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List of Remote Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

If you are looking for remote jobs you can get without a degree, you are in the right place.

While some of the jobs on this list are just enough to help you survive through rough times, others are actually really well paid and can give you the chance to build a thriving career.

List of remote jobs you can get without a degree


Proofreading means checking copy of written material for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Since digital marketing is currently booming, there is no shortage of opportunities for proofreaders.

Average income: $45,135 / year

Requirements: fluency in the language you are going to use, a computer and high-speed internet.

Type of job: part-time, full-time, freelance.

Where can you find remote proofreading jobs?

I want to start a Proofreading freelance hustle

Great for you!

If you don’t want to be an employee and you think of starting a Proofreading freelance hustle, know that you can make more than double.

If you don’t have any experience as a proofreader, I’ve got good news! You can still start your own business as a Proofreader as long as you have a good eye for catching errors and like to read, as this is what you’ll be doing most of the time.

If you want to know more about how to start a Proofreading Hustle, sign up to the FREE workshop below.

Amazon Virtual Worker

Becoming a virtual worker for Amazon, while not greatly paid, comes with stability and the opportunity to move to another type of position with Amazon.

Given the current situation, particularly in the US, Amazon was among the few companies that kept hiring.

Virtual Worker jobs are usually in customer service, sales, and various web services.

Average salary: $35,000 / year

Requirements to become an Amazon Virtual Worker: computer, high-speed internet, customer service experience, soft skills. A college degree is not necessary.

Type of job: part-time, full-time, seasonal.

How can I become a Virtual Worker at Amazon?

You can search through Amazon’s virtual locations page here, and you can filter your search based on job type, city, job category, and business category.

Online Survey Taker

While becoming an online survey taker can’t really replace a full-time job, it is a great opportunity to make some extra income or even make it your permanent side hustle.

An online survey taker collaborates with various companies in offering them feedback regarding a product or service.

The great thing is that there are websites specialized in connecting survey takers with companies, so that you don’t waste your time looking for companies to work with.

Average income: $500-$1,000 / month

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet.

Type of job: part-time.

Where can you find Online Survey Taker Jobs?

The above listed websites are legitimate and tested websites.

If you want to try other websites, make sure to read reviews about them, as there are a lot of websites that never really pay.

You want to make sure you stay away from those.

Virtual Assistant

In the past several years, Virtual Assistant job opportunities saw an exponential growth because more and more companies are outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants.

This is because expenses with virtual assistants are less than with a full-time employee.

While you will not get any benefits as a Virtual Assistant, you can be very well paid, depending on the type of tasks you are performing and the company you are working with, making Virtual Assistant jobs some of the best remote jobs that you can get without a degree.

Virtual Assistant types of jobs: social media manager, customer support, office management, personal assistant, creative services, etc.

Except for office management, none of the above jobs require a degree.

Average income: $35,000 / year

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet, and minimum experience with any of the above-listed types of jobs.

Type of job: part-time, full-time, project-based, freelancer.

Where can you find Virtual Assistant jobs?

How to start a Virtual Assistant side hustle?

If you want to become a VA (Virtual Assistant) but you don’t where to start, learn that you can have your business up and running in 30 days or less. Yes, you read that right.

Use the skills you already have and learn how to market them, how to find clients and how to build your business from scratch with the help of Gina Horkey.

Gina is one of the most successful Virtual Assistant out there and she is now helping others build their own businesses.

Her courses promise (and deliver) to hit the ground running in 30 days or less and proof are the thousands of students that have taken her courses.

Check out The Horkey Handbook – 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success.


If you have a passion for writing, you can turn it into a career.

Similar to proofreading jobs, every day there are more and more copywriting jobs available because companies continue to grow and look for new ways to reach consumers.

Companies generally need copywriters for creating written content for their website, social media, press releases, etc.

Average income: $80,000 / year

Requirements: Computer, high-speed internet, language fluency, Microsoft Office.

Type of job: part-time, full-time, freelance, project-based.

Where can you find Copywriting jobs?

Market Research Respondent

A Market Research Respondent is a person who participates in focus groups and research studies in order to help companies and organizations get more insight into a particular topic or area.

Average income: $50- $1,000 per study

Type of job: part-time, gig.

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet. Unlike any other jobs listed above, getting a Market Research Respondent job doesn’t require any type of experience, skills, or degree.

Where can you find Market Research Respondent jobs?

The best place to find jobs as a Market Research Respondent is Respondent.io .

Online Customer Service

While I already mentioned online customer service jobs in the Virtual Assistant section, I created one just for this type of job, as there are plenty of full-time opportunities with great companies, if you are interested in working online as a Customer Service Representative.

Average income: $31,000 / year

Type of job: full-time, part-time, seasonal.

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet, minimum of 1 year of customer service experience, no degree required.

Where can you find Online Customer Service Representative jobs?

Tester for websites, games and apps

A tester is a person who tests websites, games and apps in order to provide feedback to developers before launching a new product.

Average income:  $5-$90 / review.

Type of job: part-time, full-time, gig.

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet.

Where can you find Testes jobs?

Social Media Coordinator

If you are a millennial, chances are you know your way around social media.

If you are passionate about this, yet you have never worked as a Social Media person before, don’t get discouraged.

There are many companies hiring junior people to help their social media team and this is your opportunity to enter the social media world and grow from there.

As a digital marketing specialist, my advice is to specialize in 2 channels rather than knowing just a little about all of them.

This way, you can grow much faster and become a manager sooner.

Average income: $35,000 / year

Type of job: full-time, part-time, freelance.

Requirements: computer, high-speed internet, knowledge about social media

As a side note, if you want to pursue a career in social media as a freelancer, the average annual income is $65,000.

Where can you find Social Media Coordinator jobs?

The above-listed jobs are some of the most in-demand remote jobs that you can get without a degree, while still working for other people/companies.

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