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Top 4 Security Guard Resume Objective With Examples

Security guards are integral to almost every kind of establishment. They are responsible for the safety of human lives and property, and they do it rather well. In fact, it is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

To protect and value what is not one’s own, and often putting one’s own life at risk to protect others, requires a tremendous amount of courage. Above all, it also requires a sense of responsibility that might be impossible for others to imagine.

Hence, if you are applying for the security guard position; a resume highlighting all these qualities is essential. Your resume objective should highlight your skills and achievements, as it can be crucial in getting your resume shortlisted.

The resume objective is the first section of your resume that your hiring managers will go through. It should outline all your accomplishments in a nutshell.

One glance at the resume objective should tell your recruiters why you are a viable candidate for the job and what kind of role you aspire for.

When written correctly, the resume objective will induce your hiring managers to continue reading your resume. It should list all your strengths in brief and your relevant work experience as well.

Hence, writing a proper security guard resume objective requires some skill. Some examples will help you create an ideal one yourself.

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Why is the Security Guard Resume Objective Important?

Why is the Security Guard Resume Objective Important

First and foremost, a security guard resume objective will help you state your goals in this field. Although everyone is aware of the general role of a security guard, there are still several nuances that are impossible for an outsider to know about.

The general perception about security guards is that they stand in front of an establishment and check the IDs before letting anyone in!

However, there is so much more to the job than that. A security guard must be aware of modern surveillance systems and security protocols of the kind of establishment they are working in, whether residential or commercial.

In addition, they must be skilled communicators to communicate about any impending danger that someone could be facing and convince them about their safety. They also have to be exceedingly observant and remain physically fit.

Hence, they must meet several criteria before being hired, and the resume objective should be tailored accordingly. It is usually not more than two or three sentences long. Still, it should talk about your background in security services and your past experiences as a security guard.

One of the best ways to get your resume selected and make it through the applicant tracking system is to use relevant keywords and the skills the employer has stated in the job description. Thus, the resume objective can be crucial in demonstrating to the employer why you are the ideal candidate for the role, even before they have met you.

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What Are the Key Points to Include in a Security Guard Resume Objective?

As mentioned earlier, there are various roles that you can aspire to fulfill as a security guard. Hence, your resume objective must include the type of career you finally choose to pursue.

Establishing whether you want to opt for a field job or work with camera surveillance is important. Those who work in the field often have to work in a risky environment.

For example, a security guard in a bank has to be extremely vigilant and often faces a greater threat as there are always chances of robbers breaking into them.

On the other hand, security personnel working with cyber security at the same bank also have to be at the top of the game so that hackers can break into its server. They are the ones responsible for maintaining the firewalls.

In both cases, the security personnel has a lot riding on them. Your resume objective should state your strengths, what kind of role you are interested in fulfilling, and why you are the best fit. Here are some of the questions that the resume objective should address:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you have any special training or certification?
  • What are your key skills?
  • Did you have any particular achievements in your previous positions?
  • Do you have any physical traits or abilities that help you stand out?
  • Do you have experience handling firearms?

Answering these questions in the resume objective will tell your prospective employer all they need to know about you at a glance.

How to Write an Ideal Security Guard Resume Objective?

How to Write an Ideal Security Guard Resume Objective
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An ideal security guard’s resume objective should briefly provide all the relevant information. You could say it is a summary of all that is to follow in the resume body in greater detail.

The purpose of the resume objective is to acquaint your employers with who you are. Hiring managers cannot be too careful when hiring security personnel and have to skim through hundreds of applications looking for the ideal match.

Your resume objective should make their task easier and ensure that they select you for the next round of the hiring process. Here is how you can do so.

1. Include Keywords from the Job Description

Before writing your resume objective, go through the job description. Then form your objective in such a manner that it includes keywords from the description.

These keywords should be related to any specific skills that the employer might be looking for. Including these keywords will make your resume stand out and grab the employer’s attention.

2. List your Skills

Making a small list of the skills you possess crucial to the role of a security guard will also help your resume get selected; including two or three important skills for the objective is enough.

Hence, try to list your strongest skills in this section. This will state why you are the best fit, and a mix of hard and soft skills would be ideal. Think about your work history to figure out which skills you should include. You can include skills like:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to stay calm under stressful situations
  • Excellent time management skills and very punctual
  • Good observation skills
  • Possesses high physical stamina
  • Can be polite yet assertive
  • Good with technology and handling surveillance equipment

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3. Including Job Experience

While there will be a separate, more elaborate section stating the details of your past experience, you should include what kind of experience you have had in the past and how many years you have already worked in the security field.

Briefly talk about your background and any special accomplishments during those years. It will be a great way to highlight how your previous employers have benefitted from your services and that you have been duly recognized for them.

Many veterans and retired police officers apply for the role of security guards. Their years of experience in the field and trained eyes make them perfect candidates.

Usually, novices are not taken for security roles in roles that are considered riskier. If you are applying for a security guard role for the first time and have no prior experience in defense or security roles, then talk about the physical training and certifications you may have acquired that make you a good candidate.

4. Speak About Your Career Goals

Speak About your Career Goals

One of the most important things to mention in your resume objective is your career goals. You might have a particular position in mind in the future, and you should let your employers know about it at the very onset.

The employer’s requirement should align with your goals for the simple reason that, unlike other jobs, you cannot do a security job half-heartedly. It should have your full dedication and concentration, and you will never be able to do that if the job does not fulfill your career interests.

Unlike other jobs, you cannot just have a “good enough” role to fulfill. If so, your interest will soon wane, and you will end up making mistakes unwittingly that will be detrimental to your career and the employer.

Hence, make sure you clearly state your goals in the security guard resume objective. It will be an added advantage if you state you are looking for a long-term position, which denotes a commitment to the employers.

5. Proofread your Resume Objective

Like any other section of the resume, you must thoroughly proofread your resume objective to rule out any errors. Create a draft and go over it to make it better.

Check if you have mentioned the necessary information, look for grammatical and punctuation errors, and read it aloud to check if it sounds okay. You can also ask a friend from a similar background to check it for you.

What Should an Ideal Security Guard Resume Objective Template Look Like?

What should an Ideal Security Guard Resume Objective Template Look Like

Here is a template that you can follow while writing a security guard resume template.

[Start with adjectives that describe your skills and qualities] security guard with [years of experience in the field] offering [your skills and expertise], and who wants to make a career in [the position you want to apply for and your goal] with [the name of the company you want to work for].

Some Examples of Security Guard Resume Objectives 

Here are some examples of creating a security guard resume objective. You can customize them for the position you are applying for.

Example 1

Highly vigilant, hardworking, 6’1” professional security guard with seven years experience in patrolling and CCTV surveillance looking forward to filling a security guard position in Grand Opera Center.

Example 2

An entry-level security guard with six months of experience in report filing, looking forward to upgrading to fieldwork and enforcing regulations as a security guard in Orchid Apartments.

Example 3

A dedicated graduate searching for a security guard job with excellent physical stamina as a member of a college athletics club, searching for an entry-level security guard job in Westview Shopping Mall.

Example 4

A veteran with 12 years of experience in active combat, an expert in handling various firearms, and acquainted with modern surveillance systems- including drone surveillance- is looking for a security guard job position in American Bank.


This small section of the resume can help you land the security guard job you have always aspired for.

While every job resume demands a resume summary, the resume objective for a security guard is even more crucial simply because of the magnitude of responsibility they are expected to shoulder.

Those who apply for security guard roles usually have experience working in the security sector, in the army, or in defense services. There are several veterans in this field as well. Listing all your experiences and qualities will definitely increase your chances of landing the ideal security job.