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15 Companies That Hire for Remote Consulting Jobs in 2024

Professional consultants are needed in every industry today. Whether IT, business, healthcare, or lifestyle – consultants can be an asset for any industry. They could be working as a direct employee of the company, but it could be a full-time or part-time position. Contractual consultants’ jobs are also very much on the rise, and companies are willing to hire remotely, as long as the work is done. 

Those who want to share their expertise or knowledge with a broader audience find it a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity. It is an excellent opportunity for those who have had successful careers and have retired with abundant knowledge and experience as they are in the best position to help novices make their mark. 

On the other hand, consulting jobs are not just about providing consultation, and one needs to be an excellent communicator to get the points across. And once everything comes together, a professional can have a great career as a consultant. 

Companies Hiring for Remote Consulting Jobs

Here are some companies that are hiring for remote consulting jobs in 2023. There are varied sector in which you can apply for remote consulting jobs, and these include industries, such as data mining, health, finance and marketing, real estate, information technology, and many others.

1. Acorio


As an NTT Data company, Acorio has made a mark by providing technical services using cloud computing platforms. They mostly use ServiceNow for managing digital workflows. 

Their primary clients are Fortune 500 companies, and they have clients across various industries pertaining to retail, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and healthcare, among others. Their recent remote consulting jobs include Platform Solutions Consultant and the ServiceNow Technical Architect. 

#2. Alright Solutions

Alright Solutions was earlier known by the name of Aon Hewitt. It is an information technology and services company that caters mainly to the human capital and management sectors. 

Alright Solutions
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They offer their services to businesses as well as individuals and primarily help them by providing retirement solutions healthcare and suggesting proper use of innovative talent. Their recent remote consulting jobs include a Workday Senior Consultant and Training Senior Consultant for Change Management position.

#3. Allstate

All state
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The slogan of the company, “You’re in Good Hands,” had made Allstate a popular name among householders seeking a reliable insurance provider. As the largest publicly-held insurance company in the US, the company has made a mark through its various corporate social responsibility programs and its commitment to the community’s causes. 

They are passionate about working for the environment, saving energy, and promoting safe teen driving practices, along with youth empowerment. Their recent remote consulting job includes a Senior Consultant for Digital Marketing and Senior Consultant for Human Resources. 

#4. Biologics Consulting Group

Biologics Consulting Group has always been in consulting regarding product development and full-service regulation. They have a team of pharmaceutical experts and help create devices that cater to the healthcare industry. 

Biologics Consulting Group
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The biologics advisors are some of the best in the industry, and they bring innovative and compelling products to the market each year. Their recent remote consulting jobs include a consultant for CMC and a senior consultant for CMC. 

#5. BlackLine

BlackLine is known for catering to the financing and accounting industry. They have a vision of transforming how this industry works and want to modernize it in every possible way. 

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They help professionals deliver more accurate finances and apply their knowledge and skills to run their respective organizations more effectively. Their recent remote consulting jobs include Senior Talent Development Specialist and Strategy and Corporate Development Manager. 

#6. CVS Health

CVS Health
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One of the leading healthcare companies and one of the largest providers of healthcare prescriptions and services in the US, CVS Health is currently filing over 1 billion prescriptions annually. They have a wide range of services like CVS Pharmacy, CVS MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark, and CVS Specialty. 

They currently serve over 5 million customers every day, and the organization is growing even more. Their recent remote consulting jobs include Senior Business Consultant and Complaints Appeal Consultant. 

#7. EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems is a renowned IT company that has made a mark in the field of digital platform engineering digital and product design. It is growing ever more as a product development agency. 

EPAM Systems
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It also uses expert and innovative design and consults with clients to improve strategies. The public company also collaborates with the clients to deliver services and solutions that transform complex business challenges into tangible business outcomes. Their recent remote consulting jobs include Senior Manager for Technology Consultant and Senior Manager for Business Consulting. 

