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Should I Wear Fake Glasses to an Interview (All You Need to Know)

Yes, you may wear fake glasses to an interview if you feel comfortable in them.

Dressing right for an interview is vital if you want to build the right impression. And accessories are a big part of how you want to be perceived. They can make or break your outfit and will tell your employers about the kind of person you are.

Your eyeglasses are an essential accessory, and if you do need prescription glasses, then you should, of course, wear them to the interview. However, what if you have a perfect vision? Should you still wear fake glasses?

Some candidates try to make the mistake of wearing expensive accessories to job interviews, hoping to impress their prospective employers. And this includes glasses. However, you must be careful about what you wear to the interview.

For example, although dressing well for an interview is essential, trying to show off expensive accessories and branded labels during an interview is not appreciated by most employers. Being understated and elegant is the key.

Hence, if you wear fake glasses to an interview, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. It might seem like a simple thing, but meticulous employers will figure out a lot about you from this apparently simple act, which is why you need to be mindful about wearing fake glasses.

Why Do Some Candidates Wear Fake Glasses to an Interview?

Why Do Some Candidates Wear Fake Glasses to an Interview?

Lately, you might have heard of many people wearing fake glasses in an interview. You might be tempted to do the same if you have an upcoming interview. Some studies have shown that wearing glasses to interviews increases the chances of getting hired.

However, some reasons why candidates wear fake glasses are as follows.

1. To Appear More Intelligent

To Appear More Intelligent

The general perception is that people who wear glasses are nerdy and more knowledgeable. It is just how it is. Social perception is that people who study more often develop poor eyesight from all that reading, and it is considered that they are more informed.

Clichés in movies and books show that more academically-inclined children wear glasses. Hence, candidates often wear glasses to appear more intelligent.

2. To Feel More Confident

When you feel more intelligent, you are also bound to feel more confident. It is all about one’s self-image, and there is nothing wrong with wearing something that can boost your self-confidence.

It is perfectly alright if you feel you can perform better at the interview by wearing an accessory. This is one of the significant reasons why job candidates are wearing glasses.

3. To Appear Older and More Experienced

To Appear Older and More Experienced

People have different body types, and some look younger than they are. Wearing glasses can help one look older, and it may give them more confidence and fit in with the older crowd.

This is especially true if someone younger applies for a job that is meant for more senior candidates. They can make a younger candidate more experienced and professional.

4. To Appear More Fashionable

Eyeglasses are now the ultimate fashion accessory and can make you look stylish in a very understated way.

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and if you want to add something special to your outfit without being over the top, then a stylish and unique pair of glasses will work for you, even if you have perfect vision and they have no prescription.

Should You Wear Glasses to an Interview Even If You Have Perfect Vision?

If you wear glasses to an interview, even if you have perfect vision, it means those glasses are fake.

Whether you should wear fake glasses to an interview depends on two major factors.

1. Your Perception of Yourself

Your Perception of Yourself

The first thing you need to determine is how you look at yourself. Do you feel it is necessary to wear something fake to bring out the best in your personality?

It is okay to use props when you have to accomplish something meaningful. Still, it would be best if you did not only rely on external factors to boost your self-confidence.

However, if you feel that a pair of glasses can make you look better and feel confident that it can help you perform well, there is nothing wrong with it.

2. How Others Perceive You

How Others Perceive You

Suppose you have perfect vision and yet need to wear fake glasses. In that case, you must be mindful of how others will perceive you if you are not accustomed to wearing glasses.

After all, most recruiters are highly experienced, and sometimes they can get the measure of a candidate just by looking at them.

Hence, if you are fidgeting with your glasses, scratching your nose, or twisting your ears because the glasses are not sitting correctly, then the recruiter will figure out you are trying to be someone you are not. This could be endearing and amusing to some recruiters, while others may form a negative impression.

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Can Fake Glasses Make Recruiters Hire You?

Can Fake Glasses Make Recruiters Hire You?

No, your recruiters will not hire you just because you look professional and intelligent when you wear glasses.

