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How To Be Confident in an Interview {Even if You Are Not}

The interview is one hell of a task and an unavoidable phase of our life. Our school education, college education, our all skills get tested here. Casting ourselves strong and confident here counts a lot, but it’s extremely difficult. You might have an exceptional resume with 97% of marks, required skills, and an outstanding cover letter, but it does not give you any extra credibility to be better than someone else. Every job seeker has a fantastic cover letter, required skills, etc.

That is why they get shortlisted for an interview. What makes you unique from the other candidate is your participation, confidence, communication skill, and performance in an interview.

Why is Confidence Important in an Interview?

Why is Confidence Important in an Interview?
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So, in simple terms, secure means you trust yourself. We will automatically feel confident when we trust ourselves and have complete faith in our capability. When you trust yourself, you also allow others to charge you in the way of belief.

Being confident is crucial, not only in interviews but also in life. When you are optimistic, you don’t feel nervous, or your hands won’t tremble when approaching work or any other unknown person, and this is exactly what a company needs and an interviewer looks for.

Today’s technology-driven world is so competitive and equally aggressive. If you want to show yourself unique and prove yourself to be a person who has unique thoughts and abilities, then you have to trust yourself and be confident from within.

Signs Which Show You are Not Confident With an Interviewer’s

Signs which show you are not confident with an interviewer's
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A 2007 study about confidence and relationships states that those who feel satisfied from within are the ones who have happy and exciting lives. These are the ones who make more money and have such positive relationships than those who lack confidence.

 When you are low in your faith, you tend to lose so many opportunities that tap on your way. In that case, what are some signs which clearly show your interviewer that you lack confidence?

Few of These Signs are Listed Below

  • If there’s a fear in your mind, then it will automatically be visible on your face. When you are stressed about the interview, you somehow show your interviewer that you are scared and lack confidence.
  •  Unimpressive facial expressions are also vital signs that hint to your interviewer that you are stressed (maintaining eye contact will always impress the interviewer).
  • When you efficiently get affected or impacted by your interviewer’s personality, you lose confidence. (It’s better to think of them as a normal person)
  • The interviewer may ask unethical, maybe sexual, but you should not be affected by that. Simply ask him/her, “How this question is relevant to the job,” and let them know that you will not answer such a question.
  • When an interviewer gives you constructive criticism, you should not take it too personally, which might affect your confidence level. Also, it’s better to think positively, as now you are aware of what is going wrong and what you can do to improve.
  • They can ask whatever they want to.  However, the question may trigger you, but your hands should not tremble, your eyes should not be filled, and your mouth should not stutter. By doing this, you will ultimately lose your level of self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Methods Which You Should Do to Boost up Confidence Before an Interview

Methods which you should do to boost up confidence before an interview
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There is something that we always stress more in this situation. We ask ourselves about what questions they may ask and how we should answer. You practice and research a lot before an interview, but this will go in vain when you lack confidence.

Always remember that “Confidence is the key” to your success. According to career coach Stephanie Thoma, one should be confident in an interview because when you have self-belief, you allow them to trust you. When you are going to an interview, you must do a few things that will ultimately help you to act smart and be more confident.

We have outlined some excellent methods which you can use to ease your interview prep and make yourself more attractive and confident. The examples are listed below:

  1. First things first. Always research about the company in which you are going for an interview. This is the essential thing an interviewee should do to stay confident about their knowledge of the company. For example, the interviewer may ask you what you know about the company or the service they sell, or the products they promote.
    They may also ask why you want to join our company, even when we have lots of competitors. And if you already researched their company, you can win the question, but when you stay blank, that is, if you have no idea about the company, then that’s the point you will lose yourself. You don’t want to do that, so always research the company, the founder, and the interviewer.
  2. Don’t forget to research some basic questions that are often asked in the interview and for all the possible answers. Take notes of the solutions stated by all the career coaches. And explore the interview questions related to the job which you applied for. Look for the answers on google, which will give you basic knowledge about the questions that will be asked in the interview. This will make you feel confident and don’t let you stutter in the discussion.
  3. Talking to yourself or practicing in front of a mirror can help you to boost your confidence. Ashley Alvillar, CEO of Monarch Results Coaching, stated that before going for interviews, talk to yourself in the mirror, give yourself a pep talk and motivate yourself. This can build confidence levels. We have to agree with the CEO!
  4. Don’t forget to calm your breathing. Always imagine that you have already landed your dream job, and now there’s only one step to grab the opportunity. Confident blood would rush through your spine!
  5. The last and final tip is going to be a gamechanger! Even if you have no confidence, fake it, even if you don’t feel it. Yes, you read that right. Even if you don’t feel the spirit inside you, pretend to be confident. Dr. Sue Black, a senior research associate at University College London, stated, “if you don’t feel the inner confidence, pretend to be confident, fake it.” He even said his own experience; at the start, when he didn’t feel confident enough, he just pretended to be one of his sure friends, and he assures us that it worked well.