#8. Guidehouse

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Guidehouse, under the parent company Veritas Capital, provides premium management, risk consulting, and technology services. It touts itself as the next-generation consultancy and aims to help clients in both public and commercial sectors to overcome various kinds of operational challenges. 

Their recent remote consulting jobs are Payroll Managing Consultant and Human Capital Management Consultant. 

#9. HubSpot

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HubSpot has one of the leading companies in the industry to deal with inbound marketing and sales platforms. HubSpot has carved a niche in social media publishing and monitoring, website content management, blogging and search engine optimization and email marketing, reporting and analytics, and market automation. 

They have revolutionized the digital content space in a big way. Their recent remote consulting jobs are Success Solutions Architect and Solutions Engineer. 

#10. Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group
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Lincoln Financial Group has offered its customers a wide range of financial services that fulfill their needs across various levels. They have a network of offices across multiple locations, with a combined workforce of 9000 professionals working for them, and they cater to millions of customers across the country. Their recent remote consulting jobs are for People Analytics Consultant and Training Consultant. 

#11. Paracel

Parexel specializes in clinical research informatics services for biotechnology, consulting, and medical and pharmaceutical device industries. It is one of the leading international biopharmaceutical services organizations in the world. 

The company is always on the lookout for employees who can bring life-changing medicines to those who require them the most. Their recent remote consulting jobs are Associate Solutions Consultant and Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant.

#12. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics
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Tiger Analytics specializes in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, a leading management consulting firm. It also offers various services that include marketing analytics, operations and planning, risk analytics, customer analytics, and more. 

Their work pertaining to artificial intelligence has resulted in several innovative ideas. Their recent remote consulting jobs are Analytics Consultant for Computer Science and Big Data Consultant.

#13. US Bank

US Bank
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The US Bank is among the top five of the best commercial banks in the United States, and it has over 2900 banking locations and over 5000 ATMs all over the country. The bank has always been responsible for the community, and they have partnerships with local organizations to indulge in fostering giving, environmental sustainability, and increasing corporate sponsorship.  

Their recent remote consulting jobs are Consultant for Information Security Risk and Compliance Consultant and Strategic Business Development Consultants. 

#14. UnitedHealth Group 

UnitedHealth Group
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United Health Groups is a leading provider dedicated to improving the health systems and giving better and healthier lives to their consumers. 

It also provides benefits and services for clients and consumers worldwide, with services spread across 125 countries and the 50 states of the United States. Their recent remote consulting jobs include Provider Marketing Consultant and Senior Financial Consultant. 

#15. Veeva

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Veeva is known for providing cloud-based software services predominantly for the life science industry. In recent years, it has grown rapidly and has become a profitable public company, with clients spread across consumer health, animal health, and biotech and pharma companies. Their current remote consulting jobs are for Commercial Consultant and Business Consultant for Medical Affairs. 

How Do You Know if a Consulting Job is Right for You?

As a consultant, you will be responsible for providing solutions to problems, developing new strategies, and finding ways to increase productivity by improving efficiency. They offer a neutral and objective view, and an outsider’s perspective can often highlight flaws and a zeal to improve them that works for the company’s benefits. 

You can check out remote consulting jobs through job portals. You can also ask a consultant you know to help you locate jobs in your area of expertise. You can also research your industry and look for consulting jobs with companies that hire remotely. Networking goes a long way in connecting you to media experts who will help you locate the right position. You can search for a wide variety of consulting jobs like educational consultants, healthcare consultants, business consultants, IT consultants, and more. 


Being a consultant can give you a sense of fulfillment. You will be completing a full circle in your profession, where you are in a position to pass down what you have learned throughout your career. Remote consulting jobs allow you to work from your home’s comfort and take up consulting responsibilities for more than one company at a time. It is a high-paying job, where companies will compensate you for your honest opinion and problem-solving skills. It is a great way to acquire industry knowledge further as an industry is quite dynamic, which will only increase your value as a consultant in the near future.