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Is Recruitment A Good Job? – Know The Pros And Cons!

Are you thinking of choosing the recruiting industry as your professional career choice? It’s no harm to make a decision, but do you know that almost every individual has come across the idea of selecting the recruiting industry as their career? Do you think it is the correct and perfect choice for you, and in the future, you will be happy to be a part of this industry?

Before concluding, you should always know about the pros and cons of choosing an industry, especially when your career is at stake. In today’s competitive world, job satisfaction and being happy in the industry is the top-most priority of every individual. Due to this, you should have accurate information about the industry.

If you want to know about the disadvantages and advantages of being a recruitment consultant, then keep reading this article. Furthermore, we will also let you know how the recruiting field is getting competitive and what measures you should take to be successful in the industry.

Why Knowing The Pros and Cons Before Entering the Industry is Very Important?

Why Knowing The Pros and Cons Before Entering the Industry Is Very Important?

Recruitment consulting is one of the most common career paths among students or someone who wants to change their career path. As mentioned, it is the top-most option, so it has become quite competitive over the last two decades. You can say that it is prevalent today, as every industry has become competitive, but what if this competition makes you exhausting and frustrating?

Before coming to a decision, research the industry and think if this sector will give you a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness from the job. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular industry is also very important. It helps you to see if you can do these factors or if you are credible enough to learn/excel in these skills.

It will also help you know if you are interested in the field or do you want to pursue it because your friend is also choosing this field. Ask questions to yourself, and you will find out what is best for you!

Moving forward, we will discuss the pros and cons of this industry, which will help you throughout the decision-making process.

The Advantages of Working in a Recruitment Industry

The advantages of working in a recruitment industry

1. High Potential

The individual who wants to take the recruitment industry as their career choice doesn’t have to get involved in the academic field for a long time. Most of the recruitment industry prioritizes an individual with a bachelor’s degree. So, an individual doesn’t have to wait for a long time to grab their first job or a good paycheck.

2. Figure Income

We cannot deny the fact that this industry makes its money. The industry is helpful to the individual who wants to be in a respected job profile and have a good paycheck. Most companies also provide some commissions to their employees, which again works in favor of the employee.

The recruitment industry has the highest commission rate, which motivates an individual to do better in the job. It becomes easy for an employee to change a job for a high-paying company after gaining an experience for a few years. According to several job portals, the recruitment industry is the most demanding because every company needs desirable employees.

3. Every Day is Different

Every day is different

Anyone working in a recruiting field does not usually have the same type of day in a row. The recruitment consultants generally go through long emails and the job entails, etc. They meet new people daily and interact with them. Every day is different from the previous day, and anyone interested in this job profile can do well.

They have to be unpredictable while taking an interview, and sometimes it may be difficult to handle emotions. So one has to be strict while performing the job and managing their feelings while separating their personal and professional life.

For a few people, this is an advantage, but for others, it becomes cons of this job. Making a hard decision is difficult, even after knowing the person is credible.

4. Learning New Skills

Now, this can be something that one can be pretty much interested in. We all know that if a job does not give you a good salary or is not making you learn anything new, it is worthless to be in that job.

But recruiting is one field that not only pays you a good salary but also helps you to excel in specific skills. You chase someone you don’t even know. But still, you have the power to change their entire life.

Whenever you think this person is credible enough to be a part of the industry, you reach out to that individual via LinkedIn, email, or phone. This activity polishes your research skills, making you a better person in your job profile.

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5. The Most Important is Good Career Growth

The most important is good career growth

Many individuals (in their job fields) are stuck at a certain point, and there is no growth after that. But in this industry, you will find out that people with an experience of 15 to 20 years are getting a good paycheck.

Still, those 2 to 3 years old also get a high pay raise because of their research and learning skills. Learning in this industry never stops because the hiring recruiters hire from “chefs to IT individuals.” The company’s future depends on these individuals, and that’s why they are one of the most paid individuals in the company.

Every coin has 2 phases, and so does this industry. While choosing a career, you cannot depend only on the pros, but you also have to deal with the disadvantages of the field. So keep reading!

