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Excellent Ways to Deal With Nerves For The First Day of Work

The first day of a new job is always exciting. It does not matter if it is your first job or you are joining a new office. You will have a certain degree of trepidation when you enter your new workplace.

The time leading up to a new job is very crucial. If you give yourself ample time to prepare, you will not feel nervous on the first day. For naturally anxious people, the first day can be challenging.

However, it would be best if you did not let the nerves get the better of you. After all, your new colleagues and employers will make you feel welcome. You should keep your negative thoughts aside and interact with them openly and in a friendly way. Nervousness will only make you fumble, and you will feel much worse later.

Always remember that no one expects you to be hundred percent perfect on the very first day of your job unless you have unwittingly entered into a toxic work environment. No one will berate you for not knowing things specific to the office. So you can stop worrying and start enjoying your new journey by keeping some tips in mind.

Reasons for Anxiety on the First Day

Reasons for Anxiety on the First Day

There are quite a few reasons you may feel nervous on the first day of work. Instead of denying the reasons, you should acknowledge and work through them and get over your jitters.

You may be anxious about meeting new people and working with them. If this is your first job, or you had mostly worked alone beforehand, working with a team can make you nervous.

You may be nervous about performing well in your new job. You may wonder whether you will make mistakes and will be up for the challenges and be afraid of making mistakes.

External factors may add to your nervousness as well. If you have moved to a new city for your job, the additional pressure of adjusting to a new environment can weigh heavy on you on your first day.

Is it Normal to be Nervous on the First Day of a Job?

Yes, being nervous on your first day of work is very normal. Experts say that a bit of nervousness makes you more alert and productive because you want to do well rather than being entirely laid back and at ease. The key is not to let your nervousness engulf you.

If you research the company well and learn about the work ethics and environment, you will not feel completely new and out of place on your first day.

Remember that if you are awkward around other people, others will be awkward around you. So getting over your nervousness can help you make meaningful connections right from the first day.

How to Calm Nerves on the First Day of Work?

Although every person is different, and everyone has their level of anxiety, some techniques can help anyone deal with their nerves on the first day.

1. Do Not Expect too Much

Do Not Expect too Much

Do not expect too much from yourself on the first day. Just give yourself time to get acquainted with everyone on your team and with everything around you. The first day also has a lot of paperwork with HR and other onboarding processes.

If you feel that you have to get up to scratch with everything the moment you walk into the office, you will only feel more overwhelmed and anxious.

2. Have Realistic Goals

It is expected that you will feel excited about your new role and will want to contribute to the team. However, whether you are a novice or have a few years of experience behind you, you are new to that office and that organization.

So you cannot expect that everyone will start asking for your opinion from the first day or will take into account all your inputs. You have to be realistic about acquiring experience in the new company before that happens.

3. Do Not Draw Comparisons

Do Not Draw Comparisons

Once you enter your new office, you will notice that everyone is getting on splendidly. Whether finding their way around the office or immersed in work, they seem at ease.

However, that is because they have been in the office longer than you. This is your first day, so you should give yourself adequate time without comparing yourself to others. With time, you may even get better than them.

Comparing yourself to others is unfair to yourself, so you should never do that.

4. Taking Notes

Suppose you feel overwhelmed or anxious about making mistakes on your first day. In that case, an effective remedy is to take small notes throughout the day so you don’t forget anything.

It doesn’t mean you flash your notepad every time someone speaks to you, but you can make small mental notes and write them down when you return to your desk. You will have something in front of you to follow throughout the day, and it will help you with quite a few things during the first few weeks at your new job.

5. Use Your Observation

Use your Observation

Observing your surroundings and getting acquainted with them is an excellent way to calm your nerves on the first day. Most of the time, your anxiety is triggered by the fear of the unknown, which will pass when you get a better knowledge about how things are done.

Watch your new colleagues and your manager and take your cues from them. Most of the time, your coworkers will also let you know a few things, and you can use that as an ice-breaking technique to get more information.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions on the first day of work if you are unsure about something. Do not let your nervousness hold you back. Your coworkers and manager know you are new to the office and will be glad to help you.

