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5 Compelling Personal Brand Statement Examples

How do you stand out in your field? I mean, how do you immediately let people know what you do, what motivates you, and what motivates you? One of the best ways to do this is through a personal brand statement.

Brand statements are like a sneaky peek into what an organization or an individual can do. Brand statements for companies are a mainstay, but personal brand statements are yet to hit that height even though it is just as important. Whether you’re a job seeker, an entrepreneur, a professional, or a skilled worker, we all need a personal brand statement.

Writing a personal brand statement for yourself and what you do is the easy part; the hard part is getting people to read, understand, and want to know more or even want to patronize/hire you immediately. A personal brand statement does not only come to play when you want customers or a job; it can help you build your network as people connect with you after reading your compelling message.

A personal brand statement is a product of personal branding. Without branding yourself, you cannot come out with a brand statement that embodies what you do.

What is a Personal Brand Statement?

What is a Personal Brand Statement

In simple terms, a personal brand statement is a short write-up that shows what you do and what you stand for in a captivating way that will get people interested. It is an excerpt from your branding, more like a slogan coined to let people know about you quickly.

Apart from writing a compelling statement, it has to be read by the people you want to attract. Your personal brand statement has to be in their faces for it to be read. Social media has made this even easier as you can have this statement in your bio/profile of your social media accounts, especially professionally inclined accounts like LinkedIn.

What Does a Personal Brand Statement Entail?

What Does a Personal Brand Statement Entail

Now that we know what a personal brand statement is, we can go deeper to see what makes a great personal branding statement. Remember, you don’t just want any personal branding statement but a message that can bring results. The result can be improving your network, getting hired, or getting new clients.

So what makes a personal brand statement?



A great personal brand statement must be short. There’s no going around this one; you need to keep everything short and precise, ideally between 1 and 3 sentences long.

A short message makes it easier to be read by people; it also makes it easier to go into your social media bios as most platforms limit the number of words you can write on your bio. A branding statement is just a sneak into what you’re all about, so keep it at that.

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You’ll probably have to force people before they can read a boring post on the internet. I mean, why would they choose to go through the torture when they can just do something else?

Writing an exciting and captivating personal branding statement will not only ensure people get to read your message in total but also get them excited about your prospects and interested in knowing more about you which leads to a connection.

Connection to Your Branding

Connection to Your Branding

A personal brand statement is not coined from thin any or by putting together fanciful words. You’re not writing a personal brand statement from scratch but taking inspiration from your personal branding.

So before you even think of writing a personal brand statement, you must have done personal branding and understand what moves you. You can then cut out your message from there. The focus on having a connection between your personal brand statement and the branding is so when someone comes in because your report attracted them, they don’t get to see something different when they start knowing you better or start working with you.

Focus on a Single Theme

Focus on a Single Theme

Since the message is short, it is only logical for you to focus on a single point when writing your personal brand statement. Trying to touch more than one point will only confuse the reader. For everything to be on the same page and evoke more connection, using a single theme in your statement is paramount.

To get the singular idea to use, you have to go back to your branding (see why branding is essential before all these?), check all you stand for and what you can do, and choose one. Select the one that best describes you and is powerful enough to get people interested in what you have to offer.

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Captivating Personal Brand Statement Examples

Captivating Personal Brand Statement Examples

Here are bold and exciting personal brand statement examples that embody the qualities mentioned above. These examples are an excellent way for you to see how to craft a great personal brand statement.

Example One

“Let’s get building!”

This personal brand statement took the “short” quality to another height by keeping it under five words. It is precisely talking about a singular motive. It also uses a powerful verb “let’s” that signifies the connection and rapport they typically have with clients, connections and clients alike. This is what they stand for. It doesn’t also fail to mention what they do “building.”

Example Two

“Helping your e-commerce brand hit six figures.”

Another advocate for a short brand statement is here with a precise message showing the exact clients you work with and what you help them achieve. This is a shift from your knowledge and experience and focuses on your clientele and what they stand to gain. This type of message works better when you’re in a niche market.

Example Three

“Innovation is in my blood…I seek to find ways to adapt when needed and disrupt when possible. For the past 15+ years, I have been at the forefront of digital evolution and transformation as an intrepid business strategist, thought leader, and functional operator, and called on to develop solutions and technologies that have enabled stronger customer engagement; retention, and loyalty.”

This is the exact personal brand statement used by Darell Franklin, head of industry at Google. It starts with a clear message of what drives him. Next is his years of experience and impact in the industry. It ends with more drive and results.

Example Four

“Helping you capture all your beautiful moments through photography.”

More often than not, simplicity sells, and you can hardly go wrong when you leave it simple in a personal brand statement. Here, you mention what you do in an exciting way that captivates the target market.

Example Five

“I help production facilities streamline their processes so that they can minimize waste and boost their profits.”

This is a personal brand statement from a product manager showing the skills and ability that they represent. It started with the type of businesses they serve and then what they can do for them.


Writing a compelling personal brand statement takes more than joining words together. Your message has to be robust and intriguing enough to pique the mind of your prospects and make them eager to know more about what you do.

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