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Can You Get Rehired After Being Terminated?

Getting rehired after being terminated from a particular organization depends on several factors, and there is no simple answer. While some companies may rehire former employees, others have strict rules not to rehire any of them, no matter the circumstances.

If you are considering reapplying to a company from which you have once been terminated, you must research the company policy before entertaining any possibility of rehire.

The employee in question may not be at fault. Several companies today are forced to terminate employees because of managerial issues and downsizing.

In such cases, if the Company again has vacancies in the future for the said designation, they might consider rehiring employees who were previously laid off.

On the other hand, if an employee is terminated because of lapses in work or because they were not adhering to company policies, then the chances of getting rehired are very slim. Several organizations have strict policies regarding employees terminated due to a breach of trust and ill conduct.

To know if you can be rehired after being terminated, you need to look into various aspects to determine whether it would be possible.

How Long Should You Wait Before Reapplying?

How Long Should You Wait Before Reapplying
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Ideally, it would be best to wait at least three months before applying to a company from where you have been terminated. If the Company is going through any issues, they need time to turn around and consider hiring you again.

If it was your fault because you were terminated, the Company needs time to get over it and realize that you may not repeat your mistakes the next time. Moreover, the Company needs time to check whether they can get someone as good as you to fill your position.

Applying too soon will result in a negative answer, so you should give some time for the Company to realize that they made a mistake by letting you go.

Why Do Companies Prohibit Rehiring in Some Cases?

Companies may prohibit the rehiring of former employees due to several factors.

  • The Company does not want to get into litigations and wants nothing to do with an employee they had once let go.
  • The Company may have paid all dues and perks at the time of termination and wants to avoid hiring an employee back by reinstating all the perks again.
  • The organization prefers working with new talent and wants to give the Company a complete facelift.
  • The Company wants to avoid taking a former employee back who will again become privy to company information and could divulge that information outside in case they are terminated or decide to quit.

Factors that Can Lead to Rehiring After Being Terminated

Although getting rehired might seem challenging initially, several companies hire former employees back when the circumstances are favorable and if the company policies allow it.

Here are some scenarios that can increase your possibility of getting rehired.

1. You Have Certain Invaluable Skills

You Have Certain Invaluable Skills
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Over the years you have worked with a company, you may have learned a lot on the job and upgraded some of your skills.

Your Company could have sought a replacement after they terminated you, but if they cannot find someone as suitable as you, they will probably hire you back.

They often do not risk working with novices, which might result in failures while working on specific projects.

Hence, try to make yourself irreplaceable so that the Company thinks twice before they terminate you in the first place.

2. You Were Laid Off

You Were Laid Off
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Employers are sometimes unwilling to let go of deserving and excellent candidates. Still, they are forced to do so if the Company is going through a financial crisis and does not have the means to pay for their employee’s services.

Some companies do all they can to retain employees but are forced to let them go to stay afloat. If the Company manages to turn around and regain its financial stability, they often rehire its former employees again.

3. You Come to Know About Vacancies Through Contacts

You Come to Know About Vacancies Through Contacts
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Even if you were terminated for some reason from your organization, you still might have colleagues or seniors who were sad to see you go.

Maintaining a good rapport with your former coworkers or bosses could be a good thing as you can come to know of fresh vacancies in the future.

You can reapply for your position, and since you are already aware of the workplace dynamics and have the required experience, you may be hired back by the organization.

4. The Company Has to Fill a Position Quickly

The Company Has to Fill a Position Quickly
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In some cases, a company may have to fill a position as soon as possible, but they probably needed help finding a suitable candidate at such short notice.

Screening and interviewing candidates takes time, and the organization may have little time to spare.

In such cases, they may rehire a former employee about whom they already know enough. They will probably ask the employee some essential questions to ascertain if they are still up for the task, but the chances of being rehired are pretty high.

Is it a Good Idea to Reapply to a Company That Fired You?

Is it a Good Idea to Reapply to a Company That Fired You?
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Reapplying to a former company and asking to be rehired after being terminated once by them might seem like a bad idea at first. However, things are not always easy to determine.

Here are some scenarios when you should or should not reapply to a former company to rehire you.

1. When You Should Reapply to a Company That Fired You

You can reapply to your Company to rehire you when you know your termination was just a managerial decision. Certain technicalities could not be prevented, and your employers had no personal grudge against you.

You loved your previous job, and you did not want to quit. Not many could have predicted being terminated due to a layoff or downsizing, and the people who decided the higher echelons of the Company might not even know you personally.

