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12 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Leave the Job

Working at any job brings its share of problems from time to time. Therefore, it can come as a rude shock when you slowly start detecting signs that it is your boss who wants you to leave.

During such phases, to be able to count on your boss to guide you and have your back is an asset.

A lot depends on the workplace dynamics and its history, but a lot depends on the kind of person the boss is. There could be multiple reasons why your boss might want you to leave the job. If you are an employee at the junior level, there is little that you can do.

On the other hand, if you are a senior employee and enjoy specific power within the organization, you could put up some resistance. However, at the end of the day, your boss enjoys a higher designation, and you must be careful while dealing with them.

What you should remember is that sometimes the reason why your boss might want you to leave is strictly a professional one. Suppose you hold a particular position in the organization. In that case, they might have acted similarly toward anyone.

That is why, before you let your self-confidence take a hit, try to figure out why this might be happening and act accordingly.

4 Reasons Your Boss Might Want You to Leave

One of the reasons why an employer might want a certain employee to leave is because they are probably incompetent. However, in that case, they would be terminated after due warning.

However, if you are an efficient employee and your work reports are excellent, you may wonder why your boss would want you to leave. Here are some possible reasons.

1. Your Boss is Threatened

Your Boss is Threatened

One of the most typical reasons your boss wants you gone is because they feel threatened by you. Maybe it has only been a short while since you joined the company, and you are already doing very well for yourself.

Your other superiors might be taking note, and your immediate boss might feel insecure about your rapid rise within the organization.

A point may come when their insecurity gets the better, and they start doing things that make you think they want you to leave.

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2. The Company is Downsizing

Another reason your boss may want you to leave because the company may be downsizing.

However, that is not your fault. Many companies have policies that they would be liable to pay employees compensation if they are terminated for no fault. However, they wouldn’t have to do so if the employee quits.

In such cases, your boss might want to make you leave by making things difficult for you and not terminating you immediately.

3. Your Boss Cannot Pay You

Your Boss cannot Pay You

Another reason your boss wants you gone is that they might be unable to pay you anymore. After spending a couple of years in the office, you might expect a raise and a promotion.

However, your boss might want to do something other than that. They might want you to quit so they can hire someone willing to work for less. In such cases, you will detect signs that they want you gone.

4. Your Boss Does not have Work for You

Your boss might want you to leave the job simply because they do not have enough work to give you anymore. This might be due to several factors, but this is not your fault.

Your boss might feel that they have to pay you more than the work you can do for them if they continue to keep you on the payroll, which is why they might try to make you leave.

How to Tell if Your Boss Wants You to Quit?

How to Tell if Your Boss Wants You to Quit

If you are a good and competent employee, then your boss has no grounds for firing you. However, they start acting in a way that makes things difficult for you, so you become frustrated with your job and the workplace and consider quitting.

Here are some signs telling you your boss wants you to leave:

1. No Acknowledgements

If your boss does not acknowledge you like your other colleagues, it could signify that they want you gone. They might refuse to greet or smile at you when they pass you in the corridor. It is a way of undermining your self-confidence by making you feel bad.

In the same way, they might stop responding to your emails or ignore your requests for a meeting. Being treated like a pariah is enough to make any employee leave after a point.

2. Extra Workload

Extra Workload

Your employer might suddenly flood you with work, even with work you are not meant to do. While it is expected that there will be an inflow of extra duties from time to time, especially during peak seasons, continuously piling work on you is unfair.

Your boss might want to make you feel overworked so that you leave. Many employees resist this for a long time because they don’t want to come across as incompetent. However, you should take a stand if it affects your mental and physical health.

3. No Work at All

On the other side of the spectrum, your boss might stop giving you work altogether. All your projects are reassigned, sometimes to your juniors.

A productive and energetic person will only like it if they are forced to sit in the office with work.

Moreover, you would lose out on practicing your skills and miss out on new opportunities. You will also miss learning many things you could have learned on the job. Maybe your boss is doing it because they want you to leave.

4. You Get no Credit

Another sign that your boss wants you to leave is stealing your credit. You never get the appreciation you deserve, and your boss stops acknowledging your contributions to the team.

They might attribute the accomplishments to teamwork, failing to mention that your endeavors led to the rest of the team doing well.

