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How to Dress for Zoom Interview (Best Outfit For Male and Female)

Online interviews are on the rise, and dressing up appropriately for them is as important as dressing up for an in-person interview. Even though your prospective employer would meet you online, your attire will play a crucial role in forming the perfect first impression.

Some employers would pay special attention to what you wear for an online interview because it will show how attentive you are to details.

It will also show you are serious about the interview and the job. Just. You are not taking it lightly because the interview is taken through a different medium.

Many candidates make the mistake of dressing casually for an online interview. You should not only be careful about what you are wearing but also think about how your attire looks on camera.

Will the colors appear brighter than they would in person? Will light play a role in how you look? We must consider all these factors while choosing a zoom interview outfit.

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Why is Dressing Appropriately for a Zoom Interview Crucial?

Why is Dressing Appropriately for a Zoom Interview Crucial?

The biggest mistake many applicants make during an interview is assuming they do not need to try much, as employers can only see the body while interviewing online. That is as much as the camera would allow.

As stated above, dressing appropriately for a zoom interview would help your employers see that even though you appear for an online interview, you are still mindful of the seriousness of the occasion.

However, employers have become seasoned at conducting online interviews as well as they can sense whether it fully dressed the applicant for the interview or is simply concerned about focusing on the headshot so that the rest of the attire goes unnoticed.

This creates a poor impression as they assume your apathy towards dressing up for the occasion reflects a lack of interest in the position.

Dressing up well for the interview can also affect you psychologically in a positive way. You might not head out for the office and might only go to your drawing room, but dressing up will instill the right amount of excitement in you.

Once your interview begins, it wouldn’t matter whether you are in front of the camera or right in front of your potential boss! You know you are preparing for something important and dressing up takes on almost a ritualistic pattern that helps you get into the mindset for the interview.

You can sometimes be so engrossed in your interview that you forget where you are and that you’re semi-dressed. There have been too many horror stories where the overhead camera falls, or a candidate gets up to grab a pen, absentminded that they are wearing a formal shirt with pajamas underneath. You don’t want to be that person.

You cannot shake off this fiasco, no matter how good your interview is.

Hence, dressing up well and being mindful of details like wearing the right tie to put on a good pair of shoes will help you feel confident and put together and perform well in the interview.

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Factors to Consider while Dressing for a Zoom Interview

While dressing up for an online interview, apart from the zoom interview outfit wear, you need to consider certain other factors as well. You can make the most out of your interview attire when you put all of them together.

You will create a positive impression on your hiring managers.

1. Grooming


Grooming is essential for both men and women. Prepare yourself in the morning for the interview in the same way as you would have done if you headed to an office.

You may have chosen a smart outfit for the interview, but it will hardly make an impression if the employer feels you just rolled out of bed!

That means take a shower, rejuvenate with a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, shave and comb your hair and add a touch of anything that makes you feel confident and in control. It could be your favorite aftershave, perfume, or wearing the best pair of shoes.

2. Background

While choosing an outfit for a zoom interview, think about the background before which you will appear in front of the camera. Typically, you would not have had to think about it while appearing for an interview in person, but this can be a crucial factor for a zoom interview.

Fix a spot beforehand where you will hold the online interview and keep the background neutral and professional.

Avoid clutter or bright patterns, as they will only clash with your attire. A wallpaper in neutral colors, muted patterns, a painting, or a bookshelf makes for safe backgrounds. On the other hand, please do not choose a light location, as it can make your neutral color attires appear entirely washed out.

3. Light


Light will play a crucial role in the outfit you choose. If you sit under bright artificial light, fabrics like silk can appear too glossy on camera. On the other hand, natural light, especially direct sunlight, can make primary colors bold and your skin pale next to it.

Try to sit under soft, muted light or in the shade with some natural light in the periphery. This will help you bring out your best features and wouldn’t make you squint on camera.

4. Color

It is best to keep things formal and professional, even for zoom interviews. Hence, opt for colors like white, beige, browns, grey, navy blue, and pastel shades for zoom interviews. You can also choose light and small prints. Interviews are not just about answering technical questions.