This will prevent you from making avoidable mistakes that could lead to errors later, which will only make things more awkward for you. Instead, get over your inhibitions and clear your doubts. Your superiors will appreciate your proactive attitude.

7. Look Forward to Something

Look Forward to Something

To prevent yourself from being too focused on your anxiety, look forward to something at the end of the first day of work. Imagine telling your friends what a great first day you had at your new job, having a nice dinner, or watching your favorite movie with your favorite dish.

 Plan a reward for yourself for getting your anxiety out of the way and being successful at the new job. The idea itself will motivate you and help you fight anxiety.

How to Prepare Yourself the Day Before Starting a New Job

If you want to remain calm and relaxed on the first day of the new job, the preparation should start the day before. It would be best if you faced your worries earlier rather than arriving at your new office as a bundle of nerves. Here is what you can do.

1. Avoid Last-Minute Rush

Avoid Last-Minute Rush

One of the best ways to avoid nervousness is to prevent any last-minute rush on the day of starting your new job. This means you should lay out your clothes, look up your commute plan, pack your documents and make a good meal the day before.

Do not leave anything for the morning of the first day. Once you know, the external factors are under your control. You will feel a lot better.

2. Do Something Relaxing

The night before the first day of starting your new job, try to do something relaxing and go to bed early. Instead of partying the night away to celebrate your new job, you should relax and engage in a favorite activity by yourself or with a small group of friends and family.

Not only will they encourage you for the next day, but you will feel much more confident when you feel their love and support. Stay away from too much coffee or alcohol and have a nourishing meal.

3. Read Motivational Books

Read Motivational Books

An excellent way to prepare yourself and keep away the first-day jitters at bay is to read some motivational books or read some motivational quotes.

The words of successful and great people can be very inspiring and help you look at things from a fresh perspective. You can also write down some inspiring lines and carry them with you.

Or, create a playlist of your favorite quotes and keep listening to them for the first few days into your new work. That will gradually remove all your fear and anxiety.

Preparing Yourself for Your New Job

If you are naturally anxious, you know you will be very nervous on the first day of your job. Hence, it would be best to start working on yourself a little in advance rather than waiting till the last moment. By that time, the anxiety will have already had its grip on you.

Here is what you can do.

1. Confront Your Fears

Confront Your Fears

It is essential to confront your fears regarding what is causing you anxiety about the first day of your job. Is it the challenges of your new role? Are you unsure about whether you will fit in? Is your new office very different than your previous one?

Are you going to start a new role because you have decided to change careers and feel unsure about it? There may be any number of reasons you might be anxious.

You can write all the reasons down on a sheet of paper and tackle them one by one. This will give you a lot of clarity and help you confront your fears.

2. Meditate

If you are too scared about your first job, you can calm your nerves through meditation. Meditation will not only help you relax for the first day but will help you manage the stress and anxiety that life will often throw your way.

Regular meditation also has several other health benefits. It will increase your focus and concentration, which will be invaluable when you start working. You can also join a yoga class, which is an excellent way of tending to your mind, soul, and body.

3. Seek Therapy

Seek Therapy

If you feel too overwhelmed and very nervous on the first day of your work, you may consider seeking therapy. Seeking therapy does not mean that you are weak.

Instead, it means that you are empowering yourself to embrace the new opportunity that has come your way. A therapist will help you determine the root cause of your anxiety that you could not figure out on your own.

The stress and anxiety around new people could result from some bygone incident, and your therapist will provide you with options that will help you in other areas of your life.

4. Consult a Mentor 

One of the best ways to get over your nervousness about the first day of your new job is to speak to a mentor. They could be your former employers, supervisors, teachers, or guardians.

They have spent years in the industry or have gathered valuable life lessons they can pass on to you at this significant time in your career. You are sure to benefit from their advice.


Having faith in yourself and your abilities is the best way to fight your nerves at the start of a new job. Remember, you got the job because the employers trusted you, and you were able to win them over with your bright outlook and interesting answers during the interview process.

Bring back the same confidence in yourself on the first day of the job. Your employers look forward to working with you, and you cannot let yourself get in the way of your success. Keep your nervousness aside, and your first day is just the beginning of a very successful stint at the company.

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