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 12 Great Technical Skill Examples to List on Your Resume

Technical skills are abilities that you can acquire to perform digital tasks, and they are mostly related to mechanics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or information technology. The technical skills required for a job are usually industry-specific, but more or less every sector needs people with a certain degree of technical skills to perform certain tasks.

Experience with various tools and software can go a long way in enhancing your technical skills. There are multiple programs and processes to go through. If you have expertise with a wide range of technical tools, you will have a strong chance of landing a job requiring technical skills. Combined with excellent soft skills, you will go on to be a reliable employee for any organization.

The idea is to list the technical skills on the resume in such a way that it grabs the attention of the hiring managers and your prospective employers. Relating the skills to the position you are applying for and explaining how the skills will help you perform better at your task will increase your chances.

How to Enhance Your Technical Skills?

How to Enhance Your Technical Skills
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It pays to constantly upgrade your technical skills because technology is highly dynamic. New software and project management tools are being developed continuously to increase the ease and efficiency of the tasks, and keeping yourself abreast with the updated version is crucial. Here is how you can enhance and improve your skills.

1. Learning New Courses

Nothing is better than formal training, and enrolling yourself in a dedicated program will be most beneficial. You will learn new skills and also acquire a certification for it, which you can also include in your resume. You can opt for either online courses or attend the classes in person for a more hands-on approach.

2. Learning from Professional

Suppose you do not have the time to enroll in a program. In that case, you can always learn from a professional who also has the relevant knowledge and expertise by working in the industry for an extended period. You can also acquire study materials and ask the professional to teach you how to apply them.

3. Learning on the Job

One of the best ways to acquire technical skills is to learn on the job. Even if you know the basics and join a firm at the entry level, you will learn how to use new tools and software depending on the workplace and how they get their tasks done. You can always upgrade your skills later when you try for a higher position.

Technical Skills that you can Include in Your Resume

It is always better to list technical skills relevant to the job you are applying for, but listing your knowledge of software and certain tools is always a great idea. If you have multiple talents, choose the most relevant ones for the position. Here are some skills that are highly coveted in their respective industries.

1. Programming Technical Skills

Programming Technical Skills
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If you are looking for a job as a computer programmer, you can highlight your knowledge of programming languages and related technology.

Some of them, the commonest ones, are HTML, Javascript, REST, PHP, UX, and Configuration. In addition, knowledge of troubleshooting and system analysis also goes a long way. You can also list skills related to technical support and security.

2. Digital Marketing Technical Skills

Digital Marketing Technical Skills
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You can list digital marketing technical skills on your resume that can be related to search engine optimization, social media management, or blogging.

Jobs related to these fields are highly in-demand. They include using automated marketing software, operating e-commerce websites and back-end operations of managing a website, Google Analytics, and Content Management Systems.

3. Data Analysis Technical Skills

Data Analysis Technical Skills
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Data analysis is crucial to understanding how businesses grow in a highly dynamic market. One needs to analyze industry data, and the findings can help a company develop successful business plans and gain insider knowledge about the market. Data-driven plans pave the way for the future, and compiling and analyzing them is a major technical skill that can make you an asset to your company.

Relevant skills include working with algorithms, data mining, database designing, opting for statistical analysis, data analysis, database management, and SQL. Knowledge of documentation and performing quantitative research would be an added advantage.

4. Project Management Technical Skills

Project Management Technical Skills
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Being a project manager is a highly coveted and reputed job. Combined with your managerial expertise, they can help you head a project with élan. Listing your technical skills and your experiences as a manager will add panache to your resume.

You can list your project planning, task management, benchmarking, quality control, and scheduling skills. In addition, providing performance reviews of team members, budget allocation, and quality assurance is another important aspect.

5. Technical Writing Skills

Technical Writing Skills
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Many industries consider technical writing an important skill, but many aspects of it can help you become an even better technical writer.

Apart from a thorough knowledge of what you are writing on as a Subject Matter Expert, it would be great to have skills related to technical documentation, grant writing, client management, and knowledge of standard operating procedures.

6. Healthcare Technical Skills

Healthcare Technical Skills
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Healthcare is one of the topmost sectors today, and there is a huge demand for medical assistants of all kinds. Some of the most coveted positions are those of pathologists, certified nurses, and radiologist assistants. And in every case, some form of technical skill comes in handy.

Some of the technical skills you can include working with electronic medical record software, working with all kinds of sonography, using billing software, and performing EKGs and BLS.

7. Product Management Technical Skills

Product Management Technical Skills
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For product managers, it is crucial to have sound interactive and communication skills. Combined with technical skills related to their industry, they can go a long way in securing their future.

Some of the technical skills that you can include as a product manager are working with SCRUM methodology, providing quality assurance, using Agile methodology, working with user experience design, creating product roadmaps, and working with tools to ensure stakeholder management.

8. Design Technical Skill

Design Technical Skill
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Website and graphic designing are extremely sought-after jobs, as are interior design and other related fields. And it can be advantageous for you if there are certain technical skills you can list down related to the field.

Some of them are the use of HTML, working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and related editing tools, use of interactive media, CSS, Wireframing, UX research, creating responsive designs, prototyping, and working with in Design.

9. Troubleshooting Technical Skills

Troubleshooting Technical Skills
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Troubleshooting is crucial for any industry, and it is important to be able to fix issues as they come to ensure seamless work. For example, one has to constantly improve the glitches of an app if you are to make it appealing to the customers and want them to keep using it.

Some technical troubleshooting skills you may include are system knowledge, quality assurance, testing of equipment, and analysis.

10. Video Technical Skills

 Video Technical Skills
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Creating a high-quality video is now a requirement for many industries. They are being extensively used for marketing and have always been a major aspect of the entertainment industry. But making a great video is not just about creativity anymore.

Some technical skills are also required, and you can list some of them as knowledge of video editing tools, handling lighting, sound editing, directing, script supervision, and more.

11. Computer Science Technical Skills

Computer Science Technical Skills
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With technology now permeating every industry, it is important to understand its scope and how to hone skills related to a specific sector. There is immense demand for software developers, data scientists, IT experts, database administrators, R&D specialists, and more.

To be able to do well in these positions, you need some technical skills, and you can list some of them as working with CAD Software, knowledge of statistics, system design, working with MATLAB, Emacs and Dreamweaver. Knowledge of technical reporting and data modeling and tools like Eclipse, AWS, and SketchUp will also be beneficial.

12. Information Security Technical Skills

Information Security Technical Skills
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Cybersecurity is of paramount importance, and every company wants to make sure that its data and business secrets are safe. A career in this field is quite promising, provided you have the required technical skills.

Some of the skills you may list are FISMA Compliance, working with Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems, Security Analysis, HIPAA Compliance, Incident Response, and working with Data Science.


Including technical skills in your resume marks your dedication as it shows that you are ready to learn techniques that will help you perform your tasks efficiently. Not everyone has a flair for technology and to be able to love that and apply it to various operations is a remarkable achievement. Some skills are more coveted than others, and quick research will show you which skills can help you advance your career. Hone your technical skills, and combined with other aspects of the job like your expertise and soft skills, you will soon embark on your road to success.