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Relationship Goals All Happy Couples Have

Happy couples usually have a virtual list of relationship goals that they obey, no matter what, because they know that not respecting this list is what breaks a relationship.

While it sounds dramatic, it’s true. Relationships are hard work either way, so why not try and respect a few “rules” in order to make your and your partner’s life easier, happier and more fulfilling?

Relationship goals all happy couples have

Relationship goals: Respect each other

Respect is one of the main relationship goals in building a happy and healthy relationship. This doesn’t mean that happy couples don’t argue.

It just means that even when they are upset, they still respect each other and are able to sort out their differences without making the other person feel bad or less than what they are.

It means never forgetting to say please and thank you and treating your other half the same way you would like to be treated.

Relationship goals: Communicate

Communication along with respect is the key relationship goals for a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Without communication, it is impossible to build a relationship.

I’m looking at you ladies! Indeed, women are guilty of not speaking our minds more often than men, although generally, we like to talk more than men.

One of the problems most couples have is that the woman does not express her expectations to her partner and instead just assumes that he knows what she wants only to be disappointed later because her expectations were not met.

This is a big mistake, because, first of all, nobody can guess what our expectations are and second, because it makes men feel really bad for not being able to make their partner happy.

relationship goals

Relationship goals: Love

This goes without saying but happy couples love each other. If you do not love your partner, you should let them go, because it is not fair to either of you.

When you love someone, you will do everything in your power to make that relationship work. This is human nature.

Relationship goals: Drop the ego

Ahh..ego. What a beautiful world we would be living in if there would be no ego.

While many of us have a big ego, which sometimes (very few times) can be good, especially in regards to career, there is no place for ego in a relationship.

There is no such thing as “only one is wearing the pants in a relationship”.

This type of mentality will get you nowhere in a relationship. Happy couples understand that to build a happy relationship it takes two.

If you treat your partner as inferior to you, most probably one day he or she will be fed up and leave.

There is no “my way or the highway”. There is compromise in a relationship.

A good exercise in losing the ego with your partner is thinking about how he or she feels whenever you say or do something to him or her.

After that, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about how that would make you feel.

Relationship goals: Understand

Understanding actually goes hand in hand with caring as one of the best relationship goals to build a solid foundation as a happy couple.

While it takes time to get to know your partner, it’s crucial to understand where your partner is coming from in order to meet expectations and grow together.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner how he or she feels or what does he or she mean when you can’t really read their behavior.

Relationship goals: Appreciate

Happy couples appreciate each other because they know that feeling appreciated is one of the keys to being happy as a person.

Appreciation is actually so important, that the lack of it is the number one cause of infidelity.

Yes, you read that right. People who cheat are not looking for someone better looking or to have better intimate relations, but actually looking for appreciation.

If you step back and think about a job you had where you didn’t feel appreciated, how did that make you feel? Didn’t it make you lose interest in the job? Didn’t it make you lose motivation and made you want to look for another job? I bet it did.

It’s human nature. We need to feel appreciated to be happy.

Relationship goals: Have fun

Having fun is one of the best relationship goals that any couple, young or old might have. Life is hard, being in a relationship is even harder, it’s a full-time job so that is why you shouldn’t forget to have fun.

Go on dates, take a trip together, do something for the first time together, play games at home, just don’t let fun slip away.

Do you and your partner have any of these relationship goals?

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relationship goals all happy couples have
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