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22 Best Interview Affirmations For Job Interview

Interviews can be daunting. But the more you worry about them, the more you risk losing your chances of doing well in the interview. While you might be very confident, facing a panel of people waiting to evaluate and judge; however, you can be scared and filled with self-doubt.

You might have prepared well for the interview, and you know you have all the knowledge and expertise you need to bag the job, and yet, you might face a sudden sinking sensation at the thought of answering questions.

Those who already have some level of anxiety might even feel inadequate and suddenly think of giving up even before facing the panel of interviewers. In such cases, it is best to practice self-affirmation.

Self-affirmation will prevent these negative thoughts from creeping up and messing with your brain. The best thing is that you do not have to set aside time to practice self-affirmation, nor does it require a great deal of exertion.

However, you need to believe in yourself and keep it up. By practicing self-affirmation regularly, you will find yourself doing well in your job interviews and specific areas of your life. The positive affirmations will boost your self-confidence more than any self-help book you might have read.

What Are Interview Affirmations, And How Do They Help?

What Are Interview Affirmations, And How Do They Help
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To start with, interview affirmations are like giving a pep talk to yourself before the start of an interview. It will help you calm your mind and provide clarity by rooting out negative thoughts from your head on such an important day.

The art of practicing affirmations is meant to remind yourself that you are a fantastic candidate and know what it takes to land the job. They are like gentle reminders that you have your back during the job interview. Here is how they can help.

1. Preventing Self-Destructive Behavior

Preventing Self-Destructive Behavior
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Research shows that practicing self-affirmation is an excellent way to prevent self-sabotage. It is a tool that you equip yourself with that can ward off imposter syndrome- basically a part of yourself trying to convince you that you are not good enough and you are an imposter trying to get the good things in life. Such intrusive thoughts can be self-destructive in any situation, and more so, in a job interview, affirmations can help you overcome that.

2. Boosting Self Confidence

Now, one might feel that the positivity should come from the outside because you already know you are good, right?

Wrong. As much as it is true that the support of your friends and family is crucial to doing well in life, you first need to be fully confident that you will do your best, no matter the situation. Because if you do not have faith in yourself, no amount of external validation will seem good enough for you.

No matter how well you are prepared, you will feel underqualified and feel inferior to the other candidates. This can dent your self-confidence even without your knowledge, affecting your interview.

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3. Letting Go of Stress

One thing that happens before a job interview is to allowing too much stress to build up, which can affect the performance and general demeanor. Hence, instead of coming across as a strong candidate, your body language tells the interviewers that you are scared and unsure about yourself.

You cease making eye contact, hunch instead of standing tall, and fumble instead of articulating your ideas clearly. All of this indicates that you have let stress get the better, and affirmations can help you fight them off.

4. Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself
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Affirmations can help you motivate yourself even when your friends and family are not immediately beside you. Imagine you are sitting outside the room where the interview is supposed to happen, alongside other eager and confident candidates.

You only have yourself to motivate you. This will help you walk in confidently into the room and create the perfect first impression, and the rest of the interview will go well too.

22 Best Interview Affirmations That Can Help You Perform Well

Here are some positive interview affirmations you can repeat to yourself before a job interview for the best results.

  • I can answer any questions that come my way. After all, this is my area of expertise and what I have been preparing for all along.
  • I am sure to reach my goals, and the interview is just the first hurdle I am sure to overcome.
  • This interview is going to change my life because I am sure I will be selected.
  • I will give thoughtful, informative, and exciting answers to the questions because I know the subject and job requirements very well.
  • I am intelligent and confident, and I am sure I will win over the interviewers with my unique outlook. The job will be mine by the end of the day.
  • I will not let fear of rejection stand in my way today. I will make the best use of today’s opportunities and not let fear get the better.
  • My knowledge and experience make me the perfect candidate for the job.
  • I will confidently answer all the questions and prove that I am the ideal candidate for the position.
  • I will make the interviewers notice my talents and skills and why I will become an asset to the company.
  • I will not let the fear of failing ruin one of the biggest opportunities of my career.
  • I am a team player and a dependable and energetic employee, and I will ensure my employers notice that.
  • I am ready for this next phase of my career, and I am going to work hard like never before and make sure that the interviewers know that as well.
  • I will be calm and confident during the interview, and I will put all my ideas across in a gradual manner without fumbling.
  • I have excellent problem-solving skills, and I will put them to use if I am presented with a scenario.
  • I am good at time management, and I will let my employers know by giving examples of how I multitask.
  • I am great at communication, and I will put forward my ideas systematically and effectively.
  • I will come out at the top and make my friends and family proud of me.
  • I will be professional and courteous during the interview and yet show that I am intelligent and ambitious, making the employers take note of my potential.
  • Today my abilities and talents will open new doors of opportunities for me, and I will go and grab them.
  • Today is a beautiful day, and I will not let anything stand in the way of my goals.
  • Today is my day, and I am going to shine.
  • I have prepared for a long time for this day, and today I prove myself to the world.

How to Use Interview Affirmations?

How to Use Interview Affirmations?
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Here is how you can make the best use of interview affirmations and benefit the most from them.

1. Being Mindful

When you speak encouraging words to yourself, you must be mindful of what you are doing. Simply repeating the words mechanically will not do you any good. It will seem monotonous after a point, and you will feel like giving up. Instead, you must be present in the moment when you speak these words to yourself. You do not need to set aside a time or place for it.

You can practice in front of your bathroom mirror or while waiting in traffic in your car. You can do so before entering the interview room or while getting coffee. The more efficiently you attune affirmations in your life, the more effective they are.

2. Practice Consistently

Practice Consistently
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One thing about interview affirmations is that you need to practice learning from them. Speak them out loud when no one is there, or softly to yourself when in the company.

However, practice this if you are particularly nervous about your interview. This will help you stay in your comfort zone, even if facing a particularly difficult panel of interviewers.

3. Focus

Self-affirmations are meant to help you focus, preventing your thoughts from going astray and leaning towards the more negative side. When you practice interview affirmations consistently for some time before the interview, something in your mind eventually clicks, and you ultimately make a breakthrough.

You begin seeing yourself in a new light and finally believe what you have been repeating to yourself for some time.

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Repeating certain statements to yourself, like you were talking in the third person to someone else, might seem like a childlike idea, but you will be amazed at the amount of positivity they generate. Sometimes, having an outsider’s perspective on yourself is vital, and it is a wonderful way of turning your insights inwards.

You will perform well even under pressure, and you are also going to be elated at discovering a new way of handling situations in every aspect of your life in a positive way.