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13 Concrete Signs To Know You Are The Top Candidate

So, are you one of those candidates who just gave their interview and didn’t know if they had been selected or not? Having clarity in your mind about getting selected or not is very important because it helps you to prepare for the next step, which can be applying for another job.

But if you are confident, what’s the need to go through the process again?

Waiting for the result is always challenging and a frustrating process. Even when you know that the result will be out on a particular date, it still is a lot of nervousness and anxiety.

So, do you know that there are few signs during the interview where you can get an idea that you are one of the top candidates? In this article, we will discuss some concrete signs that can help you analyze your selection situation.

Why Are These Signs Essential To Know?

Why Are These Signs Essential To Know?

A prominent and clear-cut answer to this question is that if you don’t want to waste your time, it’s essential to know this. These signs can also help you when you don’t want to apply and go through the process of applying for another job, shortlisting, and going for an interview.

The interview is always the best option, but we recommend not to be overconfident. Most hiring managers have mastered the poker face game, so it has become challenging to know if there is a sign/or expression. Hiring recruiters are savvy, so they don’t usually show emotions in front of candidates. Let’s not waste time and dive into knowing the concrete signs.

13 Concrete Signs To Know You Are The Top Candidate

13 Concrete Signs To Know You Are The Top Candidate
  • The hiring recruiters are very professional and always keep their poker faces. But do you know that they will start having a casual conversation if they are interested in learning more about you?
    They will start asking you personal questions that are not even related to your job profile, such as the distance between the office and your residing place, etc.; if they start having such conversations, you should take it as a green flag.
  • After the interview, the recruiter suddenly gives you an office tour. This situation can be awkward, but if they start introducing you to the team or staff members, then take it as a positive signal. You will find it uncomfortable initially because you just had an interview, but then you are meeting with the team members, even though you don’t know if the interview is over or not. So, don’t worry, because they are considering you for the position.
  • Whenever you get a mail from the hiring recruiters about your interview schedule, they will also provide you with an appropriate time duration. If your interview exceeds the time mentioned in your mail, then they are considering you for the job position and are interested in you. Make sure you have worked on your body language and have good communication skills, apart from your subject skills.
  • During the interview, the hiring recruiters start telling you about their company, like what they do and how it functions. Further, the hiring recruiters will also begin to tell you about the benefits of working in their company. It is a great sign to have an idea that they want you to work for their company instead of going for any other competitive company.
    They usually do so because they don’t know if you have also applied for their competitive company or any other company, so they always speak about the allowance benefits or the perks of being an employee of their company.
    If you had a lengthy conversation about learning the companies’ visions, objectives, work culture, etc., then my friend, congratulations, you have aced your interview.
  • At the end of the interview, hiring recruiters may ask you about your expected salary. They may also ask you about the current wage and the percentage of a hike they can provide you. In such a situation, it is always better to have an open conversation and let them know what you expect.
  • During the interview, if the hiring recruiters have a vast smile and subtle gestures, that means they are enjoying the conversation. Ensure you don’t get nervous because of their expressions and think carefully before answering the question as they are carefully listening to you!
  • The hiring recruiters are asking for too many details; for example, they may ask you every detail of your roles in your previous company, which will help them know what they can expect from you if you get hired. This is also a positive sign for you because they want to see how you can be valuable to the company.
  • If you have applied for any remote, part-time, or freelancer position, the hiring recruiters can generally ask you about your availability and the timeline. Take it as a positive sign because it shows that they are interested in working with you and will not have any issues regarding the timelines.
    Apart from this, if you have applied for a full-time or work from an office job, they may ask this question to know when they can start their paperwork and the onboarding process.
  • Most employers or hiring recruiters do not show their emotions in front of the candidate. Still, they will look happy knowing that a lengthy hiring procedure has finally ended and they have found a desirable candidate. In some cases, they can also let you know how impressed they are by your interview and are ready to onboard you as soon as possible.
  • The hiring recruiters may sometimes ask for references so that they can contact your previous employer or your team member to have a better opportunity to get your insights and working strategy in the company’s workplace.
    Many candidates may think that asking for references means the hiring recruiters are doubting your work but believe me, it’s not the case. Don’t worry; they’re interested in knowing more about you. So instead of questioning your credibility, give your ex-managers contact information or anyone from the team members with whom you were in a good relationship.
  • At the end of the interview, the recruiter will tell you that they will follow up soon. It sometimes means that they will follow up on the extra details, such as your expectations from the company, the company’s policies, etc. They may also have a multi-step hiring process.
    Nowadays, most companies want to hire a desirable candidate for their company so that they may follow up on the next step details. But don’t worry because you have already made it to the next round or have already been selected.
  • Whenever a candidate applies for a job, they don’t rely on a particular company because they never know which company will revert them or where they will be shortlisted. So in such a situation, they apply for multiple companies, which enhances their chances of getting shortlisted automatically. Other than informing you about the company’s culture and aims, the recruiter may ask you if you have anything else to inquire about or discuss.
    If HR asks you about your other interviews, they just want to confirm if you would be available or if you will also consider the other companies. Sometimes to hire a desirable candidate, the hiring recruiters give a better percentage of a hike as compared to other companies. So, it is a positive sign, and they just want to confirm this situation.
  • When you have left the interview room, and you have a good gut feeling like you think that everything in the meeting went well and you didn’t get stuck on any other questions, there was a visible smile on HR’s face; then you are going to get a call in a few days. Yay!

Pro Tip Signs That You Are the Top Candidate

At the end of the interview, when you leave the meeting, always say thank you to the recruiter because it always creates a professional and positive impact on the recruiter’s mind.

Now, this is the case for the interview that you are giving in person, but if you are in the video call meeting or online meeting, then it is always better to say thank you at the end and also to send an email of thank you in the same mail thread.

After reaching home, if you are still very nervous about the situation but believe that the interview went well. There is still one additional sign that can help you!

You might have come across a particular panel or the company’s website when you applied for a job, right? If the company has taken down the job listing, they have found the correct candidate. It may be you or someone else; we can’t say that, but it’s for sure that they have found the right candidate, and they will reach out in a few days.


If you have excellent observing skills, you will find plenty of signs in the behavior of hiring recruiters, which shows that your interview is going well and the high possibility of your selection. Though these signs are not  100% reliable, they will still help you somehow.

Sometimes it gets pretty dangerous, giving you anxiety and nervousness to wait for the final results. However, if you have these positive signs during the interview, your worry or fear may get in control.

In the end, even if you didn’t get selected for the company, you may always take these signs as positive signs that will give you confidence in your following interview, but you also have to work on specific weak points.

Don’t get nervous, and work on your weak points. One day, you will ace your interview. We wish you all the best!