard.

7. Add Accessories

Both men and women should add some accessories to their outfits. Men can add rings, a pocket handkerchief, or a tie to their attire.

Women can add a colorful scarf to an otherwise conventional outfit, carry a good bag that carries the essentials, and make a statement. A good watch would be great for both men and women.

The best thing about them is that they are conventional pieces. Still, you can show off your personality through the colors or patterns of the accessories without making the main outfit appear too unconventional.

Play around with the accessories to create the perfect style and fun but remain professional.

8. Be Well-Groomed

Be Well-Groomed

It is crucial to appear well-groomed for your teacher interview. Paying attention to personal hygiene is particularly important.

Both men and women should be careful about their hair- it shouldn’t get in the face or look too windswept when you walk. Carry a small comb to adjust any flyaway hair.

It would be best if you removed any visible piercings. It would be best if female candidates kept their makeup light. Nude lipsticks and muted shades for makeup would work best.

Try to keep your nails short, though a good manicure would be great, especially if you have to take a class or make a presentation. Looking put together will be a bonus during the interview.


Teaching is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. You have to shoulder the immense responsibility of training young minds and preparing them to face the world. You have to convince your employers that you are up to the task and create that impression from the moment you walk into the room.

When considering many factors, choosing the proper attire becomes critical. Your outfit during the teacher interview should reflect your confidence in handling a class. The right outfit and your merit and expertise on the subject you want to teach will surely help you land the job.