You have to remember that glasses will only help you get hired if there is something substantial that you have to offer during the interview. Appearing as if one is knowledgeable does not make someone so.

So you have to provide crisp answers and correct information during the interview to get hired. Physical appearances only help to a certain extent, and you must know your job well to convince the recruiters that you are suitable for the position. Make sure you do not rely only on your appearance and charm to land the job.

On the other hand, perceptions play a significant role. Sometimes, employers are confused between two candidates because they have the same merit. They will weigh different aspects like personality and body language in that case.

Hence, your fake glasses can help you win this game because you look more competent and professional during the interview. And since landing a job is more important than anything else, you should use all the help you can get.

Tips for Wearing Fake Glasses to an Interview

Once you have decided to wear fake glasses to an interview, you must keep a few things in mind to choose the right pair.

1. The Right Color

The Right Color

It is important that you only wear glasses fit for formal wear for the interview. Do not wear glasses that have patterns or frames with bright colors. Try to avoid frames that have unconventional shapes.

Oval or rectangular shapes are best for professional settings, and you should choose one that matches the shape of your face.

Avoid wearing anything too conventional, and ensure they are in neutral colors like black, brown, or navy blue. If you wear fake glasses to look more professional, you should do it well.

2. Do Not Make it Obvious That it is Fake

One of the worst possible mistakes you can make while wearing fake glasses is to make it evident that they are fake. People who wear glasses regularly know how to handle them. It will clearly show if you feel awkward wearing your counterfeit glasses.

Your recruiter will immediately understand that you are wearing it for the day and that the glasses are fake. Hence, ensure you practice wearing the fake glasses for a few days before you turn up for your interview wearing them.

3. Acquaintance With the Recruiter

Acquaintance With the Recruiter

Sometimes, it is possible that you came to know of the job opening through someone you know at the organization. You may have applied for the job after you acquired this bit of inside information, but you still need to go through the rigors of the hiring process.

In such cases, you do not want the recruiters to form a negative impression of you. They may know that you have perfect vision and the glasses are just a prop. Hence, it would be best to be careful when appearing for an interview under such circumstances.

4. Choosing a Comfortable Pair

You should choose a comfortable pair if you wear them for an interview. Do not choose a pair because it is from a reputed brand that will allow you to flash the label, nor should you choose a pair that is very inexpensive and also appears to be so.

Do not just hastily pick a random pair the evening before the interview just because it looks good. Glasses that sit too tightly behind your ears or dig into the bridges of your nose should be avoided.

5. Managing Your Vision

Managing Your Vision

Another thing to remember is that if you have perfect vision, you are not used to wearing something over your eyes.

Hence, wearing fake glasses can make you feel something is obstructing your vision, and you cannot see clearly, even though the glasses are spotless. It happens because you are not used to wearing glasses.

You do not want this to distract you during the interview, so you must be careful while wearing them.

Should You Wear Fake Glasses to an Online Interview?

If you have an online interview, you may wear glasses even if you have perfect vision. In fact, you can do this to avoid glare from the computer screen. Today, glasses have protective layers to eliminate the negative impacts of blue light.

This especially holds good if your interview is going to be an extended one and you do not want your eyes tiring out or watering. Hence, in such cases, you definitely need the glasses, and they are not even entirely fake.

When You Shouldn’t Wear Fake Glasses to an Interview?

The only scenario where you should avoid wearing fake glasses is for job interviews that emphasize people’s physical appearances.

Jobs like air hostesses or receptionists require candidates who look friendly and open. Since wearing glasses can make someone look formal and rigid, it is best to avoid them.

Those with vision problems who usually wear glasses use contact lenses while applying for such jobs. Hence, if you have perfect vision, you should be thankful and avoid wearing glasses.


If you are good at what you do and can impress your recruiters with your answers, then whether you are wearing glasses will become a secondary issue. The fake glasses can help you improve your image to a certain extent, and only when you use them to your advantage.

However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a light and simple pair that puts your interview outfit together. You can also get used to wearing them and use them on your regular work days later. It will be a handy accessory that can help you land the job.