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9 Best Entry Level Work From Home Jobs in 2023

The coronavirus pandemic has changed work culture around the world. The lockdown made almost everyone work from their homes. Thanks to the internet, it was pretty easily achievable after people around the world started turning a corner of their homes into temporary office spaces. And soon, it was seen that most jobs could be done remotely. 

The changing work culture entailed that people who could not go to workplaces before due to commuting or other issues could also start looking for jobs again. The shift in perception that working remotely is as good as working from an office happened in the course of a few months. 

As long as the people responsible for getting the job done are doing it well, almost any kind of work can be done remotely, as long as one has the setup. There is no longer the need to wait in traffic. You can use that time more productively, either putting extra hours at work, simply relaxing, or doing something for your family that will lead to a better quality of life. 

Here are some of the best work-from-home jobs that you can try out in 2023 and earn good pay for them as well. These are going to open new doors of opportunities for you in the coming years. 

Best Work From Home Jobs

Here are some of the most in-demand work-from-home jobs in 2023. You can try them if you already have the necessary skills. Or, you could upgrade your skills by undergoing online courses and preparing yourself. You can always learn new skills and learn to use new tools on the job. So these jobs are quite promising. 

#1. Web Development 

Depending on which organization you are working for, the average annual salary of a web developer can be around $60,000. 

Web Development
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Web developers are responsible for designing and building websites. You can either join an organization looking for web developers to work remotely on various websites; else, you could look for freelance gigs in web development. 

However, if you are a fresher trying to make a mark as a web developer, you have to start with entry-level website work. You might not be designing entire websites on your own, but you could be working with a team and work on web pages and gain enough experience to go on your own entirely. 

#2. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing
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The average annual salary of a graphic designer is around $45,000. They are responsible for creating logos and custom images and also work on landing pages. Graphic designing jobs are well suited for remote positions because the designers have to use specific and unique software, and most of the projects are done by individual designers. 

Hence, they can work on the projects even from home. Full-time graphic designing works can also be done for in-house projects of leading organizations, with submissions sent in online. And there is an ample number of freelance graphic designing gigs up for grabs on third-party contractual job websites. 

#3. Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives
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They are often the first point of contact when a customer has a query, and they are also responsible for ensuring that the services and their benefits reach the customers. The average annual salary of a customer service representative for any organization is around $38,000. 

Poor customer service can often drive customers to rival companies, so they have a major responsibility of retaining clients. Customer service representatives are responsible for troubleshooting problems for the clients, answering their emails and queries, and helping with other technical details. 

Customer service jobs do not have any major requirements and can be easily done from home. It just requires a phone line and CRM software and can be a good entry-level job in most cases.  

#4. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants
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As roles and responsibilities within an organization increase, the need for virtual assistants increases. Their tasks include maintaining contact lists, scheduling meetings, responding to emails and phone calls, and more. The average annual salary for a virtual assistant is $40,000.

They mostly work with online scheduling tools that can be easily set up at home computers and hence can be easily taken care of remotely. Businesses that do not have storefronts can use virtual assistants as an administrative aid. 

#5. Social Media Management 

Social Media Management 
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With more and more businesses and organizations taking their jobs to social media, this is one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment. The average annual salary of a social media manager is about $50,000. They are responsible for taking care of their social media accounts on various Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. They also need to engage and communicate with the customers on these platforms and answer their queries.

Social media managers are now instrumental in driving successful marketing campaigns. The managers use reporting tools and help identify the most effective ways of engaging with customers. This helps in building brand recognition as more and more people come to know of the company through the power of social media, and many of them turn into potential customers. Since social media is operated remotely, the task of an SMM can also be done online using online tools.

#6. Content Writing 

Content Writing
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The average annual salary of a content writer is about $45,000. They are responsible for creating content like blogs and articles published online. The content is often used as a marketing tool, and it can help create awareness about the brand as the people are made more aware of the company’s services. 

Content writers have to do a lot of research, and most of it has to be done single-handedly; hence they can easily work from home. The quiet solitude of one’s own house also results in better writing. 

Content writers can work full-time for one organization or various organizations, picking projects they like. Usually, people with a flair for writing take up the role of content writers, and this is one job that never has a dull moment because of the plethora of topics the writer has to work on. 

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#7. Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription
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This is a task of great responsibility to maintain medical records. Doctors and nurses have to dictate lots of instructions when seeing patients or teaching. Most of the time, someone takes down the notes in a running hand with pen and paper, or they are recorded. The average annual salary of a medical transcriptionist is about $32,763. 

However, all the information needs to go on record and have to be typed into the system as well, and the medical transcriptionists have a key role to play here. They have to listen to the recordings and type down everything, and this can take a typing speed of a minimum of 40 words per minute. 

It will be of great help if the transcriptionist also knows medical terminology. This work requires a lot of concentration because the work has to be practically flawless. So working from the peace and quiet of one’s home is perfect for the job.

#8. Bookkeeping

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Their key roles include keeping track of business income and expenses, and they also take care of the accounts, helping the business keep a detailed financial record of all the transactions. They may either work for a single organization or could be working for multiple clients. They can be of great help to small businesses that do not have full-time accountants. The average annual salary of a bookkeeper is around $43,000. 

Bookkeeping is also easy to start with, as one does not need a full accounting degree. However, it is the task of immense responsibility as one has to keep track of all the organization’s finances. The job can be done with the help of some accounting tools that can be easily installed on a home computer, making it a good option for a work-from-home job. 

#9. Online Teaching 

Online Teaching 
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 Teachers will always be in high demand, and the pandemic has changed the world of education like never before. Remote teaching is the norm today, making online teaching and tutoring one of the best work from home jobs in 2023. The average annual salary of an online tutor is about $40,000.

You can be a tutor for any subject. Language tutors are especially in high demand, including social sciences, literature, and science. Online tutors can also prepare lesson plans and provide myriad educational resources to the students. 

The perks of this kind of tutoring are that the classes are usually small, with the students getting one-to-one attention. They often do not get into a large, conventional classroom setting. Classes are taken through video calls. 


Working from home is now convenient for both the employer and the employee. The employer can save hundreds of dollars in office space. At the same time, the employee can work stress-free, putting all their concentration on work, rather than getting distracted by petty workplace issues, which are a common feature of most offices worldwide. The work from home jobs will generate employment for thousands of people in 2023, and things are already looking good for all involved.