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How to Write a Goodbye Email to a Coworker? (With 3+ Samples)

Goodbyes are always difficult, and it becomes especially difficult when you have to say goodbye to colleagues who might have become friends over time. However, writing a goodbye email is the right and cordial thing to do if you are leaving your current workplace.

Your coworkers have been your family at work. You may be a part of the team or have just been close to the people you sit with. Your colleagues sitting beside your workstation or across the aisle may have become familiar with and have made it easy for you to get through a demanding workday.

Hence, it would be best if you told them your goodbyes.

On the other hand, even if you had a toxic workplace and your coworkers were a part of the reason why you are quitting, even then, you should tell them your goodbyes. It is a professional thing to do because no matter what they do, it is correct to maintain decorum.

An email is the best way of notifying everyone that you are leaving. It can be done in various ways, depending on your relationship with your coworkers.

Reasons for Leaving Your Workplace

There could be several reasons why you may have to leave your workplace. Here are some of them.

1. You Got a Promotion

You Got a Promotion

Sometimes, you have to leave a workplace because you got a promotion. And the higher designation entails you moving to another office or even the headquarters, which could be on the other side of the city or even to a new city entirely.

In such cases, you will have to bid adieu to your coworkers in the present office. You might still be a part of the same organization, but chances are you will see very few of your former colleagues.

2. You Got a Better Offer

You might be leaving your workplace because you are leaving the company as you received a better offer elsewhere. This happens all the time. You could have stayed in a company for several years and gathered much experience. Still, you might have received a better offer from another organization.

In that case, quitting your current job and joining the new one makes perfect sense. However, you have to say your goodbyes before you leave.

3. You Quit Because of Workplace Issues

You Quit Because of Workplace Issues

Another reason why you may be leaving your workplace is that you have problems in your office, to begin with. You may have a toxic boss who underpays you, or you have to work with difficult colleagues who take you for granted.

Some coworkers can be malicious enough to take all the credit for your hard work or spread rumors about you. However, when the time comes to quit, you will still have to leave them a note you are leaving.

4. You Were Fired

One of the reasons you have to leave the workplace is that you were fired. There could be several reasons why this could have happened, and you might have been at fault.

Or, your company could have been downsizing, and they had to terminate you. In that case, there could be a few others leaving the organization at the same time.

You do not have to go into the details, but you should still say goodbyes to your colleagues.

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Steps to Write a Goodbye Email to Your Coworker

Writing a goodbye email to coworkers is not difficult. After all, it is not a work email. However, it would be best if you gave it some thought so that your goodbyes are sincere and you can express yourself clearly.

1. Keep it Short

Keep it Short

Goodbye emails do not have to be very long or extensive. Yes, you can write about a few good memories you shared with your coworkers, but keep that for when you meet them in person for the last time. Use the emails to express your gratitude and how you would like to stay in touch even after you leave the organization.

2. Write a Subject

Writing a subject is vital for a goodbye email. After all, it is not a work email; everyone should know what it is about by looking at it. It is best if you keep it short as well.

3. State the Reason

State the Reason

You can state the reason why you are leaving in brief. This is entirely up to you. You can simply say that although you have had a wonderful time working at the organization, you are trying to experience new things. Explore a new journey in your career, and hence you are moving out.

Even if you are quitting because you got a better offer, you can keep the details to yourself and concentrate only on your goodbyes.

Moreover, stating the reason can help avoid speculation about why you left, and it will give closure to your coworkers. Or else, there might be needless gossip that you were fired or other causes for quitting.

4. Show Your Appreciation

A goodbye email expresses your appreciation to your coworkers for being such a good team. So, be sure to thank your coworkers and express your gratitude.

You can mention a couple of incidents that stood out, like how your coworkers covered for you during an emergency.

Tell them you remember the things you learned on the job because of them and how they have helped you become a better team player. Your coworkers will appreciate it.

5. Leave Your Contact

Leave Your Contact

If you want to keep in touch with some of your coworkers because you share a very good rapport, then you should leave your contacts at the end of the email.

This is also important if you are leaving at short notice. Your coworkers have to get in touch with you to make the transition process smoother and clarify a few details. That would be a polite thing to do.

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Things Should You Avoid While Writing a Goodbye Email to Coworkers

While writing a goodbye email to coworkers is not very difficult, you might unwittingly include a few aspects that are not appropriate to use. Here are some of the points you should keep in mind.

