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How to Answer “What Do You Like to Do for Fun?” (With Examples!)

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When you go for a job interview, the recruiters ask questions about your personality. They’ve never come across you before and don’t know anything about your character. The main aim of a job interview is to find the best candidate suitable for the job and learn about your capabilities. They ask several questions, which sometimes belong to your job profile.

What you do for fun”  is one of the most asked questions in an interview. This is very easy to answer for some people, while for others, it becomes too hard. Most times, if a candidate has reached an interview without preparing for it, they get numb or utterly silent in response to this question. They get confused and wonder why the recruiter asks such questions instead of field-related questions.

Why do They Ask This Question?

Why do They Ask This Question
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The hiring managers generally ask this question because they don’t know anything about you at the moment. They want to judge you based on the interview they have organized so that they can get a fair idea if you are a suitable candidate or not. They only have your resume, which consists of your qualifications, experience, etc. But just reading this information in your resume does not give them a proper idea of how a person’s personality would be.

Furthermore, they also want to clarify that you are not always into work. This means that this question helps the recruiter to figure out if you are a team player or will love to hang out with your colleagues or not. This also allows them to know if you will be able to build relationships with strangers or not. In addition to this, if you have a mutual hobby with the hiring manager, then there are high chances that the result may turn in your favor.

A person who has lots of hobbies and is a fun-loving person will have many things to say in this question. But an introverted person who doesn’t go out too much will face many difficulties while answering this question. The reality is that even if you are great in your job but lack the basic skills of having fun or talking, the company will not hire you. But it does not mean that a highly accessible, exciting, and a casual person who doesn’t even follow the organization’s rules can crack the interview. And this is how the hiring manager gets an idea about your personality and core nature, based on your answer to this question.

This question can also be asked to check your coping mechanism, like how much stress you can handle. By answering such questions, you also give an idea to the manager about your way of judging the environment and how you can take a situation where you feel frustrated and angry.

Different people will have other answers to this question. So it’s essential to prepare for a few behavioral and personality-based questions before going to an interview.

How Can You Strategize This Question?

How Can You Strategize This Question
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There are several ways by which you can always enhance your answering/response to this question. If you have hobbies, this question will be easy for you, but someone who doesn’t have any hobbies will have to practice answering this question. A few methods that can help a person to answer these questions are listed down below:

If you don’t have a hobby, research yourself. Think about what makes you excited and happy. Don’t fake it to yourself. You can also think about something you are passionate about, like learning new skills, listening to music, cooking, etc. It can be fundamental and simple. You just need to know yourself and figure out your likes and dislikes.

Not necessarily, but you can add a hobby related to your job tasks. Make sure you are interested in that hobby and know something about it. But it does not mean you can add anything to your answer. That gives an idea that you are too workaholic. Believe it or not, hiring managers doesn’t expect to hear something about the job profile while asking this question. Hiring managers will figure out about your lying the moment you answer.

This fundamental answer is way better than keeping quiet. Always stick to actual values if you are not coming up with something new. For example, I love spending my weekend with my family so that I can take care of my parents. I love pets, and I do visit animal shelter homes sometimes.

You can also share what motivated you to pursue this career, hobby, or goal. This way, you can make your answer much more meaningful and exciting.

Examples of Answers to “What Do You Like to Do For Fun.”

What Do You Like to Do For Fun
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Here are the some example:

