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11 Subtle Signs a Coworker Likes You But is Hiding Them

Office romances can have wonderful endings, and there can be happily-ever-afters. And yet, many workplaces have strict rules about dating a coworker, not without reason.

Dating a coworker can become messy very easily. If things don’t go well, both parties must keep working with each other without letting the frigidity of their personal lives hinder their work. Moreover, office rules are also in place to prevent sexual harassment.

One has no control over who one likes. The guy across the aisle might be cute, or the girl in the opposite cubicle might be very pretty. And once you know them personally, you might like them.

On the other hand, there might be someone around you, and you may have no idea about it. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you see your coworkers suddenly acting weird around you, chances are they like you and not just because they want to work with you.

Your brain will immediately pick up signals if someone around you may have started liking you because their actions will change. However, that is not enough. Learning to decipher signals, whether any coworker likes you, will undoubtedly help you understand where to stand and give you time to think about how you react.

Why Should You Be Cautious While Dating a Coworker?

There are several reasons why you should be cautious while dating a coworker if they like you. No matter how much they want you and you like them back, you always have to remember that your professional relationship comes first. Here is why you should be careful.

1. Continuous Engagement

Continuous Engagement

If you are dating a coworker, you will see them a lot. You will be together during work, and then you may spend quite some time after work as well. That will make you engage with them constantly, and the line between your professional and personal lives will blur very quickly.

It would help if you didn’t let any differences between the two of you while dating affects your work. That will make things difficult for both of you.

2. Dating on the Sly

Dating on the Sly

If your office has strict rules against dating, and you choose to go ahead with dating your coworker anyway, assuming you two will be able to keep it a secret by saying that you are only coworkers. In contrast, you will have to live a double life at work. And there is always a possibility that someone may find out.

Another colleague may find you together at some party they just chanced upon, or you just forgot that some of your other coworkers were on your social media and inadvertently posted something. You can be fired immediately if any word gets to your manager.

3. Coping With Rivalry

Coping With Rivalry

If you are dating your coworker, there may come a point when you have to put aside your professional rivalry for the sake of the person you are dating.

Or, if both of you are very driven and ambitious, setting aside your professional goals for the other person can be difficult, especially in the early phases of dating. You may be vying for the same promotion or want to head a project that can take your career to the next level.

Do you step aside for the other person, or can you keep your personal life outside the office and battle for the spot anyway? These are questions you need to answer when you consider dating a coworker.

Understanding the Difference Between Flirting and Liking

When you work with someone nearby daily, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether a person likes you or is very comfortable around you. They may also flirt with you, but that does not mean they want you.

Harmless flirting is often seen as a sign of camaraderie. If your workplace has a laid-back vibe, or the Fridays are pretty casual, where the colleagues head out for a drink after work, such situations may arise.

Hence, it takes more than flirting about whether the coworker likes you. You need to give them some time and see how their behavior changes over time.

11 Signs That Your Coworker Likes You But is Trying to Be Discreet

Some of the most obvious signs that a coworker likes you are that they will ask you out for coffee or an actual date.

However, sometimes things might be obscure. Your coworker might also be trying to be careful because of any repercussions they may face. Whether you are a man or a woman, some common signs tell you that a coworker might like you but is trying not to show it.

1. Nervousness


If someone likes your company, they will be open and friendly around you. However, if someone wants you and has some kind of romantic feelings for you, they will become nervous around you.

You may see that they are not able to make eye contact when they are talking to you or fumbling while they are speaking. They may want to be around you and yet try to avoid talking to you. Being nervous is one of the first signs that someone likes you.

2. Staring When You are Not Looking

An undeniable sign that your coworker likes you is when they stare at you from afar, but only when they think you are not looking.

You may, on the other hand, come to know of it from another coworker who may have noticed your admirer gaze at you from a distance.

Or, you may have caught them staring at you directly or indirectly through a mirror. This indicates your coworker likes you but does not want you to know about their feelings yet.