Hence, you are likely to want to leave when you feel unseen and unheard despite putting in hours of effort.

5. You are Criticized

You are Criticized

Criticizing yourself in front of your coworkers or picking out your mistakes in front of other superiors is a way to undermine your self-confidence.

You will feel embarrassed and often find that you are punished for mistakes that your coworkers seem to get away with.

In fact, you might even be blamed for mistakes that are not your own, which could be a sign that your boss deliberately wants to make things difficult for you and wants you to leave.

6. Your Inputs are not Taken

Despite coming up with brilliant ideas from time to time, you find that your input needs to be taken. Your boss keeps dismissing your ideas, which could signify that they want you gone.

You find you have less and less to contribute, and your progress never finds mention when your boss speaks about the team. If this keeps happening for a long time, you will want to leave.

7. You are not Updated About Important Aspects

The team makes many important decisions on projects and the workplace.

However, you suddenly find that you are not invited to participate in meetings and need to be updated about the changes in other ways.

This can prevent you from doing your best because you cannot work correctly without complete information.

It could be a sign that your boss wants you to fail, and that is because they want you to leave.

8. You are not Given Leaves

You are not given Leaves

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is essential for everybody, and you might require a day off from time to time. You could encounter emergencies, or there are personal issues you might have to take care of.

However, if your boss refuses to grant you leave, things will be difficult for you. It could lead to stress and anxiety because you feel you have to choose one over the other.

9. Your Perks are Reduced

One of the reasons for staying at a particular job is the perks and benefits it allows over and above your regular salary.

However, if you suddenly see that your perks are reduced, and you stop receiving the benefits, it could be a sign that your boss wants you to leave.

This could be in the form of refusing you overtime, not giving you bonuses, reducing your insurance, holding back travel allowances, etc. If this continues for a long time, it will make things difficult for you.

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10. You are Given Jobs Unfit for You

You are Given Jobs Unfit for You

Another sign that your boss wants you to leave is that you are told to work jobs that are unfit for you. You are not given any essential duties; instead, you are relegated to doing menial paperwork.

You find your talents wasted and start missing the challenge of a good project and learning from it. This can cause mental distress in due time.

11. They Question your Intentions

Your boss could question your intentions and make it look like you do not have the company’s best interests at heart. Every decision you make or anything you say might be questioned.

When you feel that all your actions are scrutinized and have to explain yourself at every step, this can feel stifling.

The entire work environment could feel toxic to you. This could signify that your boss wants to make things difficult for you as they want you to leave.

12. You are Overlooked for Promotions

One of the significant signs that your boss wants you to leave is when you are constantly overlooked for promotions.

While it could happen once or twice, and the promotion goes to one of your coworkers, repeatedly being sidelined could be deliberate on the part of your boss.

They might try to thwart your success, making you feel your career is going nowhere. When this happens for a long time, you will start considering quitting, which is what your boss was aiming for.

Tips to Avoid Confrontation With Your Boss if He wants You to Leave

Tips to Avoid Confrontation with your Boss if He wants You to Leave

Even if you feel your boss is intentionally trying to make things difficult for you because they want you to leave, you should avoid getting into a confrontation with your boss.

After all, they are your superiors, and the management will take their side, at least initially. Here is what you can do.

  • Try to talk to your boss directly in private and find out what the matter is.
  • Do not undermine your boss in front of other colleagues.
  • Do not lodge formal complaints with HR before speaking to your boss.
  • Ask your boss if there is something that they want done differently.
  • Make sure you are doing your job right. Do not give your boss any reasons to complain.
  • Try talking to your trusted coworkers to ask if they have noticed something similar.
  • Profile your boss and keep any documents that might show any discrimination.
  • Be aware of all the benefits you are entitled to receive in case you have to leave the job at the end.


If you feel that you do not have the support of your boss anymore, try looking for another job. However, if you genuinely like your work and do not have any complaints about the organization- apart from a single individual mistreating you- you must try to stand your ground.

Chances are that your boss might be transferred, or he could be promoted, and someone else might come to take their place. Keep doing your best, and your other superiors will also notify you.

On the other hand, check the circumstances, and if you want to leave because your boss keeps mistreating you, you could also consider looking for better positions.