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What to Wear on the First Day of Work For Man And Woman?

The first day of work dawns with a lot of anticipation. It does not matter if it is your first job or you are transitioning to a new company, and you will still feel a certain amount of trepidation when entering your new workplace because the environment is unique.

However, novices are frazzled. You want to look and feel your best and be accepted by your coworkers. And yet, it is pretty natural if you do not want to blend in and make your mark. Choosing the right outfit for the first day of your work becomes very important in this respect.

Both men and women struggle with what to wear on the first day of work. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to determine how much is too much or too little. Playing safe is easy, and formals are always a good and conventional choice.

However, several other factors come into play as the work culture is rapidly changing and workplaces today are more inclusive. Once you have looked into all the aspects, you can determine what to wear on the first day at your new workplace.

Things to Remember to Consider What You Wear On Your First Day at Work

Things to Remember to Consider What You Wear On Your First Day at Work
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Here are some factors that can determine how to dress on your first day at work.

1. Day of the Week

You will be amazed how this can determine what you will wear on the first day. Usually, it is normal that someone joins on a Monday. In that case, dressing formally would be an easy choice. However, some company policies might be that new employees join on the 1st or 2nd of the month. This is primarily due to payroll issues.

Now, what if the first day of the month falls on a Friday? Now, most workplaces allow casuals on Friday, and the chances are that everyone else will be dressed in jeans and tees or something similar. Now, do you wear the same, or do you still stick to formals because it is your first day at work? In that case, you will look and feel out of place the entire day. The smart choice here would be to wear business casuals. So look up when you will join your new workplace and decide accordingly.

2. Research the Company

Research the Company
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Once you have decided to join a new workplace and receive your offer letter, research the company for the dress code. Read up if they have preferences for any dressing. Do they allow jewelry for men? Can you wear clothes with cultural or ethnic demarcation? Are they tolerant of body art and tattoos? Do they enable casuals on any day of the week? If yes, are t-shirts with captions and slogans allowed?

Take into account all these factors not just for the first day at work but for later references as well.

3. Choice of Colors and Accessories

How you dress determines people’s perception of you, and you want to make an excellent first impression. What you wear need not be too expensive, but it should not be the right fit and color.

Avoid garish colors and carrying accessories that show off-brand names. This goes for both men and women as you want your personality to do the talking. Your clothes and accessories should highlight your personality and should not seek attention themselves.

4. Decide Beforehand

Decide Beforehand
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Most importantly, you must decide well in advance what you want to wear on the first day of your work and everything in place the previous night. If you try to decide on the morning of your first day, you will most likely make a bad decision.

It is also advisable to choose from familiar pieces- items of clothing that you have worn before and are familiar and comfortable with. You know the color and the fit and try not to wear anything new unless you are sure about how you look in them and like yourself in the mirror.

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What to Wear on the First Day at Work- For Men?

Men have a comparatively more straightforward time choosing outfits as they can choose from formal wear. If you know that the established dress code for a given day is formal attire, then dress accordingly.

You can wear trousers in formal colors like black, navy blue, grey, or beige. Wear full-sleeved formal shirts or button-down dress shirts in white or a color that matches your trousers. You can wear a tie in a solid color or with minimal print, which will form the base of your outfit.

In addition, your shoes should be polished smartly, and your outfits should be crisply starched and ironed. Besides, your formal attire might include:

1. Suits

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Suiting up on your first day will make a good impression on your colleagues and boss, especially if you are joining a managerial position. Your suit will include trousers and suit jackets. The trouser and suit should be the same color, and get them tailored to your measurements for the perfect fit.

2. Blazers

A blazer is a little less formal than a suit as the cut is a little less restricted. Yet, they look smart and formal enough because of the naval-style metal buttons. They are perfect if you join towards the later part of the week when the work atmosphere is a little lighter or if your workplace has a less formal air.

3. Polo Shirts

polo tshirts
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Polo shirts fall under the category of business casual attire. This is an excellent choice if the company allows the employees to dress more comfortably. These shirts are short-sleeved and have a collar and three buttons, and they could also have a pocket on one side of the chest. They are an excellent cross between casual and formal and still looks smart and crisp.

4. Dark Denim

Denim and jeans come in a wide range of cuts and colors, and you can choose straight-legged, dark denim for your office wear. They almost resemble trousers and yet do not look as formal. You can pair them with polo shirts for the perfect casual attire yet to look smart and professional. This will work if you are joining on a Friday. You can also wear a blazer on top, especially if it is cold.

What to Wear on the First Day at Work- For Women?

Women too, have to look professional on the first day of work, but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise on style. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and you can mix and match between a large number of items. The base outfit would include formal cut trousers, a skirt, and a button-down dress shirt. Other items can be included.

1. Dress Slacks

dress slacks
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If you find trousers too formal or restrictive, dress slacks are the ideal alternative. They are wider and yet have a formal cut that makes them stylish and comfortable at the same time. They are made from a smooth, wool knit fabric or a blended material with a straight and smooth fall. Colors like beige, navy blue, brown, and blacks work best.

2. Blouses

While a dress or formal shirt for women is the ideal choice, you can still replace them with blouses. However, you have to shop around for ones that come in solid colors and have a formal cut. They are usually loose-fitting and gather around the waist, but when tucked into your trousers, slacks, or formal cuts, they present a perfectly professional look.

3. Dark Denim

Dark denim
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If your first day at work happens to be on a Friday, you can opt for business casual attire and dark denim to fit the bill perfectly. You can opt for the straight-legged ones as they resemble trousers very closely, and you can pair them with a blouse or a shirt.

4. Accessories

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Keep your accessories minimal yet stylish. You can wear light rings and earrings, and a scarf will be perfect with your outfit if you are dressing business casual. Wear close-toed shoes, stick to wedges or flats, and avoid high heels. Carry a leather bag that fits your essentials, preferably in neutral colors.

5. Makeup

Applying makeup fit for the office can make you look and feel extremely confident. Keep the base simple and avoid dramatic eye makeup, especially any form of glitter. However, a light line of eyeliner and mascara would make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Apply matte lipstick that suits your skin tone and in muted shades. Avoid heavy contouring, but some light blush will make you look fresh throughout the day.

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Creating the perfect impression on the first day of work is very important. Your attire will speak volumes about you. Try not to go for any new trends in clothing or accessories on the first day itself. Do not try any further experiments in apparel as well. It would be best if you felt comfortable and confident at the same time. Avoid materials that become conspicuous if you are sweating or wrinkle easily. Once you have all looked into all the factors, choosing the perfect first-day outfit will not be difficult at all.