  • I love being near to oceans. I love the breeze that helps me to recharge for the next week. I have a keen interest in learning surfing, and I am planning to learn it on the weekend. That will be a fun activity and a skill that I can add to my list.
  • I love exploring new topics, as it enhances my knowledge. I research anything like a new novel on the market, what’s trending, etc. I also sometimes vlog in my free time because it helps me feel refreshed. I also love gardening sometimes. I love it if my house has some greenery, which looks soothing to the eyes and is also good for the environment.
  • Suppose a person who does not socialize much can say that “ I stay at my home during my weekends. I look after my pets by bathing them, going for a walk, and playing with them”. This answer provides positivity to your personality and shows your caring nature towards your pet.
  • I love to embroider and crochet during my free time. I had this activity once when I was in my school, but at that time, it didn’t help me in any way. But now I feel that it’s relaxing and meditative. It also helped me keep my body active and energetic to handle complex tasks in my work and face the challenges with a smile.
  • I love playing board games and word puzzles in my free time. I think it’s a perfect activity for my brain and enhances my problem-solving skills.
  • In my free time, I enjoy writing in my journal. I believe it is critical for someone like me to get my ideas sorted and written out at least once a day, and journaling provides me with an excellent medium for doing so. Each night, I attempt to devote at least a half-hour to writing a new piece on my personal life, career, etc. It gives me an additional opportunity to write regularly, which also benefits my mental health.
  • Cooking is something I love doing. I always try to enhance the taste of my dishes. Every Saturday evening, I try a different recipe, and although some of them fail miserably, I think the whole preparation process is enjoyable.
  • I have a wide variety of interests. On weekends, I go trekking with our dog and hubby, go boating in the summertime, and then go skiing upstate mostly in winter. I’ve lately taken up crocheting, but I am still struggling and learning. I hope that I will excel in this skill in a few days.
  • I desire to travel. So far, I’ve seen ten countries, and I’m not finished yet! I enjoy learning about new countries, adjusting to them, discovering similarities among people worldwide, and intaking a variety of new dishes.
  • While I’m alone, I enjoy playing video games, particularly puzzle gameplay. I appreciate the fast-paced nature of computer games, so I prefer to compete with myself and my friends. I believe that healthy competition motivates me to keep learning and growing so that I may be the absolute best version of myself.
  • I go to a local community center once per week for yoga courses. I appreciate it because it helps me maintain my fitness levels. Yoga is also incredibly soothing and aids in managing stress for me. I enjoy taking various lessons such as correct breathing methods and mindfulness training. The opportunity to meet new folks while discovering new topics is my favorite aspect of taking these programs.
  • I enjoy doing club activities in the central library on weekends. I’m enthusiastic about reading and providing support and a safe environment for children. It’s rewarding whenever a kid appreciates me for assisting them in learning a new skill or simply spending time with them.

Pro Tips

Every individual has different hobbies and sets of interests. The above examples may not be enough to understand the question because they may not be related to your job profile or interest. But some techniques can make your answer much more effective and better than the other candidate. You should always keep the following factors in mind before answering the question:

  • While you answer such questions, always remember that you have to give an honest answer. Anything that was stated wrong in the interview can harm your reputation in the company after getting selected. Something unrelated to you should never be spoken about in an interview. You may think that this is a great idea, but after your selection, you have to spend time with the managers during your working hours.
  • Remember the audience! Whenever you go for an interview, research the company and its work environment.
  • Always practice! Yes, this is very important. You should always be prepared. You can also take the help of your family members to practice it even better.
  • For enhancing your answers, you can also try to tell them how you started taking an interest in this hobby. This will help them to build trust and believe in you.
  • Hiring managers are always interested in finding out if the person is genuine, passionate about learning new things, and has interest even outside the workplace. They never want to hire an individual who always talks about work as it can make the company culture boring and less efficient.
  • Including a hobby related to your job cannot always be the best option until you have that in reality. It will not help you because the interviewers know that you have opted for this job profile only because you are interested in that area. So you don’t need to remind them again and again about your interests related to the job. This will negatively impact them because they will feel that you are making things up just to get selected.


An interviewer can ask several questions to check your subject knowledge and personality during an interview. The questions like “what you like to do for fun” are generally asked to decide whether you are fit for the environment of the company or not. Every person has a different set of skills and hobbies. An introverted person can have several difficulties answering this question, but that does not mean they will not get selected. On the other hand, extremely extroverted people can not crack the interview because of their excessive talkative nature and openness towards strangers.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your answer should impress the Do not include something out of the box; for example, you don’t know anything about horse riding or are not even interested in learning, but somehow you came to know that your interviewer is interested in this activity. This does not mean that you need to include horse riding in your answer. The interviewers are competent/intelligent, and they know which candidate is lying at what point. So it’s better, to be honest and practice giving answers to these behavioral-type questions rather than lying, which will automatically be a negative point for you.