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Do Braces Affect Job Interviews and Hiring Chances?

No, wearing braces does not affect job interviews, and your hiring chances will not be reduced because of them. Several factors may lead to your not being hired after an interview, but wearing braces is not one of them.

It cannot be denied that wearing braces can be uncomfortable. You may also become conscious of your looks because of them. But if you are not hired due to your braces, it is because you let them affect your confidence, which will lead to poor performance during your interviews.

Hence, it is entirely up to you how to show up wearing braces to an interview. As long as you dress well and act professionally, your employers will not even notice that you have braces in most cases.

Prospective employers should be happy if you focus on your confidence and prepare well. It will show your employers that you are not only an able candidate but also taking measures to look your best and professional, and your braces will earn you some brownie points.

Why is There Confusion Regarding Braces at Interviews?

There needs to be clarity about wearing braces in interviews because people feel discriminated against while wearing them. Many people have been discriminated against in high school for wearing braces. And those memories stay with them for a long time.

While entering the professional arena, they feel they will be subjected to the same taunts by their prospective employers and, later, by their coworkers. They subconsciously believe they will not be hired because they do not have “pretty privilege.”

Some people also feel they will look naive and too young for the position because they wear braces. And all of this affects their confidence, which has an overall negative impact on their performance in the interview. It’s one of the main reasons for not being hired after an interview, not for wearing braces.

Reasons For Wearing Braces

Reasons For Wearing Braces

No one likes to wear braces; if you do during your interview, a considerate employer will understand that you must have an excellent reason for doing so. Here are some medical reasons why you may have to wear braces:

  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Healing an injury after an accident
  • Healing an overbite or underbite
  • Reducing spaces between teeth
  • Improving speech

All of these reasons are important for wearing braces. And suppose an employer discriminates against you for wearing them. In that case, that may not be the ideal work environment for you after all!

Can Braces Impact Your Chances of Getting a Job?

No, braces will not impact your chances of getting a job if you perform well. Yes, it might be an issue in very few cases. For example, in jobs that require a lot of speaking, your employers will notice if you have slurred speech because of your braces. However, if you practice speaking with braces on and have no issues, your boss will not mind it at all.

Hence, all you have to do is practice speaking with your braces. Today, most employers are inclusive, and discriminating against employees or candidates because of their looks or physical features is strictly prohibited. Hence, you do not have to worry about your braces at all.

How to Perform Well in an Interview Despite Wearing Braces?

How to Perform Well in an Interview Despite Wearing Braces?

There are several ways in which wearing braces can impact your confidence, and if you want to overcome these challenges, here is what you can do.

1. Practice Smiling Big

One of the most significant markers of braces is smiling big. However, people feel very conscious while wearing braces. They do not smile wide and barely open their mouths while speaking.

It immediately makes them more guarded and their demeanor more submissive. Instead, you should practice smiling how you would love to, without minding your braces. That way, all that the employer will see is your confidence.

2. Work on Your Body Language

Work on Your Body Language

Working on your body language is essential to any interview, even more so if you wear braces. If you stoop while sitting or standing, refuse to make eye contact, or look up because you have braces, it will impact how the employer sees you.

You have to practice being confident and open despite your braces. Focus on developing your personality, add some humor, and your employer won’t notice your braces.

3. Speak With Braces

Speaking with braces can be cumbersome. Speaking can be difficult because of how the metal touches your mouth. However, you have to practice speaking clearly despite your braces. Many people make the mistake of speaking as little as possible, but that is not the solution.

Your employers will get the impression that you are not interested in the interview and only give half-hearted answers. To avoid that, you need to practice speaking with braces. Practice with your friends and family, and interact with strangers to improve your speech.

4. Prepare Well

Prepare Well

At the end of the day, your employers will decide whether to hire you or not based on your qualifications and expertise. If you are selected, it will be solely based on your merit. If you are not knowledgeable enough about your position, you will not be hired, with or without braces.

In addition, your employers will also see if you have the mindset to be a good team member and what you can bring to the table to handle a project from a unique perspective. So your focus during the interview should be answering the questions well and not worrying about your braces.

Why is it Important to Keep on Wearing Braces?

Although you may feel conscious for the duration you have your braces on, it would be a worthwhile investment in the long run. If you have a problem with overbite or underbite, braces can help you eliminate it. Poor tooth construction can also lead to issues with oral hygiene, which could lead to bad breath.

Moreover, straight teeth are a sign of good health in the US and many other parts of the world. Misaligned teeth can also lead to tooth decay because food particles get lodged in the teeth. Flossing is often difficult, which could lead to long-term oral problems.

The longer you keep off wearing braces, the longer it will take for these issues to resolve. Rather, it is more advisable to face these challenges head-on and wear your braces for the period the dentist recommends. By the end of the period, you will emerge with new self-confidence and be a better version of yourself.

Or else, you will always struggle with the dental issues you never addressed. All you have to do is brave the few years you have your braces and work on yourself to live your best life despite them.


Remember that people will only notice your braces if you draw attention to them with your lack of confidence. No one else will mind if you own your braces and feel confident in them. Your employers will be more interested in knowing how you contribute to the team after you are selected.

The braces will come off in a few years, but the confidence you acquire will stay with you forever. So do not let braces get in the way of your success, and walk into the interview room with a big smile.