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8 Signs Your Boss Trusts You (+ How to Build Trust)

One of the most important things in any workplace is trust. Trust between employer and employees, between the various team members or trust between the management and the general staff- all are important aspects in the growth of the company and for the personal growth of the concerned parties.

However, building trust takes time and effort, and one must work towards gaining trust. One cannot expect to make constant mistakes and still gain the trust of superiors. By having your employer’s trust, you can ensure that your career will take an upward trajectory, but you have to work for it as well.

Hence, when you know that you have your employer’s trust, you should cherish it and strive to keep it. Reading the signs that your employer trusts you can be important because it will help you prepare yourself accordingly.

You do not have to go out of your way to gain your employer’s trust. Simply doing your best and making sure that your employer has no reason to complain about your conduct can be enough to build trust. This will have long-term benefits for your career, and you will emerge as a more confident employee who knows their strengths.

Why is Building Trust Important?

Why is Building Trust Important

Building trust in the workplace is important to maintain the integrity of the workplace. You can never work alongside people and perform to the best of your abilities if you cannot trust the people beside you.

Far too many workplaces have crumbled because of unethical employees or even senior managers who have looked to their selfish interests and disregarded what is best for the organization.

Having your boss’s trust means that you are an honest person whose integrity is unquestioned. This is a great quality to have and will take you far in your career.

Should You Tell Your Boss to Trust You?

If you do your work well, you do not have to walk up to your boss and tell them to trust you- they will do so themselves. Concentrate on your work and do what is being entrusted to you.

Your boss will notice if you do your work honestly and diligently. In fact, you do not have to go out of your way to prove anything.

But simple acts like setting the records straight, keeping track of money, spending the company resources wisely and not lying can make your boss trust you. You do not have to do anything separately for that to happen.

Signs That Indicate Your Boss Trusts You

Noticing signs that your boss trusts you can work wonders for your self-confidence because it will surely increase your self-worth. You may notice some signs that your boss has started trusting you more.

1. Your Boss Leaves You in Charge

Your Boss Leaves You in Charge

You may find that your boss often leaves you in charge of certain aspects of the job. They may entrust you with important projects and tell you to look after them entirely on their own.

Or, they could leave you in charge of the workplace if they are going away for a few days. They may also tell you to tend to the more important clients of the company. This ensures that your boss trusts your ability to handle these important matters independently.

2. Sharing Confidential Information

One of the biggest indicators that your boss trusts you is when they share confidential information.

They might share important company secrets or tell you about financial matters. They will also probably tell you something and ask you not to discuss it with anybody else. This is a strong sign that your boss has come to trust you.

3. Decision-Making


Your boss trusts you if they ask you what you think before making an important decision about the company. They will ask your opinion and might even ask how you would approach the matter.

And based on your opinion, they will also sometimes act on it. This shows your boss has enough faith in your abilities to make important company decisions based on what you think.

4. Crisis Management

Another big indication that your boss trusts you is when they put you in crisis management. Has something gone wrong in the company? Is there a sudden emergency that needs to be taken care of?

If your boss turns to you in such situations, they definitely trust you. They will ask you how to best handle the situation and rely on your advice to ensure the crisis is averted.

5. More Responsibilities

More Responsibilities

It may seem like at first that your boss is piling work up on you, but it could be because they trust no one else with it. Your boss may start giving you bigger and better responsibilities.

You may be asked to stay back while taking on a new project or attend team meetings. You may be asked to take on more responsibilities in a project too. This indicates your boss trusts you with these important roles.

6. Trusting You With Money

Your boss trusts you if they entrust you with company money. If you become privy to the company’s financial records or the company bank details or are put in charge of receiving and sending money, then your boss definitely trusts you.

This does not only mean in the capacity of an accountant but to have real information regarding the company’s resources.

7. Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

Your boss may put you in leadership roles if they start trusting you more. This would mean that they put you in charge of allocating tasks or trust you to train junior employees.

They might also make you a team leader, and you may be charged with designing some workplace rules. This indicates that your boss also sees you as a potential manager later, which is a huge sign that they trust you. You might even be given a promotion.

8. You are Monitored, Less

Once your boss starts trusting you, they will monitor you less. You may initially feel that your boss is ignoring you, but it is not.

