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Exploring The Disadvantages Of Resigning With Immediate Effect: Is Immediate Resignation Worth it?

No, resigning with immediate effect is not always worth it. You need to check the pros and cons of resigning before you decide to quit your job immediately. There are various company policies to consider when resigning from a job. But most importantly, you must consider this mainly for your own good.

Of course, there are some cases where you have no other way than to resign early. But you need to weigh them and decide, depending on the relationship you want with your ex-employers, even after quitting. Unless you’re sure about the future of your career, it’s best to refrain from resigning with immediate effect.

Some employees have regretted resigning with immediate effect. When you resign immediately, it might make you feel good for a while. But only do it if you are fully prepared to bear the consequences of resigning immediately.

Stay tuned as we explore some of the disadvantages of resigning with immediate effect in this article!

8 Reasons to Quit With Immediate Effect

Reasons to Quit With Immediate Effect

There might be cases where you may find it impossible to carry on. And you may have to consider quitting immediately, without notice. The reasons can be both personal and professional.

  1. You are being a victim of racial or gender discrimination in your workplace.
  2. You are under too much pressure, and your mental and physical health is deteriorating.
  3. You find it impossible to withstand the stress and fear you experience at your workplace.
  4. You have to move immediately due to a family obligation.
  5. You have received a much better offer at another company, and joining cannot wait.
  6. You are underpaid and can only continue working when given adequate compensation.
  7. You are being forced to do something illegal or unethical.
  8. The workspace is unsafe and unhygienic and poses a threat to your health.

Disadvantages of Quitting Your Job With Immediate Effect

Apart from the possibility of breaching a contract, there are some reasons why resigning with immediate effect might not be a good idea.

1. Problems With Payment

Problems With Payment

When you resign immediately, there could be some problem with the payment for that month and other bonuses and dues that might be pending from the company. If you had only worked ten days a month, would you get the salary for those days after resigning without notice?

How are the bonus or other dues calculated? What about your insurance? Does the cover stop immediately? It would help if you considered all these aspects before quitting suddenly.

2. Finding References

You may have trouble finding references later when you quit your job without notice. If your employer or team members were left in a tight spot due to your sudden resignation, they are unlikely to be impressed with you.

Hence, if you reach out to them later asking to be your reference for your next job, they might not be too eager. Or, they could say something to your next employer about you being inconsiderate to leave so suddenly- at least indirectly.

So unless you can get by without seeking help from anyone at the organization, try to keep things amiable while resigning. And this includes giving a notice.

3. Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

If you decide to resign immediately and choose not to pay heed to your employers about staying a while longer, it could lead to some unpleasant scenarios. If you resign without knowing how difficult it might be for your employers or teammates to go ahead without you, things can get messy for you later on.

It’s especially true if you were responsible for a significant chunk of the operations. All this confusion could be reflected in how your employer disburses your dues or what goes into your employment report, which might be needed once your future employer tries to do a reference check.

4. Losing Unemployment Benefits

You must be sure about what happens to your unemployment benefits if you resign without notice. These rules can vary from state to state, and if you resign, you may not be entitled to unemployment benefits.

It’s because the employer did not fire you, and you did not serve a notice period. Hence, speak to your lawyer or an employment lawyer before quitting immediately.

5. Creating Job Gaps

Creating Job Gaps

If you resign immediately and do not have another job lined up, it could create gaps in your resume. No one chooses to remain unemployed for an extended period. If you have decided to resign immediately, there must be some very good reason.

And yet, it may be hard to explain to your future employers about the gap in your resume because not everyone is going to be considerate. Hence, this is something you should consider.

6. Your Savings

Another disadvantage of resigning immediately from our job is that you will have to get by on your savings till you find another job. Unless things are unbearable, you should always have a job offer before you decide to resign from your present job.

Or else, you will create a dent in your savings, and you may also lose out on your dues which you could have received had you served a notice period.

When Should You Try Not to Quit With Immediate Effect?

When Should You Try Not to Quit With Immediate Effect

Try not to quit your job immediately when you can continue for a couple more weeks. Most kinds of employment in the US are at-will employment. It means you can walk out the door and choose to quit without citing any reason, any time you want.

In the same way, you also need to understand that your employer can choose to terminate you without citing any reason, anytime they want. And just like you would not like it if they do so, similarly, it’s a good idea to give at least two weeks’ notice to your employer if you plan to quit.

It’s because your employer would need some time to find your replacement. If you quit suddenly, your pending tasks would be left unattended for a while, which could put the company in a tight spot with the clients.

It’s professional courtesy to inform your employer about your decision to leave.

Is it Illegal to Quit a Job Without Notice?

No, it’s not technically illegal to quit a job without notice. However, it would be so if you breach a contract or any other form of written agreement. That’s why it is crucial to carefully review your employment letter and see what it says about resignation.

If you have signed anything stating that you cannot quit without adequate notice, your employer might use that against you. They may sue or create other forms of difficulty. It’s especially possible if you have always had a curt and somewhat tense relationship with your employer.

If you and your employer have not seen eye to eye on several things in the past, and you choose to break the terms of a contract, then your employer might make things difficult for you. In such cases, it is best to abide by the rules and continue gracefully through the notice period.

Besides, if you still consider moving forward with your resignation without prior notice, at least don’t tell any of your coworkers that you will be doing so before informing your boss about it. If word gets out, it can be very uncomfortable for both of you.

What to do When You Decide to Quit Your Job Without Notice?

What to do When You Decide to Quit Your Job Without Notice

If you have decided that you will resign immediately, write a resignation letter to hand over to your HR or your employer. You may or may not cite the reason for this sudden decision, but giving a brief idea is always good so that the company does not form a negative impression about you.

It’s especially true if you resign because you can no longer put up with something at the workplace. Putting the reason in writing will prevent the management from writing its own narrative and blaming you instead in its acceptance letter.

You must also plan out your finances carefully, especially if you do not have any other offer. Or at least start sending out applications before you quit. That way, you will be mentally prepared that you have already set things in motion and will not feel desperate soon after resigning.


While resigning with immediate effect may have worked for some people, it may not work for others. You might be inspired by how someone resigned from their job and then went for an adventure, only to turn their life entirely around on returning!

However, it may not work for you, and you must think about several practical aspects before making such a drastic decision. It’s not that resigning with immediate effect is always wrong- but you should be aware of the consequences and make a more informed decision by considering every aspect.