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How Many Jobs Should I Apply For to Get One?

Searching for a job is not easy. It is a continuous process till you find yourself in your dream company. Sometimes, even when you are employed, you might not feel good about your job and may be doing it only out of compulsion. In such cases, you might want to keep looking till you find a position that is truly fulfilling in every way.

After all, your work is an integral part of your life, and you spend a chunk of the day engaged in your job. It is what allows you to live your preferred lifestyle. However, being stuck in a job just for financial security can lead to dissatisfaction over time. So you could be considering getting a new job. Or, you might be unemployed and want a position to sustain yourself.

In any case, you need to send applications to multiple organizations to increase your chances of getting a job. But how much is too much? If you are thinking about ‘how many jobs I should apply for,’ you have to look into a few things to determine how many times it is okay if you are sending applications. Doing it right can speed up your job search and help you get employment.

Is There a Number You Should Stick to While Applying for Jobs Daily?

Is there a Number You should Stick to While Applying for Jobs Daily?

According to industry experts, you should ideally apply for two to three jobs daily. This would bring the number to ten or fifteen in a week. While there is no limit as such, if you apply fewer than this number, the chances are you would slow down the process of job search. On the other hand, if you send in more applications than this, you would be sacrificing quality over quantity.

Remember that every organization and every position you apply for is different. You need to customize your resume for every position and send personalized emails detailing your eagerness to work for that particular organization in that specific role.

Sending in more applications than this would mean you might not have the time to make the necessary changes in the application. Sending cookie-cutter resumes to organizations will not help you get the desired results.

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How Many Applications Can You Send if You Are Already Working?

If you are still employed and working full-time in an organization, it can be challenging to send ten to fifteen applications in a week. However, although the process will be a bit slower, it does not mean you have no chances. Instead, it is better to take some time and apply for really good roles that will give you better opportunities than the present ones.

One thing to keep in mind here is you should not make it very obvious on public channels that you are looking for new positions. Some employers may be affected by it. Hence, try to keep any such information away from social media, and continue your job search during the weekends only when you will be able to give undivided attention to your application process.

How Many Applications Can You Send if You Are Not Working?

How Many Applications can You Send if You are Not Working?

In case you are unemployed, you can send multiple applications daily. You can send about five applications in a day and a total of about twenty to twenty-five in a week. This will significantly increase your chances of getting calls for interviews. Make it a point to go that extra mile and sit with your resume a little longer to aid your job search.

When you are not working, it is okay to use this time for some evaluation and to give yourself a break from exertion and stress. You can also use this time to learn a new skill. However, it is also possible to get into a laid-back attitude, and you might miss sending applications altogether. To avoid this, schedule a time for sending job applications as it was one of your office task. Take breaks if required and get back to it. You cannot let precious time slip away when sending job applications.

How Many Applications can You Send if you have just Graduated Recently?

Those who have freshly graduated mostly apply for internships and entry-level positions. Since these are junior-level positions, the competition is much higher. Hence, you might have to send several applications in a day to increase your chances. The spring and summer months are hectic as this is the peak time for internships. You can send around twenty applications in a week.

However, it is essential not to be indiscriminate while sending applications. Your first job is going to be an important milestone, and you need to look for internships in your field that can provide you with better opportunities later on. Choosing a job just for the sake of it does not have any bearing on your academics and might not provide you with better opportunities later and can be detrimental to your career.

Research the companies that you are going to apply for and personalize your resume accordingly. Taking time to prepare your resume and thoroughly prepare yourself for the internship interview can give you more satisfying results.

Why Focusing on the Quality of Job Applications is Important?

Why Focusing on the Quality of Job Applications is Important?

Recruiters have to go through tons of applications daily; all they need is a glance to tell the difference between a cookie-cutter and tailored applications. They can say when an applicant has just made a general resume and pressed the “Send” button without fundamental research about the company or the job role. If you send ten well-designed applications after doing thorough research, that will do you more good than sending twenty or more rushed applications.

Moreover, well-made resumes with specific keywords that the job roles demand have greater chances of going through the applicant tracking system. This ensures that your resume makes it to the following stages for the interview. Whether you have freshly graduated, are looking for a career change, or opting for a high-ranking position, you should always take extra care to make your application stand out.

Tips to Help You Apply to Jobs Faster and Better

Tips to Help you Apply to Jobs Faster and Better

Here are some ways in which you can ensure that your resume stands out.

1. Do Proper Industry Research

It is not just essential to look at your position and the company you will be applying for but to research the industry as a whole to understand your prospects. Whether it is information technology, academics, fine arts, architecture, law, or anything you may be interested in, understand where you want to go from here and where you want to be in the next three or five years. Stay updated about the latest trends in the industry and the recent changes, and tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly.

2. Create Separate Resume Templates

Sending the same resume no matter which role you are applying for is not a good idea. However, you may apply for various positions within the same industry with multiple organizations. What you can do here is create resume templates for the various sectors and roles that you are thinking of applying to. And then take it from there by tweaking each resume as required.

3. Create Answers For FAQs by Employers

Some questions are commonly asked by all employers. It can be related to your work experience and your academic qualifications. You might have to fill out specific long-form answers on the company’s website and application pages.

In such a case, you can prepare the answers beforehand, save them, and copy them to the respective boxes. However, make sure you again customize them for the specific company and role you are applying for.

Advantages of Sending Multiple Applications

Advantages of Sending Multiple Applications

You can apply for several job applications at once, which has some benefits.

To start with, it definitely increases your chances for success, and you will get more responses.

  • Every time you send in a new application, you would conduct research and make changes to your resume accordingly. This will help you keep your resume updated and will make your job search more refined.
  • You will become adept at making a resume and cover letter, which will stay with you forever. If you think of making career moves, you can use this skill to your advantage later.
  • Gaining an insight into the industry is always beneficial. You will come to new terminology while sending applications. It will make you more aware of the various job duties and requirements that the company is looking for. You can use this knowledge to enhance your skills and include it in your resume next time.

Is it Okay to Send Multiple Applications to the Same Company?

Yes, you may send multiple applications to a single company but not to more than three positions. Any more than that, and the recruiters will think that you are desperate for any position.

Some positions have overlapping roles, which is why sending two to three applications is acceptable. But do not send indiscriminate applications for any position unless it aligns with your previous work experience and educational qualifications.

You must also be cautious while using job portals and other platforms that you are not sending multiple applications for the same position through different channels. This might be considered spamming, and your recruiter might think you lack attention to detail.


Sending job applications should not be stressful. This is just the first step towards your job search, and you should give it all the time it deserves instead of hurrying through the process. That will only reduce the quality of your applications.

Moreover, you might send multiple job applications to the same company, which will come across as desperation. Make a list of companies you have already applied to and the positions. That will prevent you from sending repeat applications.

Take your time to read through the company profile and if you meet at least 60 percent of the criteria listed, go ahead and apply. It will definitely yield results.