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9 Seriously Funny Ways To Announce Your Retirement

Retirement isn’t easy. You have spent some of the best years of your life in an organization, helping it grow, and you have grown in the process. It was an integral part of your life and was also a part of your identity. Your colleagues became your second family.

And yet, retirement means starting a new chapter of your life. You will now have time to do everything you ever wanted because you have forty hours a week or more to yourself. You can indulge in a hobby you always wanted to do, travel, start your new business, or spend quality time with your friends and family.

All of this together makes retirement a happy time to look forward to – something to be intensely satisfied with. And that is something you should be sharing with everyone with much joy. Announcing your retirement need not be so intense and formal. Instead, you can opt for some amusing ways to announce your retirement.

Doing so would take the unhappiness and somberness out of your retirement.

Is Announcing Your Retirement in a Funny Way Wrong?

Not at all. In fact, your coworkers will love you for it and will admire how sporting you were. They will get to see the fun and joyful side of yours. They will also realize how happy you’re to start this next phase of your life.

Moreover, if you were always the happy-go-lucky person in the office, then announcing your retirement in a funny way will just be the icing on the cake. Your employers and coworkers will love that you were your usual, content self, even while retiring. They will always remember you as a good-natured and cheerful coworker and will surely miss you.

Some Funny Ideas to Announce Your Retirement

Being funny and humorous will ensure that your colleagues will remember your announcement for a long time. Here are some fun ideas for you.

1. Funny Quotes on Cupcakes

Treating your colleagues and announcing your retirement simultaneously can be a beautiful idea. You can order a cake or multiple cupcakes and use funny quotes or messages on them to announce your retirement.

You can say, “This is your last treat from me because I’m retiring.” Depending on your dynamics with your colleagues, you can also think of something more personalized.

2. Give Away Funny Gifts

Give Away Funny Gifts

Another fun way to announce your retirement is to give away funny gifts. One way could be to give away office stationeries like pens, staplers, post-its, or pen knives with funny messages like, “Keep them safe, because the next time you lose them, I won’t be around to hand them to you. I am retiring.”

Or you could give away caps saying, “Put your thinking caps on. I am retiring, and you won’t have me around to come up with brilliant ideas anymore.”

3. Make a Video Announcement

Make a Video Announcement

A video announcement is a wonderful way to share the news of your retirement. You can tell your colleagues you have something important to share with them in the conference room and then play the video at the end of a presentation.

It’s sure to create quite an impact. You can add anecdotes to the video from the time spent at the office, and it would be an excellent way to bring everyone together for a good laugh while reminiscing old times.

4. Throw a Theme Party

Throw a Theme Party

Nothing can beat a fun theme party if you want to go all the way. You don’t have to tell everyone why you are throwing the party, to begin with. Just invite everyone and let them know while they are having a good time.

Everyone will love your gesture for doing something nice for them before retiring, and many funny stories will do the rounds. You can have parties with jungle safari, water sports, or Disney movie themes. You are sure to have a wonderful time with your coworkers before retiring.

5. Write an Email

Write an Email

If you want to keep things simple yet funny, sending a funny email will do the trick. Your coworkers are used to receiving work emails from you. It’s going to be a departure. Depending on your relationship with your colleague, you can send personalized emails or emails to everyone together.

Use funny quotes, anecdotes, and snippets of previous conversations. Watching everyone staring at the computer screens and laughing will be fun. And, of course, be prepared to receive lots of warm retirement wishes and funny replies in return.

6. Use Fun Accessories

Use Fun Accessories

You can use fun accessories to announce your retirement. That way, you won’t have to do much, as the prop you use will do the talking. You can use t-shirts, ties, or even coffee mugs.

You can have them customized and then use them in your office. On the other hand, if you want, you can also distribute the accessories among your coworkers as an announcement and a parting gift.

7. Prepare a Humorous Speech

Prepare a Humorous Speech

You can prepare a funny speech related to your retirement. And give the speech after an important work-related discussion. The shift in tone is going to make it quite amusing.

You could use one of your last vital organizational projects to make the speech. Your coworkers are going to be distracted for a while. But they are also going to love your speech after an intense discussion.

8. Use The Announcement System

Use The Announcement System

One funniest way to announce your retirement is to use the announcement systems in the office. The system is mainly used to announce important messages or alert the office of a risk. Imagine your coworkers’ surprise when your voice comes booming out of the system.

Of course, your employers will also be surprised, and you may have to pull a favor with the person who handles the announcement system. However, everything will be forgotten once they hear of your retirement and your funny way of announcing it.

9. Use Flyers or Posters

Use Flyers or Posters

You can use flyers or posters in the office to announce your retirement. While offices use flyers and posters for important announcements, you can enjoy using them for retirement.

Add a funny picture of yourself, maybe with a hat with a funny quote. Surround yourself with photos of all you will do after retirement while your colleagues slog at work. Everyone is sure to have a lovely time gazing at them.

Points to Remember While Announcing Your Retirement in a Funny Way

Points to Remember While Announcing Your Retirement in a Funny Way

Although you will announce your retirement in a funny and good-natured way, here are some points to remember.

  • It would help if you remembered that this is still your office and you are still an employee until the last day of work. Hence, remember to keep your announcement dignified even though you are being funny.
  • Although you will be retiring soon, do not use any message or gesture that may be deemed offensive in any way.
  • Although you will announce your retirement funnily, remember to thank your colleagues and juniors for being by your side all these years. They will feel like a heartfelt message.
  • Always discuss the matter of retirement with your employers first, along with all the details on the pension, retirement benefits, and other aspects, before announcing it to your coworkers.


Retirement is sure to give you some mixed feelings. However, you can still look at the bright side of things. Making your retirement announcement funny can help you keep things light.

Moreover, if you are still planning to stay in touch with some of your colleagues, who might have evolved into good friends over the years, this would be an excellent way to tell them you are leaving the company but will stay in touch. Improvise your own way, and your colleagues will love your sense of humor.