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The Best Professional Resignation Letter Sample

This resignation letter sample will show you things you need to include in a professional resignation email, while also teaching you how to structure it and things to avoid when writing it.

Knowing how to write a short resignation letter with reasons and notice, will help you leave your current job on good terms and make the transition smooth for both you and your employer.

If you didn’t have a great experience at your current job, this might make you think that you can just pack your bags and leave.

You don’t want to make this mistake, as you might need a recommendation letter from your current employer later on.

So, you want to make sure that you resign on good terms by submitting a professional resignation letter or email and offering enough notice to your current employer, without breaking the contract.

resignation email

Resignation email – things to include

  • Who are you addressing the letter to (line manager/HR)
  • The position from which you are resigning
  • Appreciation for your current employer
  • Reasons for resigning
  • Notice period

Resignation letter sample

The below resignation letter sample can be used as a guide but remember to always customize your email or letter according to your circumstances.

Resignation Letter sample

Pro tip: If you haven’t yet submitted your resignation letter, if it can wait, it’s better to secure another job before quitting.

Resignation letter takeaways

Like mentioned above, always try to leave on good terms. Whether you might need a recommendation or not, you never know when you might need the help of your former manager.

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