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Answering “What Interests You About This Position” Interview Question

The recruiter asks several questions during a job interview to know more about you. One of such questions is, “What interests you about this position?” This is one of the most common questions asked during an interview.

Almost all job candidates face the question, but most don’t even know how to answer this question. The majority of times, job hunters just apply for any job because there is a requirement to do any kind of job in search of a good livelihood, but they don’t have any inspiration or motivation to apply for it.

It’s so easy to understand that such candidates cannot add any value to the company if they don’t know anything about the job profile or aren’t motivated enough to work on it.

A few times, a person who is motivated enough and interested in the job cannot answer such a question because the first thing a candidate never expects is these kinds of questions. Second, they don’t know what can be the correct answer.

Furthermore, a candidate always expects some general subject-related queries but does not understand the behavioral type questions, which can provide more insights and are an essential part of an interview. Every person applying for the job may belong to the same industry, so the subject knowledge cannot make you unique from the other individual.

But answering a behavioral type question in a much more effective and convincing way can make you stand out in the interviews and make you a better candidate who is fit for the job.

Why Do the Recruiters Ask This Question?

Why do the Recruiters Ask This Question?
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The main reason for asking this question is to understand the excitement and your motive behind applying for this particular job. When you answer this question, the recruiter will get to know about your ability to face open-ended questions. Furthermore, this will also give them an insight into what you can do for the company and what they can expect from you in the upcoming future if they hire you.

Another fundamental reason is to clarify that you are not applying for this job only because it has a good package and can accomplish your desire of buying any product, or is near to your house.

Whenever an interviewer asks you this question, your answer should be very detailed and should tell about your overall skill set, motivation, inspiration personality, and the goals that match with the company.

What Factors Should You Keep in Mind While Answering This Question?

What Factors Should You Keep In Mind While Answering This Question?
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Now you have understood why the interviewers ask this question, so you must prepare it well to impress the recruiter with your answer. The only goal while answering this question is to secure your position in the company. When you answer this question, you must be confident and believe that you are a perfect fit for the job.

A few factors that can play a vital role while answering this question are listed below.

Always avoid generic answers. The recruiter or the employer has interviewed hundreds of candidates to search for the right candidate. Believe it or not, they know what solution is coming through the Internet and what the candidate is framing by themselves.

If you are genuinely enthusiastic about the position or are interested in it, you will easily give this answer; otherwise, there is no point in working in that job profile if it doesn’t excite you.

Whenever you provide your answer, you should also list your specific skills that can play a vital role while delivering your services in the particular job role. This will help you to be more specific factors that you have. Your answer should reflect that you are interested in working with the company and will do it better than all the candidates waiting outside the office.

Always let the company or the recruiter know about the benefits they can get after hiring you. In the second point, we discussed specific skills, so based on that, you should answer/add how that skill can help the company to enhance its services. Let them know what extra you can add to the work culture and the environment.

When giving an interview, always use professional language. Your answer should not sound like you are too excited to be a part of that job, as it signifies that you get emotionally attached very easily. Your answer should also not reflect your overconfidence. Be professional, show the excitement but in a limited quantity that cannot harm you or the hiring manager.

By keeping all these factors in mind, you will be able to make an excellent impression on the recruiter or employer’s mind. Always make sure that you do not provide the Internet answers to the recruiter and try to provide or give a personal touch to the answer to make it much more convincing and trustworthy.

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How Should You Answer This Question?

How Should You Answer This Question?
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We all know how important the interview is to get our dream job role. Due to this, it is also essential to prepare well for it. Most candidates start preparing by answering in front of the mirror or asking any relative or friend to make a skit that can help boost their confidence.

This is a perfect and effective way of boosting your confidence, but somehow, while answering this question, the candidate starts to memorize the answer, which looks like they are reading a paragraph or they are just delivering what they have learned. So it is essential to always answer with your personal touch so that it wouldn’t look like you have framed the response from the Internet.

You should always prepare the answers by including your qualities and skills, and experiences related to the position. Still, you should never deliver them in a plain sentence that does not show any excitement or any other feeling.

Whenever you start preparing for your answer, the first step should be researching the company and the job profile. Start going through different websites or even the company’s websites to learn about the history, value, and mission of the company so that if there is any question related to the history of the company, you will be able to answer it correctly.

Furthermore, it also helps you develop your skills or to find out the similarity between your vision and the company. By analyzing this, you can also try to implement or let other recruiters know about the additional values that you will add to the company’s work culture. The recruiter is always trying to hire a person who is interested in the job profile and who can add some value to the environment, not someone who will come to the office early in the morning, will do their work silently, and leave at 5:00 PM.

Your answer should always address all the things that you believe are very important for the specific job profile. You should answer some specific aspects of the job role like why this will help you in your future, why you are opting for this job only, why you believe that you are a better candidate than the others who are sitting outside right now, etc.

When you provide an in-depth answer to the recruiter, they get to know more about your behavior in that specific 10 to 15 minutes of the interview. The recruiter doesn’t know anything about you, so you have to provide every detail about yourself that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Few Examples

The below-listed examples will help you to understand the answering process much more easy:

Example 1

I am interested in this specific job profile because I have certain skills that make me a better fit for this particular job role. I can solve problems that may arise within a specific job role. This sector interests me to know more about it in detail. Furthermore, I also see the opportunity to learn and grow in a particular industry. My main job is to accomplish the goals and build a positive work environment among the team members.

Example 2

 I am interested in this specific job profile because I have worked in this sector for the past few years. I have never lost interest in knowing more details about the industry. I am an excellent fit for the organization and culture because my personality and values are similar to the company’s objective and functioning. I am too passionate to work for this job. You can also add specific facts like this place is very near to my house which means that I can work extra time without having any kind of transportation problem. This way, I can save my time and be more productive in performing my duties and services to the company. While you add the sentence, ensure that you have already let them know about your interests in the particular sector. Also, try to finish your answer with a question so that the recruiter will get to know that you are interested in the job profile and have questions in mind. Whenever you finish your answer by asking questions, the conversation is much more smooth and continuous, which doesn’t make the place much awkward. Putting questions to the recruiter also helps to get you to know that your interview is not going boring and the recruiter is interested in listening to you or learning more about you.


While facing an interview, several candidates face different types of questions that don’t even belong to their particular job description or the field. These types of questions are called behavioral type questions, where a recruiter simply wants to know more about you.

What interests you about this position” is always one of the most common questions because it lets the recruiter know about your interest and passion for working in that particular area. They learn more about your behavior and a professional way of dealing with the situations by asking this question.