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10 List Of Strengths For Job Interviews

Appearing for a job interview can be intimidating. Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned professional trying to advance your career by aiming for an even higher position, job interviews can be an unnerving experience. And despite several rounds of preparation, many interviewees struggle with the questions that could possibly help them stand out from the rest.

One of these questions is, What are your strengths?” which is often inextricably linked to another question, “Why should we hire you?” And both these questions ask to the interviewee to express themselves in the best possible way. Yet, answering questions about oneself often seems to be the most challenging aspect of the interview.

You are your best judge, so you already know what you are good at. The idea is to speak about your qualities that can accurately represent who you are. So, tick some of the universal virtues that everyone comes to appreciate, along with the display of strong work ethics. Here is how you can go about it.

How to Answer the Question, “What are your Strengths?” in Your Job Interview

To start with, the answer to this question to ask depends on the spoken words in accordance with your body language while you are speaking. Your potential employer will judge whether you are simply trying to impress them or you do have what it takes to make it big. Also, your greatest strengths are something that can be relied on. So, to make things work in your favor, here is how you should answer the question.

#1. Be Precise

Be Precise
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Even though your employer asks the question in the plural, you shouldn’t just go on about your strengths at length. List your strengths clearly and concisely. That way, you will be putting your point across without coming across as someone who loves to talk about themselves.

Remember, your employer has other candidates to interview, and it would not be good if they had to stop you midway. So, list your strengths in a way that makes them want to know more about you without taking up too much of their time.

#2. Be Confident

Be Confident 
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If you are saying some positive things about yourself, you should also look at the part. Say you are confident, but you don’t sound or feel so. Your prospective employer will see through that, and whatever you might say will not be considered.

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#3. Be Relatable

Any strengths that you mention must be ideally in some way connected to the job you are applying for.

Be Relatable 
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For example, you might be good at keeping accounts and are great at calculations. But the job you are applying for is for a more human-oriented role, like customer relations. Hence, simply saying that you are good with numbers will not be enough. It would be best if you try something like, how being good with numbers can help you keep track of the number of people calling and will help you keep a better note of customers. And how it helps in acquiring new customers and retaining old ones.

List of Strengths You can Mention At the Interview

The strengths that you mention in the interview can be a combination of either personality traits, knowledge-based skills, or even a variety of soft skills. A healthy mix of all of them will be a good thing. Here are some you can choose from.

#1. Dedicated

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Being dedicated is an excellent trait. You can be dedicated to your work. It shows that you are an employee who can be trusted with crucial tasks no matter what happens. You will be able to get to the bottom of the problem through your dedication and skills.
Dedicated people have a goal in mind and do not rest till they have attained that goal. You can say that your dedication and commitment towards your work have ensured quality results in any project you have taken on.

#2. Creative

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Being creative is a most sought-after skill. And the thing is that it is an innate quality that people are often born with. Being creative in difficult situations can help you think out of the box and can enable you to come up with solutions in places where you might not see any. This skill can be an asset, and you can give an example of how your creative way of thinking had a new dimension to the project you were working on.

#3. Flexible

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Being flexible in a workplace is an important quality. Any organization that aims to do its best has a very dynamic atmosphere. Adapting to those dynamics can be an essential skill. Being rigid will hold you back from performing to your fullest potential. It will also hamper progress and smooth workflow in the organization. Being flexible can also help you juggle multiple roles and can help you find your true calling.

#4. Resourceful

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Being resourceful is a fundamental trait and one that will surely make your employer notice you if you mention it by showing how. Resourceful people are versatile and adaptable as they can do whatever they have in hand and still come up with a brilliant solution to most problems. It also shows that you are determined. You will not let anything come in the way of achieving what you want to at work, ensuring the successful completion of your projects.

#5. Problem Solving

Problem Solving
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Problem-solving can be a great strength if you show your employer that you can make a difference. This strength comes in most handy when you are faced with a crisis. Solving a problem requires analytical skills. It also means that the person has to pick the right course of action and have full faith in the solution they are opting for. Having a problem solver in the midst can be a huge encouragement to the team because they will get the confidence to move forward.

#6. Working Under Pressure

Working Under Pressure
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Stress is a significant part of one’s work life. Hence, those who can work under pressure and still come out victorious become assets to the company. The main criterion to work under pressure is to remain calm. That will ensure that you can work without panic, as this could further delay the progress of your work. Some people excel when they have to work under pressure as it gets them thinking, and they come up with solutions they might not have otherwise thought of.

#7. Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills
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Working with time is essential. You need to have impeccable time management skills if you want to do well at work, as it will help you get done the most without having to work overtime. When you speak about strength, emphasize how you are skilled at completing work within deadlines. This will ensure that projects are completed on time and that you are punctual and diligent.

#8. Team Player

Team Player 
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Being a team player is essential when you are part of an organization. You cannot simply do what you want and run projects only as you see fit. Being a team player requires trust and communication among various members, which ultimately lifts the entire team’s spirits. By being a team player, you can motivate the entire team and come across as a motivated and passionate employee.

#9. Fast Learner

Fast Learner
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One of the strengths that employers look for in prospective employees is that they should learn quickly. So if you say that you are a fast learner, you can win brownie points. You could prove it by telling how you learned a new skill or started using a new tool or software and then implemented it within weeks of learning it. You could learn from online courses or YouTube videos. It would show that once you are part of the organization, you will learn new skills quickly if you have to, to get the task done.

#10. Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills
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To be a leader is no small feat, and this includes being able to lead others in the right direction is a strength that all employers want in their employees. You could speak about it by saying how your team has managed to develop a solution under your guidance. And you could also tell how as a team leader, you have ensured that specific roles and tasks were always fulfilled on time. It will exhibit that others listen to you and trust you in decision-making, which is one of the marks of a good leader. This strength would be even more critical if you look forward to moving up in a managerial position.

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Speaking positively about your skills will help you secure a job and will instill confidence in your employer about you. Prepare well and do not derail from the topic. Highlight a particular skill set if you are particularly good at it. Pick a few strengths that have helped you excel in your previous job and which you think could be strengthened even more with time as you gain more experience. Collect your thoughts before answering the question, and all will go well at the interview.