It is also about letting your personality shine so that employers can see that you are a good fit for the company.

How you dress can directly help them make that decision, so choosing colors that benefit you will be an advantage. You can also dress up in slightly brighter colors or patterns if, for example, you have the interview scheduled for a Friday, as most companies allow casuals on that day.

5. Workplace Culture

Keeping the workplace culture of the company you have applied for in mind can help you decide on the right outfit for an online interview. You can appear for the interview in business or intelligent casuals, which would be alright.

Are you using it at a start-up that believes in letting people follow their passion and be who they are?

Or is your interview for a formal corporation, similar to a law firm, or a high-ranking senior managerial post? In that case, nothing less than formal attire will do.

Try to go through the company website and look up its social media pages to see how employees dress while working and make your choice accordingly.

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The Best Outfit for Males for Zoom Interviews

The Best Outfit for Males for Zoom Interviews

Men should be impeccably dressed for their online interviews in such a way that it speaks of their confidence. Here are some suggestions for your zoom interview outfit.

1. Formal Suits

You can never go wrong with a suit for a zoom interview or an in-person interview. Your suit will consist of a coat or a blazer, dress shirts or formal shirts underneath, and straight-legged formal trousers.

It will show your employers that you are willing to go that extra mile and spend the required time and effort to make yourself presentable for the interview. Wear decent shoes to make yourself feel better, and adding a pocket handkerchief would be a good touch in place of a tie.

2. Formal Shirts and Trousers

If you do not want to appear too formal or dressy but still keep things professional, then dressing up in formal shirts and trousers would be enough. Try to choose from muted color palettes. Make sure your shirt is crisply starched and ironed.

Add a nice belt, just in case you have to get up on camera. You could also wear a tie. Accessorize it with a nice watch.

3. Business Casuals

Dressing up in business casuals is an excellent way to uphold the formality of the interview and yet not make things too terse. If you are conscious of feeling overdressed for an online interview, then business casuals will help you maintain the right balance.

You can dress up in a polo shirt or v-neck shirt and top it off with a blazer. Pair it with a pair of dark trouser jeans or slacks. Accessorize your outfit with a classy watch.

The Best Outfit for Females for Zoom Interviews

The Best Outfit for Females for Zoom Interviews

As a woman, you must face your interview with power and confidence. Your outfit for the interview should bring out the best in you. Here are some suggestions for your outfit for a zoom interview.

1. Suits

Your prospective employers would know that you are serious about the position. A well-cut suit will not only make you feel powerful and confident but will instantly set the interview’s tone. You can wear a suit with trousers or with a well-fitted skirt.

Ensure a formal shirt or blouse is underneath the jacket or blazer.

2. Formalwear

Even if you do not want to go all out and suit up, you can still dress formally in a pair of formal trousers, a dress shirt, or a blouse. You can pair your formal shirt with a tie or the blouse with a scarf around your neck.

A well-cut shirt or blouse in a good fabric is sometimes enough to create the right impression with just the right balance of professionalism and beauty.

3. Business Casuals

Women, too, can dress up in business casuals and look very chic for an interview. You can wear a knee-length skirt or slacks. Pair it with a semi-formal shirt or blouse. However, avoid ruffles or too many details.

Choose soft colors and patterns that accentuate your best features. You can wear a light blazer or linen jacket to complete the look.

In addition, you can pair your outfit with lightweight, minimalist jewelry. A good watch always looks good. Light make-up will make your skin glow, but be sure to use the right foundation shade, and they often amplify facial features in a high-definition camera.

A nude make-up look is the best, but you can add a hint of color to the cheeks and lips to bring everything together. Pin down any fly-away hair, and you should be all set.


Your zoom interview outfit should be carefully chosen. Just because the interview is conducted online, do not assume you can just put together anything on the morning of the interview.

Prepare your outfit the previous night and keep everything in place so you don’t have to fret about what you must wear.

Iron out your shirts and trousers and sit at a spot for your interview that can show off the best part of your carefully thought-out attire. Do this right, and you will notice a surge of confidence that will help you sail smoothly through the interview.