They monitor you less because they feel you can take care of yourself and your responsibilities, and they do not feel the need to check on you so much.

How to Build Trust With Your Boss?

Having your boss’s trust is very important. If your boss knows they can rely on you during difficult times, you will have a strong connection with the boss and the company. This can be the foundation of your professional relationship, and this is how you can do it.

1. Work With Honesty

Work With Honesty

This is the first and foremost thing you can do to gain your employer’s trust, as nothing is more important than honesty. Right from the moment you join the company, you should work towards it.

For example, many employees make the mistake of putting wrong information in their resume or pretending that they are not during the interviews. This can negatively impact you when you continue working with the company because your boss will soon notice the anomalies. Hence, it would be best to always be truthful about your capabilities from the beginning.

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2. Upholding the Company

It would be best if you never talked ill about the company outside your workplace, and you can be sure that your boss will come to know of it at some point. Every workplace has problems, but you cannot badmouth the company outside.

After all, it is the source of your employment, and your boss will expect you to uphold the company’s honor and reputation. Finding out that you speak negatively will impact the trust they have for you.

3. Build Positive Relationships

Build Positive Relationships

Building positive relationships in an organization is important, and that can only happen with trust. Treat it like you are on a mission.

Be mindful of what the company requires from you and how you can do so by working shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates. Work for the betterment of the team, and your boss will notice the positive impact you have in the process.

4. Nurture the Company Goals

One of the biggest ways of building trust is to ensure that you do not just look to your own benefits but also nurture the company’s goals. If the company grows, so will you.

You can do so by putting the company’s interests before your own, and you may have to make a few sacrifices in the process, like cutting back on your personal time. However, it will double back and your boss will know they can count on you during times of crisis.

5. Respect All Perspectives

Respect All Perspectives

It is possible that you might not always agree with your boss or coworkers about how certain things should be done. And yet, it is important to respect all points of view without getting confrontational.

Seeing everyone’s perspectives and getting everyone on board regarding crucial matters helps maintain good vibes around the workplace. Your boss will notice your zeal to work with everyone despite personal differences, and this is a great way to build trust in a relationship.

6. Keep Your Boss Updated

It is important to keep your boss updated about every aspect of work, so they do not get blindsided. A client or customer may call in, or there might be some big industry change you have anticipated.

Have your boss’s back and keep them informed about these crucial matters. This will show your farsightedness, and you will also have your boss’s trust.

7. Do Your Work With Integrity

Do Your Work with Integrity

It is important to be professional and always do your work with integrity. That means not participating in office politics or indulging in any unethical behavior.

Always strive to achieve excellence in your work and prioritize what is best for the work at hand, without thinking about the peripherals. Make the best use of your talents and show your boss what you can do when they place their faith in you.

8. Over Deliver

One best ways to gain your boss’s trust is to over-deliver. This can happen in several ways. You can under-promise that you will deliver the project in five days and then deliver in three.

However, this also means that your work is the best that you can do. It would be best if you did not compromise on the quality of your work in the process. This will show that your boss can always count on you for top-quality work.

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Things to Avoid so That Your Boss Doesn’t Lose Trust in You

Once you have acquired your boss’s trust, you should also be mindful of retaining it. Remember, building trust can take weeks and months, but it only takes a second to destroy it. Here are some ways to ensure that your boss retains trust in you.

  • Do not brag about the trust your boss puts in you.
  • Do not imply to your coworkers that your boss favors you more than others.
  • Never lie to your boss about saying something to anyone about the company, even in a moment of weakness.
  • Be accountable for your actions- if you made a mistake, own it and then go about setting it right.
  • Never try to bring down another coworker to improve yourself in front of your boss. Your boss will see through it.
  • Never try to indulge in any unethical practices, no matter how great the temptation is.
  • Do not try to trade company secrets with other companies for personal gain.
  • Be very careful about how company resources are spent. Treat them like your own money.
  • Always ensure the records are correctly updated from your end and double-check your work.


Building trust takes time, and you cannot expect your employer to trust you implicitly about everything from the moment you join the company. However, over time, you can keep working towards building that trust by showing them your best qualities.

If you keep doing your best, you won’t even have to tell them to trust you- they will automatically come to rely on you. You must give your professional relationship with your boss some time to grow. It will also teach you some valuable lessons and you can make use of them when you become a manager someday.