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How to Remove or Delete Old Resume on LinkedIn? In 6 Easy Steps

You may want to delete the attachment link to your resume on your LinkedIn profile because you’re not getting any positive results from your job application or because it’s too old and you want to upload an updated version.

LinkedIn is a humongous social media platform where millions of job seekers create and implement many inventive ways to find jobs by connecting with various recruiters.

A resume is the ultimate form of an applicant’s biographical information, comprising detailed versions of their qualifications, skill sets, expertise, personal hobbies, and many more that are going to land the job for them.

Hence, you must upload an updated version of your resume for work opportunities. You need to hustle more with this resume on LinkedIn and make more interesting connections with it to get your dream job.

In this article, we will elucidate some common practices and a step-by-step informative guide for you to remove or delete your old resume and replace it with an updated one on LinkedIn.

Easy Steps for Removing Your Resume from LinkedIn

Easy Steps for Removing your Resume from LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s interface changes every year, catering to thousands of new registering users hustling for a specific goal in their professional field.

An Updated resume is highly beneficial for an applicant’s appeal for the job. It creates an impression of consummate professionalism from an applicant’s side, which employers highly appreciate.

Over the years, you might have gained great new experiences and a whole other level of skills that are now much in demand according to the corporate influx of hiring strategies.

But the resume you linked with your LinkedIn profile is still the same old one you uploaded when you were in college. This old resume doesn’t mention your updated skills. Hence, it doesn’t represent you well for the recruiters to hire you for the job.

Here in this article, we are going to learn some easy steps and ways of removing that old resume from your LinkedIn profile:

  • Login to your LinkedIn Account: Open your computer’s preferred web browser and go to the official LinkedIn site “https://in.linkedin.com/“. Sign in to the account with your ID and Password credentials that you have saved on your Google Password Manager.
  • Go and Access your Profile: Click the “Me” icon and access your profile information page under your profile picture or your name in the top navigation bar to get to your LinkedIn profile page.
  • Edit your Profile: Once the profile information page is loaded on your screen, move your cursor to the “Edit Public Profile and URL” tab and click it. In some updated LinkedIn web pages or application versions, you might need to click on a pencil icon under your profile information page. It is usually located on the right-hand side of your profile picture.
  • Edit your Public Profile: On the right side of your profile’s editing page, you will see a section for “Customize your profile“. Click on it. It will take you to another page where you can see a featured section with all the previously attached links.
  • Featured Section: Scroll down the page until you find the featured section. It’s where you can virtually manage and delete any uploaded document, including your old resumes and attached photos.
  • Delete Resume: On the featured section of the public profile, you should see the old resume document link attached. With a simple dropdown menu that appears there, simply delete it. It might take some time to remove from the page. After a simple refresh button on the page, it will permanently be removed from your profile.

In some different updated software versions of Windows 10 after 2021, the process is much easier with a simple click on the uploaded resume document; it shows the delete option, which will remove it within seconds from your profile page.

Updating your LinkedIn application with the latest software version is highly recommended for everyone. If you are using an old model computer for this application, then it might take some time to process the deletion prompt.


Generally, many questions related to the LinkedIn document uploading and deletion process are on everyone’s mind before they apply for a job post.

In this section, we have curated some interesting questions related to that:

Q1. Why should I remove old resumes from my LinkedIn profile?

Ans: Removing old resumes helps you keep your account information and your personal details related to work experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise up to date and relevant for evaluation by recruiters.

Q2. Is it necessary to remove the old resume if it contains some confidential information?

Ans: Yes, it’s crucial to remove old resumes from LinkedIn if they contain confidential or sensitive information about previous employers, clients, or projects. Sharing such information publicly can breach professional ethics and legal obligations that might put you at risk.

Q3. Can I replace my old resume with an updated one on LinkedIn?

Ans: Yes, of course, replacing your old resume with an updated one is a highly advantageous step for anyone who wants to book a job through LinkedIn connections. But for that, you need to, first of all, delete the older version of your resume. Go to your profile information page’s Settings and Privacy tab and remove it with a simple dropdown menu showing a delete option.

Q4. What if LinkedIn doesn’t save my resume details on my profile?

Ans: LinkedIn has an automated service for restoring all the information extracted from your Resume documents. While applying for different job posts, you don’t have to manually fill in all the required fields of work, experience, and education. Even if you delete the resume and replace it with an updated version, LinkedIn will automatically save it in its system for future reference.

Q5. Do I need to notify all my connected networks about the deletion of my old resume?

Ans: You do not have to do so with all your established networks on the LinkedIn Platform as a social post. However, you may need to directly message your preferred connects about deleting your resume and replacing it with a new version.


LinkedIn’s interface may change over time, so if these steps do not exactly match the current LinkedIn interface, look for similar options or keywords related to editing or managing your profile content.

Additionally, LinkedIn may have introduced new features or changes to its updated version for Windows or iOS systems. Hence, updating your current web application to a modified version would be beneficial.