6 Ways to Look Calm and Confident During an Offline Interview

Ways to Look Calm and Confident During an Offline Interview
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Now that we have seen unique and scientifically approved ways to build up confidence before an interview, it’s time to understand how we can be calm and composed, and confident in an interview. When you follow the real and the proper steps, you will never freak out before the interview. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Take a vital breath. Yes, to calm yourself,  otherwise racing nerves, boiling blood, and thumping heart, would make you feel and look nervous. Breath in and out! Don’t forget to enter without taking a long breath. Even when you are stuck in a question, take a gap, breath, and think. After this, give your answer.
  2. Take a vital breath. Yes, to calm yourself, otherwise racing nerves, boiling blood, and thumping heart, would make you feel and look nervous. Breath in and out! Don’t forget to enter without taking a long breath. Even when you are stuck in a question, take a gap, breath, and think. After this, give your answer.
  3. When people sit for an interview, they tend to fidget their hands out of nervousness. They would knead their hands like dough. So I will give a tip, which is a “go-to trick “for many people, including me, to clasp your hands and keep them on your lap. Yes, that is it. This will keep you from fidgeting. Some of us tend to think we are not fidgety, but no. We are just not aware of it. Maybe to test yourself, you can do a mock interview with a friend and get to know your fidgeting level.
  4. Always look into the eyes of the interviewer. It is crucial. You should not look the other way. It is essential to maintain eye contact. As I already said, if you don’t feel confident inside, at least pretend to be convinced. And this is exactly what it is. When you maintain eye contact, you tend to look more satisfied from the interviewer’s side. According to Mary Griffin, a Resource director in a renowned healthcare company, “A nervous person gives away eye content, they tend to look down or look away or up. But the very confident interviewee always looks into the eyes of the interviewer and engages with them.” Even if you don’t want to look into the eyes, you can even look into both eyes’ minds above their nose. This will make you confident, or they will get the point that you are optimistic.
  5. When you talk in an interview, always breathe and pause while speaking. When you ramble, you will get nervous. And when you get nervous, you will blabber. We don’t want either of these to happen. Always pause while speaking. When you get nervous, you will talk more than what’s needed while blabbering. It is essential to take a pause and answer each question cautiously. When they ask you one question, try to give your answer just in a line or two, instead of long paragraphs. For example, when the interviewer asks you about your weakness, don’t just blabber whatever comes to your mouth; think a second and answer cautiously; just answer things that you genuinely feel are your weakness. This can be either two words or two lines.
  6. While you are in your interview, try to make connections with them. Now, if you feel not confident, at least pretend to do it. Remember, this is now or never chance, and you have to tap when opportunities come your way. So even if you are not confident, just remember, fake it. Try to make connections with them. The interview can be made from both sides. When the interviewer gives you a chance to ask any question with them, just use the opportunity and ask them right away. Act confident even if you are not.

If you’re doing an interview online, take a cheat sheet. Dress appropriately in both online and offline discussions. Don’t sit in a place with sound or noise or is filled with people. Focus on clothes, internet, or wifi connection and rock your interview.

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Ways to Sound Confident in a Mobile Interview?

Ways to Sound Confident in a Mobile Interview
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Phone interviews can get tricky since you don’t have direct engagement and interactions; you will feel any kind of issue. But that’s alright. You can easily sound more smooth and confident in phone interviews. Just follow the below tips.

  • Sit in a closed place where you won’t get any sounds
  •  Sit in a good posture and avoid unnecessary distractions
  •  Breathe and process pause when needed
  •  Keep your hands free from any object.
  •  Listen to what your interviewer says cautiously and clearly.


Most of us tend not to read the job profile. But that is one major mistake that we mostly make. Don’t ever forget to read the job profile that the company has given. Job profiles mostly have the rules, responsibilities, and qualifications needed for a job, and you should compare yourself before applying for the job. You have to see if the working environment is something that you want. Reading job profiles can help you to market yourself more. This can also ultimately improve your confidence in yourself from within.


Being confident in an interview is as crucial as anything. We may quickly lose confidence, but you can easily ace the discussion by following the proper steps. Don’t forget to research the company before your interview. Also, ask a few people you know about the company, which can be done with networking. The interview is not a hellhole; you just need proper practice to land that dream job.

You are optimistic and powerful. Be confident and answer everything with a smile. Show them that you don’t get scared about anything that they ask. Just keep this one message inside your brain and heart; you will definitely ace your interview.

Remember one thing, even if you are not confident, pretend to be convinced. Just fake it even if you don’t feel it. The interviewer might ask questions that may trigger you emotionally or mentally, but that is also a part of the interview. They just test your patience level.