The Disadvantages of Working in a Recruitment Industry

The Disadvantages of Working in a Recruitment Industry

1. The LONG Working Hours

We cannot deny that the recruitment industry has very long working hours. Sometimes you can work for 12 hours, but sometimes you can work for 4 hours. It all depends on your research skills and how long it takes for you to find out a better candidate for the company.

You cannot carry out or transfer your task to any other individual. So, you may not have time for socializing, going to a gym, or any other activities. Sometimes you will think this is a valid reason because the company pays you very well, but you can always limit your working time by excelling in specific skills.

Don’t worry! If you are passionate, you will get a hand on this after having experienced it for some years.

2. Facing Rejection

Facing rejection

Facing rejection doesn’t mean that you will not face rejections in your employment, but it is something that is worst than that. Suppose you have invested a lot of time, or you can say more than two days in researching an individual and looking for their details to find out if they are credible enough to get the job or not.

After exploring for a few days, you conclude and invite them for an interview. The interview went well, and you sent a congratulation mail to the candidate, but what if the candidate is not interested in working with the company?

This situation can be disheartening to everyone in the sector, but you will have to face it with a big smile.

Sometimes the candidate will not even inform you that they are not willing to be a part of the company. In such a situation, you will have to take a hint, such as a wait for several days from the candidate’s end. So your job progress doesn’t only depend on you, but also on the other individual. Your whole hard work will go in vain if things don’t work out positively.

3. Being in Charge is the Worst

The hiring recruiter or recruitment consultant generally works as a middleman between the client and the job hunter. So you cannot be responsible for the decision of these two individuals.

Still, you will be responsible for all the things that may go wrong between these parties, for example scheduling a meeting, making a contract, etc. Hence, you must take every step and maintain proper communication between both parties.

4. A Sales job

A Sales job

Sometimes, you will feel that you work as a salesman between the client and the employee where you’re letting the job hunters know about the benefits of working in their company. This becomes too hectic/frustrating because you will realize that you have crammed all the details and there’s nothing new to add.

The majority of times, you will feel that you are working for more than 15 hours, but the outcomes are not good enough. Researching, waiting, interviewing, scheduling, waiting, etc., will look like an endless grid to you, that too in a repeat day by day.

5. High Competition

You are wrong if you feel you will not face any competition in your industry. Everyone wants to be in a sector that pays well, irrespective of their passion. This is a job that almost all the candidates go through while searching for a course for a better job opportunity in the future.

So we will only recommend you enter the field if you are interested. Still, if you want to go for a job because of a good salary, you will feel it is frustrating and exhausting, which will impact your physical and mental health. There will be a lot of competition in the field, and you will face the most rejections in your interview.

Apart from this, you will have to research different candidates. If you post a single vacancy for a position, you will find thousands of resumes, making your task much more difficult. So the only possible way to enjoy your job is your passion and motivation.

Pro Tip

A few things will always help you be a better recruitment consultant. A few points are listed down below:

  • You are a person who maintains a mutual connection with everyone irrespective of how old they are, how much experience they have, or how they will benefit you in the future.
  • You are a person who loves to interact with many people daily.
  • You have a great memory; you will have to learn many names and keep everything in your mind. So you must know how to interact with people and have good memory skills to understand their words.
  • A recruitment consultant has to be very patient and calm because of the excessive workload and going through lots of emails.

A recruitment consultant is a kind of a sales job, but your product is a job you sell to the candidates/job hunters. You have to understand that you are providing employment to specific individuals who are looking for it and are super passionate about the job.


We all have this idea in our mind that being a recruitment consultant is a high-paying job, but we ignore the pros and the cons that also come with it. Sometimes knowing only the advantages of being in the industry can be the worst thing for an individual because it limits their career growth; they never prepare for the worst.

Knowing the disadvantages will prepare you for the future and learn skills to speed up your career growth. These disadvantages don’t even look like a hurdle if an individual is passionate about the industry and is self-motivated. We hope this article helped you make your decision, and we wish you all the best for the future!