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What to Wear to a Job Interview: Outfits for Women

Wearing the right outfit for a job interview can increase your chances of getting hired. Your prospective employers will see your potential and have a good measure of your personality through your outfit.

For female candidates, dressing right is important because you do not want to appear any lesser than your male counterparts. The corporate culture can be pretty grueling, and your attire should express that you are up for the task.

While formal dressing is the norm for dressing for an interview, it does not necessarily have to be boring. You can dress professionally for an interview and still add your unique touch to the outfit without being over the top.

You should always wear clothes that work for your body type, and although you are dressing to impress, let that not be the only factor you concentrate on. You also have to impress your interview through your responses, and dressing well will just be the icing on the cake.

Hence, give your outfit some thought before your interview to look the best version of yourself. You must remember a few points when choosing the right interview outfit.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing an Interview Outfit for Women

What you wear to a job interview is based on many factors. You may not have thought about them immediately, but they play a subtle role in influencing your employers. Here are some of them.

1. Research the Company

Research the Company
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Suppose your company belongs to a more conventional sector, for example. If it is a law firm or you are applying for a high-ranking management position, you should dress accordingly. Most large corporations will have dress codes, and you should research the company to create the perfect outfit.

However, it would be best if you also were mindful of the various other aspects of your job. If your job is in a more relaxed setting, dressing too formally can make you come across as too rigid and uptight, and that might go against you.

Researching the company can help. The interviewer will look at you and realize that you have already paid attention to the organization’s code of conduct and dress code and are serious about the job. It will increase your chances of making a favorable impression.

2. The Weather

The Weather

Yes, you might feel that the weather is a secondary factor, and you do not have to think about it while choosing your interview outfit, then you’re mistaken. Unless you live in one of those places with perfect weather throughout the year, you must consider the climate when choosing an interview outfit.

This is important because if you stay in a sweltering and humid region, you do not want to wear a shirt that can show sweat patches. Some colors and fabrics are notorious in this regard, and you should be mindful while choosing the outfit.

On the other hand, if it rained the previous night of your interview, then chances are you could step into a slush or puddle on your way to the office. In such cases, you may also carry an additional outfit and reach the office sometime earlier. Change into your interview outfit so you do not have to walk into the room looking weather-beaten.

3. Do Not Wear Anything Flashy

Do Not Wear Anything Flashy
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You do not have to wear expensive garments to an interview to make an impression. The price tag of your clothes does not determine your value as a person and is not a measure of your intelligence.

Trying to pass off inexpensive pieces of clothing or accessories as expensive or trying to show off labels will only make you appear tacky.

Choose a simple outfit that brings out the best of your personality. Do not let the outfit overshadow who you are. Suppose you wear something to an interview that you usually do not wear. In that case, you will feel uncomfortable throughout, which will keep you distracted for the entire interview.

Instead of increasing your chances, your clothes will make you perform poorly, and you do not want that to happen.

4. Your Body Shape

Your Body Shape
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Dressing according to your body shape is vital to make you look and feel confident.

You might want to wear a pantsuit to the interview, but if you have an hourglass figure, a formal dress with a blazer or pencil skirt might look better. A pantsuit could make you look more rectangular.

Hence, dressing to your body shape will make you feel powerful and feminine simultaneously.

5. Grooming

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Apart from your outfit, it is also important to pay special attention to your overall grooming.

Make sure you have washed your hair and have a blow dry. If you have humid weather, wear a light scarf around your head to prevent the damp wind from messing with the blow-dry.

Make sure your nails are clean, and there is no chipped nail polish. You can also go for a manicure if you want. Your clothes should be adequately steamed and ironed because you do not want to walk into the room in a wrinkled shirt. Choose fabrics that do not wrinkle easily.

Use pleasant smelling perfumes or body mists but make sure it is subtle.

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The Idea of Outfits for Women for Job Interviews

Once you have made sure that you have understood the company culture and the other factors, it is time to put your outfit together. Make sure you have planned your outfit and have everything ready the evening before so you can handle everything while dressing up on the morning of the interview.

1. Blazers and Jackets

Blazers and Jackets
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Whether for a complete formal look or business casual, you will seldom go wrong with a blazer or a formal jacket.

Blazers and jackets are perfect for winter months, and a formal cut with a broad lapel looks polished and professional.

You can choose blazers in neutral colors like black, grey, navy blue, or brown. Make sure it does not have significant or flashy buttons. The blazer or jacket should also fit properly and bunch up near the shoulders, under the arms, or around the waist.

2. Dress Skirt

A dress or a formal pencil skirt will work wonderfully for a job interview. Choose them in neutral colors and make sure they fit well. The ideal length of the dress should be just below the knee, especially if you are going to interview in a more formal setting.

3. Formal Dress

Formal Dress
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Formal dresses are an ideal choice for interviews. You can be feminine and yet look professional in them. The perfect dresses should be monochromatic in color, and it is best if you try to avoid any busy prints.

You can add a hint of style by adding a belt around the waist or pairing it with stockings. You can also play around with the neckline though a round or boat neck looks best for an interview.

4. Trousers

If you want to opt for a completely formal look, then you can opt for trousers. Pantsuits are a great option if you want to go with a traditional look. Try to avoid wearing them too fitted or too flared.

On the other hand, if you want to go for a business casual look, you can wear traditional khakis or even trouser-legged jeans in a dark wash. Your trousers should fall straight and not reveal your ankle, as this is a more formal setting.

5. Blouses and Shirts

Blouses and Shirts
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Choosing blouses in simple cuts is ideal for an interview. You can pair them with trousers or skirts; they are a safe choice. You can choose monochromatic shirts and blouses, but you can also opt for small prints and pastel shades.

You can also add a hint of color if you wear a blazer or a jacket over it, as the shirt collar will peek above it and create a visually appealing look.

6. Scarves

Another way you can add your style to the interview outfit without going overboard is by adding some color or pattern in the form of a scarf. Scarves are also very functional, especially if it is cold outside or windy.

You can add a pop of color or some interesting pattern by wearing the scarves uniquely around the neck. They look great if you want to create a business casual look.

7. Shoes

Image Source: scmp.com

It is always a good idea to wear closed-toed shoes during an interview. Try to wear block heels at a moderate height. Avoid stilettos which make a tapping sound while walking. Try not to have any shiny or flashy buckles on the shoe.

Make sure you have broken into your new shoes earlier, and they do not pinch when you walk into the room.

8. Accessories

Lastly, some choice accessories can help you put your outfit together. You can wear a good tie if you are wearing a pantsuit. You can wear a nice watch and carry a professional-looking bag that can hold all your documents.

Keep your jewelry light and delicate, but you can add style with unique rings, a slim chain around your neck, or delicate earrings.

Keep your makeup neutral and minimal, and do not wear bright eye shadows or lipsticks. A neutral palette that enhances your features will look best for the interview.


Your interview outfit should enhance your personality. You are bound to perform better when you feel confident from within, and clothes have a significant role to play.

Choose your outfit depending on your skin tone and comfort level. Please avoid fabrics you might be allergic to and ensure they are light and breathable. When you stand before the mirror on the morning of the interview, you should feel like you can conquer the world and will.

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