In such cases, reapplying to your former organization is also a very technical decision. You had probably started applying to new companies, and reapplying to your former organization was just a part of the process.

You might be working in one of the best companies, and you may not find something as satisfactory elsewhere. On the other hand, you could ask your former Company to hire you back if you feel it will add value to your career. Reapplying for your former job might be worth it in such cases.

2. When You Should Not Reapply to a Company That Fired You

You should ideally not reapply to a company that terminated you if you were a victim of a toxic workplace and office politics.

Chances are that the conditions may have yet to improve even after a few months, primarily if the people responsible for the unjust termination are still working in the Company. It would be best if you refrain from reapplying in such cases.

On the other hand, if you were terminated because of mistakes you made at work or a breach of trust, the Company may have everything on record.

Your reapplication may be rejected, or even if you are hired back, things will never be the same again. You will be under constant scrutiny and may feel uncomfortable working with your former coworkers if your relationship has changed.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Rehired?

You can increase your chances of getting rehired after termination by doing the following:

1. Upgrade Your Skills

Upgrade Your Skills
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One of the best ways of increasing your chances of being rehired is to upgrade your skills. It would be best if you had something more to offer your Company compared to what you did when you were terminated.

Even if they terminated you, combining your experience and new skill sets will make you a worthy candidate. The seniors may decide to hire you again rather than pick someone new.

2. Write an Impressive Cover Letter

Work on writing an impressive cover letter when you plan to reapply again.

Suppose you were terminated for technical reasons only and are interested in regaining your former position. In that case, writing a cover letter that speaks about your passion for the Company and your interest in joining again could tip the scales in your favor.

Your employers will be glad to have a loyal and trustworthy employee back.

3. Speak to Your Mentor

Speak to Your Mentor
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Being terminated is not easy, and you must start with a fresh slate while joining your former Company. It is better to keep the past in the past, and speaking to a mentor can help you in this matter.

Speak to a mentor who can help you how to approach your former Company again.

There could be several changes in the organization since your termination, and understanding the new rules and regulations and getting to know any new seniors will require a fair adjustment.

Find out about navigating these aspects to increase your chances of being rehired so that you are thoroughly prepared for the interview.

4. Own Your Mistakes

If you were terminated earlier for some mistake on your part, own it and convince your employer that you promise to do better this time. Trying to show that it was not your fault will only decrease your chances of getting rehired.

On the other hand, if it was your Company’s fault, do not try to bring up any allegations when you reapply again.

That will turn the situation sour and ruin any chances of being rehired. If your employer sees that you are willing to put things behind, they will take you back again.

What Can You Do If You Were Wrongfully Terminated?

What Can You Do If You Were Wrongfully Terminated?
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You can get rehired after you were terminated, but if it was a wrong move on the part of the employers, then things might not be so easy.

For example, the higher authorities might be unwilling to accept that it was a wrongful termination and refuse to acknowledge their mistake. They might even try to bring false charges and come up with false allegations.

You must go through a legal battle and fight for your position in such cases. It would be best to determine whether the job is important enough to go through the hassle. If you feel rehired is worth it, consult a lawyer to understand how to go about it.

Moreover, you should also collect evidence that point to your wrongful termination. Speak to some of your coworkers who can testify in your favor. If all the evidence is properly presented in court, then you will be rehired by your Company again, mostly with all your perks and benefits intact.

However, it would be best if you also had a clear path of action as to how you will communicate with your employers and work with them daily after joining. It could be a while before everyone puts the past behind them.

What Will You Do if You are Terminated Again?

What Will You Do if You are Terminated Again?
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After all your efforts, you might be rehired by your organization again. However, you must always consider the possibility that if they terminated you once, they could do so again. In that case, what will be your next move?

Having a Plan B in place in such circumstances is a good idea. Manage your finances so that in case of another termination, you can handle yourself.

You must also start researching other companies so that you can apply to other companies as soon as you are terminated again. Start building a portfolio so that other employers are willing to hire you.

Since you have already gone through the experience once, you would be better prepared this time. It would be best if you had a clear plan for what you intend to do next.


To increase your chances of getting rehired, do not try to downplay the reasons for termination in the previous instance. Please take it in your stride, whether it was your fault or that of the Company.

Show your renewed interest in the position and highlight all the benefits the Company will enjoy by hiring you. It would be best if you also talked about your new salary in case you are rehired, and it is entirely up to you whether you are willing to work for more or less than what you received earlier.

Hence, make a clear decision about reapplying to your former Company after being terminated, and it will work out for the best.