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77 High Paying Jobs That Let You Work Remotely

The following list of high-paying jobs that let you work remotely is great for those of you who are looking for the next opportunity in some of the highest-paying careers in 2022.

If a good salary is important to you, the following job opportunities that also allow you to work remotely will provide you with great inspiration regarding what jobs that pay well to look for next in your career.

While the typical IT, Legal and Engineering jobs are on the list, you might be surprised what other high paying jobs are now emerging, due to the fast changing landscape of our economy.

Landing a top-paid job usually requires a degree and many years of experience, given that most well-paid jobs are in high-stress environments and come with a lot of responsibility.

Nevertheless, given how everything turned upside down in 2020 due to the pandemic, there are new emerging industries and jobs that do not require a degree or many years of experience, that pay very good money.

How do I find high paying jobs?

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77 High paying jobs in 2022

Accounting and Finance

Careers in Accounting and Finance are still some of the highest paying, offering many high paying jobs that also enable you to work from home.

high paying jobs in accounting and finance

High paying jobs in Accounting and Finance

  • Financial Analyst (up to $81k)
  • Senior Accountant (up to $86k)
  • Asset Manager (up to $114k)
  • Tax Manager (up to $128k)

Find remote opportunities in Accounting and Finance here.

Account Management

While jobs in Account Management are not some of the best paid in this list, they make it up through commissions, which sometimes can double or even triple the annual salary.

Highest paid jobs in Account Management

  • Account Manager (up to $83k)
  • Account Director (up to $141k)
  • Area Manager (up to $107k)
  • VP Sales (up to $204k)

Find remote opportunities in Account Management here.


Jobs in the Administrative area are in high-demand currently, as companies need different types of support.

These jobs are high paying, considering that you don’t need a degree for most of them and besides, they can be done remotely, giving job seekers access to geographic areas that before might not have been accessible for job search.

Top 5 best paying Administrative jobs

  • Virtual Assistant (up to $60k)
  • Executive Assistant (up to $79)
  • Business Support Consultant (up to $112k)
  • Project Assistant (up to $50k)
  • Administrative Specialist (up to $77k)

Find Administrative remote opportunities here.

Advertising & PR

Most opportunities in Advertising and PR do not require a degree and also most, if not all jobs can be done remotely. The great thing about this industry is that you can build a thriving well-paid career as an independent consultant or freelancer.

High paying jobs in Advertising in PR.

  • Senior Copywriter (up to $99k)
  • PR Manager (up to $98k)
  • Social Media Manager (up to $78k)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (up to $98k)

Find jobs in Advertising and PR here.

Art & Creative

Having creative skills pays off.

If you are among the lucky ones with such skills, you can secure a high paying job, although you need previous experience and a portfolio for any of the following positions.

Art & Creative well paid jobs

  • Art Director (up to $102k)
  • Senior Graphic Designer (up to $86k)
  • 3D Artist (up to $84k)
  • Senior Animator (up to $121k)

Find Art & Creative opportunities here.


Communication is vital for any business that aims to growth and Communications Specialists are very sought after, particularly in these trying times.

Jobs with high salaries in Communications

  • Communications Specialist (up to $76k)
  • Communications Director (up to $134k)
  • Online Community Manager (up to $81k)
  • Content Manager (up to $87k)
  • Content Strategist (up to $96k)
  • Digital Content Producer (up to $96k)

Find Communications remote opportunities here.

Tech & IT

With technology advancing every day, Tech & IT careers will probably always be among some of the highest paying careers worldwide.

highest paying jobs in IT

Best paid jobs in Tech & IT

  • IT Manager (up to $133k)
  • Data Engineer (up to $132k)
  • Systems Analyst (up to $119k)
  • Cyber Security Engineer (up to $137k)
  • Web Developer (up to $87k)
  • Data Analyst (up to $85k)
  • Helpdesk Manager (up to $93k)

Find opportunities in Tech & IT here.


Depending on the company you are targeting, a career in editing can be highly paid.

The perks of working in this industry, is that you can work from home and also start a thriving Editing business, making more than 6 figures per year.

High paying Editing positions

  • Content Writer (up to $71k)
  • Editor (up to $83k)
  • Content Strategist (up to $96k)
  • Web Content Manager (up to $85k)
  • Technical Writer (up to $87k)

Find Editing opportunities here.

Education & Training

Given the situation this year, all courses have moved online, proving that online education is not only feasible but it greatly benefits everyone, including trainers and students.

Highest paying jobs in Education and Training

  • Learning & Development Specialist (up to $87k)
  • E-Learning Specialist (up to $79k)
  • Program Evaluator (up to $88k)
  • Independent Career Counselor (up to $100k)
  • Director of Career Services (up to $87k)

Find Education & Training opportunities here.


While engineers go through ups and downs, depending on the annual number of graduates, which greatly affects the annual salary, usually engineers are some of the best-paid specialists.

Top paying Engineering positions

  • Quality Systems Engineer (up to $144k)
  • Compliance Specialist (up to $84k)
  • Hardware Engineer (up to $133k)

Find Engineering opportunities here.

Entertainment & Media

While offline entertainment was put to a halt, online entertainment has skyrocketed in the first half of this year. The number of jobs in this industry is growing every day, along with the salaries.

The highest-paying jobs in Entertainment and Media

  • Video Game Designer (up to $102k)
  • App Developer (up to $113k)
  • Media Manager (up to $98k)
  • Product Designer (up to $128k)
  • UX Designer (up to $107k)

Find Entertainment and Media positions here.

Event Planning

Most jobs in Event Planning require physical presence, however there are some jobs in this industry that can be done remotely and that also pay good money.

High paying jobs in Event Planning

  • Event Manager (up to $77k)
  • Director of Events (up to $113k)
  • Outreach Specialist (up to $64k)

Find Event Planning opportunities here.

HR & Recruiting

HR & Recruiting careers are some of the highest paying careers if you have a Liberal Arts degree.

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High paying jobs in HR and Recruiting

  • Recruitment Manager (up to $102k)
  • Talent Acquisition Manager (up to $112k)
  • People Operations Manager (up to $103k)
  • HR Manager (up to $94k)
  • Technical Recruiter (up to $98k)

Find HR and Recruiting remote jobs here.

Internet & E-commerce

Demand for professionals in the Internet and E-commerce industry growing exponentially as many businesses change their business model from the classic brick and mortar to an online business.

Internet and E-commerce high paying jobs 

  • Project Manager (up to $112k)
  • Digital Analyst (up to $84k)
  • SEO Manager (up to $98k)
  • Growth Hacker (up to $147k)
  • Digital Strategist (up to $102k)
  • E-commerce Manager (up to $95k)

Find Internet and E-commerce jobs here.


Legal professionals are some of the highest paid professionals along doctors. The difference is that if you are lucky to hold a law degree, you will be able to do your job remotely while making good money.

High paying Legal jobs

  • Corporate Attorney (up to $182k)
  • Tax Manager (up to $128k)
  • Corporate Counsel (up to $175k)
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist (up to $90k)

Find Legal jobs here.


Some of the highest paying careers are the ones in Marketing.

The great thing about building a career in Marketing is that you do not need to hold a degree and besides, you can work from home.

Also, marketing is ever evolving and so will you. The opportunities to grow and climb the ladder are present even in small and medium sized companies, making marketing a great career that also allows you to make good money.

High paying jobs in Marketing

  • Marketing Manager (up to $100k)
  • Digital Strategist (up to $102k)
  • Social Media Manager (up to $78k)
  • Email Marketing Manager (up to $97k)
  • Digital Analyst (up to $84k)

Find Marketing jobs here.

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