1. Keep Differences Aside

Keep Differences Aside

Yes, you may have a difference of opinion with your coworkers at some point. Your toxic coworkers might be the very reason why you are quitting in the first place.

However, it would be best to keep your differences aside in your goodbye email and concentrate on being courteous. You don’t have to go overboard with the niceties, but do not bring up any past grudges, either.

2. Do Not be Overly Polite

Your goodbye email should be about expressing your gratitude but do not overdo it. You can always share your deepest thoughts with some of your closest colleagues in person.

Or, only if you write separate emails to all your colleagues can you open up about how deeply you feel about the association with some of them.

Moreover, you have had only cordial and professional relationships with your coworkers. Going overboard will only make your email sound awkward and your emotions fake.

3. Don’t Ask for Favors

Don’t Ask for Favors

Your goodbye email should only be about saying your goodbyes. Do not use the email to ask for favors like giving you a reference or covering for you on one of your last shifts.

Make the email about them and not about you, and refrain from asking any kind of favors from them.

4. Don’t Copy Emails

Unless you send a generic email to all your coworkers, it is better not to copy the same email for everyone.

It is a good idea that you send different emails to your senior coworkers. This should be a more formal email stating how their guidance and support helped you.

You can send another email to those you work with more closely, like your team members and you, that can be more light-hearted.

5. Avoid Negativity

Avoid Negativity

Your goodbye email should not have any negative comments about the company. Even if you are leaving because you felt the workplace was toxic. You have had several bad experiences here, but it is still a good idea to avoid any negativity.

You might even feel bad about yourself after some time, and it is best not to forget about being professional in the last few days.

Samples of Goodbye Emails to Coworkers

How you frame your goodbye email to your coworkers is entirely up to you. However, here are some emails to help you out. You can personalize them according to the relationship you share with your coworkers.

Sample 1 (Generic Email)

Subject: A goodbye to all

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you are having a great day!

I just wanted to inform you that I will no longer be a part of the company from 2nd March 2023 onwards. I want to explore some new opportunities and will progress to another organization.

I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of you. The two years I spent at this organization have been among my best. I have learned so much from you as an individual and a professional. You were an excellent team, and I wish you every happiness and success.

I am leaving my contacts, and you can reach out to me for any details during the transition period.

Once again, it has been a pleasure knowing you all.

Thank you and regards,
(Your name and contact)

Sample 2 (To Your Team Members)

Subject: My farewells!

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day, as usual.

This is one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do, and that is saying goodbye to all of you. You have been one of the best teams I have worked with throughout my career. We have faced challenges together and have looked out for each other. Working with you made me a better team player.

I would love to keep in touch with you, so I am leaving my contacts. Do call me for any assistance you may need during the transition.

Thank you and regards,
(Your name and contact)

Sample 3 (Email for a Particular Coworker)

Subject: Goodbye, Ellen

Hello Ellen,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

As mentioned, I will not be coming to work from 4th January 2023 as I am moving to Kansas.

However, I wanted to tell you a few things before leaving, and I would best express them through writing. You have been a pillar of strength and support for me since I joined the organization. Our work can be stressful at times, and as a novice, you made sure I learned everything without losing your patience. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me grow.

I wanted to thank you and would like to keep in touch with you. You are like family now, and you will always have my gratitude.

Thank you and regards,
(Your name and contact)

Sample 4 (To a Senior Coworker)

Subject: Goodbye and Thank You

Hello Daniel,

I hope you are having a good day!

As I told you earlier, I will leave for Miami’s company headquarters next Tuesday. And while I have to move on short notice and get some things in place, I could not leave without thanking you.

You have been my guide and mentor as my senior ever since I joined the company. And although you were my trainer, I learned much more than just about work from you. Your leadership skills have helped me realize my potential and got me where I am today. I only have my deepest love and gratitude for you, and I wish you every success.

I would like to keep in touch, and you can call me anytime during the transition. 

Thank you and regards,
(Your name and contact)


It does not matter how long or short you have spent in an organization. Building a rapport takes very little time if you click with your coworkers.

Workplaces worldwide are now adopting ethics to make the office safe and comfortable, so it is understandable if you form strong workplace relationships during your stay.

Hence, saying goodbye to your coworkers might be difficult and an emotional experience for you. Follow up on your promise of staying in touch and only reminiscence about the good times in your goodbye email. Your coworkers will appreciate this gesture.