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The Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers

Blogging is hard. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Facebook groups for bloggers to help you grow your blog without having to invest in paid advertising.

How do Facebook groups for bloggers work?

Facebook groups for bloggers are groups started by experienced and successful bloggers in order to help other bloggers that are just starting out.

Usually, there is a different themed thread every day of the week to enable new bloggers to get more traffic to their blog, more shares on social media, comments on new blog posts, etc.

So a daily thread might look like this:

“Monday blog comments” and the rules are different from one group to another. You drop the URL to the blog post that you want new comments to and you might be requested to comment on the blog post above you or choose any other 5 or 10 blog posts that you like from the thread.

Similarly, there are threads for increasing social media followers, pinning each other’s pins, sharing on social media, etc.

Why you need to use Facebook groups for bloggers

If you’ve just started blogging, you need any help that you can get especially if it’s for free.

Facebook groups for bloggers are a great way to boost your blog’s traffic while also learning new things from other, more experienced bloggers.

While you might not get a ton of traffic from Facebook groups, they are amazing because they enable you to connect with other like-minded people.

Asides from the daily threads, you can post questions regarding problems that you encounter on your blog and you’ll have other bloggers answering your question within minutes because they have already experienced such problems.

Facebook groups for bloggers

This saves you a lot of time and energy and besides enables you to connect with and discover other bloggers that share the same interests as you, or are in the same niche as you are.

Unlike Facebook business pages, that can take years to build a following and even then the organic reach is so low, due to Facebook changing their algorithms to push business owners to invest in advertising, Facebook groups are great to reach a bigger audience without having to spend a penny on paid advertising.

How to discover which Facebook groups for bloggers are right for you?

There are many Facebook groups for bloggers, however, what you need to look for is how active these groups are.

The more active they are, the more chances of getting your content seen by other members you have and the more you will learn.

To find Facebook groups for bloggers, other than the ones that I mention here, you can simply search in the Facebook search bar and afterward select groups. You will get a list of all Facebook groups that have the word that you are looking for in their title.

Here are the best Facebook groups for bloggers

Pro tip: whenever you join a Facebook group for bloggers, make sure to read and respect the group’s rules.

Once you become familiar with the group and you participate in all the threads, the return will be amazing. Don’t just join a group to spam it, as nobody will click on your link.

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  1. Great post! You listed a few groups I had never heard of before. I completely agree that it’s more beneficial if you interact with others in the group. My trouble is signing up for too many groups and then not being able to keep up with them. Thanks again for the information!

    • Thanks, Amanda! Yes, it can be a struggle to keep up with them but if you make notes of which threads are on which days, you don’t need to spend more than one hour on Facebook every day 🙂


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