3. Eager to Make Acquaintance

Eager to Make Acquaintance

Once the initial phase of nervousness is over, your coworker will try to speak to you. This is sometimes easy because there is often some work they want to discuss.

However, you will also notice that they are trying to talk to you at the slightest pretext, even when they could have simply sent an email.

In the process, they will also ask other questions, like what you do after work or your hobbies, to get to know you better. If this goes on for a long time, it may indicate the coworker likes you.

4. Being Attentive

If your coworker suddenly becomes attentive to your needs, it could signify they like you. For example, they may start bringing you coffee every morning, just as you like it. Or, they ensure you have someone to talk to during lunch break.

Of course, please note whether they do it with others or it is just you. If you suddenly find them showering extra attention on you, they could be like you.

5. See Them Smiling

See Them Smiling

While it is essential to be polite and cordial at work, the stress from the job can often make people cranky. However, if your coworker always smiles and lights up when you are around or speaking to you, it means they like you.

They could have been arguing with someone else a few minutes back, yet they instantly sober up and put on their best persona when you come around. They try to be friendly and pleasing, no matter how complex their day is. It indeed indicates they like you.

6. Always Listen to You

If your coworker like you, you often find them listening to you. Whether you are rambling about what a tough week you had or how you felt sad because your neighbor lost their cat, you will often find them listening to you attentively.

In fact, they will be very eager to know about what goes on in your life outside work. They will also learn about other minor details like where you are from or what you studied in college. They will often do this even if they have a ton of work piled up or will make plans to catch up later.

7. Dress Well

Dress Well

If you suddenly notice your coworker dressing well around you, it indicates they are trying to impress you.

You will find them asking you about your favorite color and turning up something similar a few days later. They will also put on a new perfume or have a new haircut.

Trying to look good is a sure sign of trying to impress someone. If you feel they are trying to gauge how you feel about their new look, they are looking forward to your opinion. And that is because they like you.

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8. Ask About Personal Life

Your coworker will try to figure out if you are single, but they will try to do so subtly. They may talk about their personal life first and establish that they are single, and they will also ask you about your life. They will do so discreetly, asking you about who is at home and where your family stays.

You will see them happy when you mention you live alone and have just siblings and parents at home. You may hear a very audible sigh of relief as well!

9. Invite You to Events

Invite You to Events

A coworker who likes you but still trying not to show it might not ask you out on dates immediately, but they will still ask you to accompany them to events.

They may ask if you would like to go with them to the year-end office party or will ask if you would be interested in hanging out with their friends. They might also tell you they have extra tickets to an event and would you like to go.

It could be just group outings at first, but later they only want to hang out with you. This clearly shows they like you.

10. Try to Be Funny

A sense of humor is a major attraction, and a happy and funny person is very attractive. If your coworker suddenly starts cracking jokes around you, even if they may be otherwise reserved and distant, it could be a sign they like you.

They will bring their guards down and try to joke and flirt with you. If you were friendly already, they might give you a nickname, and you may soon have inside jokes. They will try to get closer to you and just be comfortable.

You may also find them acting silly and weird because that is how people work when they like someone but are trying to hide their feelings.

11. Pays You Compliments

Pays You Compliments

Another sign that your coworkers like you is that they compliment and appreciate your slightest efforts. You need to be careful about this because if they go overboard, it could become a source of contention among other colleagues.

However, you will see your coworker paying you compliments about how good you look and how well you handled a client. They will often try to go out of their way to ensure that your work gets done smoothly and that you have everything you need.

Make sure you handle this well, so it does not become a source of office gossip.

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Not all signs will always mean that a coworker likes you and has some romantic feelings. It is essential to see the signs in context. It could be that one of your coworkers is simply very friendly, and you should know whether they behave in a friendly and affectionate manner with everyone else on the team.

However, if you see three or more signs, then it could mean something is going on. And you should prepare yourself for how to respond if they ask you out for coffee! It could be the beginning of something beautiful.