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5 Reasons Why I Can’t Find a Job And What to Do to Get One?

Finding a job is no easy task. With growing competition and automation, finding a truly satisfying job in every way can be difficult. Hence, many people face challenges when it comes to finding a perfect position. One might even try their hands at a few different gigs, but if it does not provide long-term job security, then it is not really worth it.

If you are wondering why I can’t find a job, there may be several reasons behind it. And, not all of them will be in your control. However, you can change many situations preventing you from getting your dream job or, at the most, finding employment. The reason why so many people feel frustrated about their job search is that they are not even sure where they are going wrong.

So, it is important to take a step back and evaluate the situation to understand why you cannot find a job. And take things one step at a time to change everything that is not working in your favor. While some issues may be resolved quickly, others could take a few weeks. It is important to stay motivated and not give up.

Why Can Finding a Job be So Difficult at Times?

Why can Finding a Job be So Difficult at Times?

Finding a job is challenging because you are not the only one going after a particular position. The recruiters have hundreds of candidates to choose from, and you must prove yourself to be the best. Not only do you have to put your best foot forward at present, but you have to convince the recruiters that you are the best option for them when it comes to a long-term commitment to the company.

On the other hand, factors like geographical locations can also play a key role in finding a job. You might have a particular set of skills, but they might not be in demand in your current location. Hence, you have to move, bringing a new set of challenges.

Moreover, it would be best if you also kept on upgrading yourself. With new technology emerging every day, what you had learned might have become redundant in a few months. You need to constantly upgrade your skills, especially to compete with the younger generation of workers who could push you out of the competition if you do not level up.

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5 Reasons That Are Making You Stay Unemployed

There are quite a few reasons that might prevent you from getting your dream job or being unemployed. Here are some of them.

1. Not Qualifying For the Role

Not Qualifying for the Role

It would be best if you were sure that the job you are applying for is aligned with your educational qualification and previous work experience. Many candidates make the mistake of sending multiple job applications randomly through job portals without going through the job profile and set of qualifications the employer is looking for.

These applications get instantly rejected, and you are left discouraged at not being called for an interview. You need to look at the job profile and cross-check whether you match at least 60% of the requirements that the employer is looking for and only then move ahead with the application.

2. Gather Required Work Experience

Everyone wants a good and high position in a company, but that does not happen overnight. It would be best if you worked towards it consistently, or your application would get rejected.

You cannot apply for the role of a project manager and hope to be selected if you have no experience handling any team at a junior level. You must be a team leader first to prove your mettle and work your way up.

Or, if you are changing industries, you need to accept that you will be starting at an intermediate position rather than a high-ranking one because you do not yet have adequate experience in this sector. Hence, your application will be rejected. Try to acquire the required work experience before sending applications for any position.

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3. Not Sending Customized Resumes

One of the most common mistakes that applicants make is not customizing their resumes according to the company they are applying to and the position they are applying for. Most candidates have a single resume that they keep sending to various organizations, not fine-tuning the resume to match the specific demands of the company.

A resume should explicitly relate your educational qualifications and work experience to the position you are applying for. How is the subject you majored in help you for this specific role? What does being an accountant for three years mean when you apply for a certain position?

Customizing the resume accordingly by answering these questions will remarkably improve your chances of employment. Do not make generic resumes and hope to be selected for important positions.

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4. Your Resume Has Errors

Your Resume has Errors

Your resume is not just a catalog of what you have done till that point. Writing a resume properly and paying attention to details speaks volumes about your commitment.

Not checking spelling errors, not formatting the resume correctly, failing to add relevant details about your work experience, and leaving certain sections incomplete are signs that you have not paid attention while preparing the resume.

Moreover, if your resume lacks specific keywords, it might not even make it through the applicant tracking system.

5. Not Filling in Gaps in Employment

It is understandable if you have newly graduated and do not have much work experience. However, if you have been in the industry for a few years, you need to ensure that there aren’t many gaps in your resume. It is okay to take a few weeks or even a couple of months off to recharge yourself or travel.

However, having long gaps in the resume without proper explanation shows that you are not very consistent. Try to cover those gaps by showing that you were using that time productively somehow. Maybe you were freelancing or learning a new skill during that period. It shows you are committed to improving yourself.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job?

What Can You Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job?

If you are not getting the job of your dreams, it does not mean all is lost. Here is what you can do to increase your chances of getting a job.

1. Work on Your Skills

You need to work on your skills and upgrade yourself if you want to get the job you want. Industries are now becoming exceedingly automated, and you must upgrade your technical skills to compete. You might have been the best candidate for a position two years back.

But if you have not upgraded your knowledge in the meantime, you will not be able to compete with the younger lot coming in with more advanced knowledge. Multiple fields require all sorts of talent; you need to figure out which one of them will best use your skills and work on them accordingly.

2. Take Professional Help While Making a Resume

Creating a resume is not easy. You must ensure that your resume is not lost in the hundreds of applications a firm receives throughout the day. To make your resume stand out, you may enroll the help of a professional who will ask you pertinent questions about your academic history and work experience and include them in the resume. They will also help you customize your resume for various organizations and show you how to do it.

Creating a detailed and interesting resume is a skill; you must work on it thoroughly before sending applications. The employer uses this to measure you as a potential candidate, and you cannot make a wrong impression.

3. Build Your Network

Build your Network

Building a network is very important if you want to be successful in your job search, whether creating a rapport with your boss or having cordial relations with your colleagues. Having a supportive network can help you immensely in the long run.

Your previous employers can give you recommendations, while your former colleagues can tell you about potential organizational openings without feeling threatened. The more people you meet, your chances of finding new opportunities can be instrumental during a job hunt.

4. Practice Your Interview Skills

It would be best if you were very good at your interview to secure a job finally. Your resume might have some fantastic things working in your favor. However, your prospective employers should not feel let down when they finally meet you in person. Are you shy? Then practice making eye contact.

Do you have a very soft voice? Then work on increasing your volume and voice modulation. Are you conscious of your body or have body image issues? Then work on dressing smartly and improving your posture. Above all, prepare answers to possible interview questions and confidently answer them.

5. Consider Other Industries

Consider other industries

Unbeknownst to yourself, you might have limited your job search. You need to widen your horizons and consider multiple sectors where you can put your talents and skills to good use. Look around and do your research. Which companies require multiple skill sets? How do you fit in with them?

Can you acquire a new certification that will give you the skill to fit in other roles? Will it help you quickly climb the corporate ladder by giving you a better understanding of human resources? All these factors can help you try your luck in other sectors, and you might find new doors of opportunities opening up unexpectedly.


The first thing to keep in mind is not to feel discouraged when you are job hunting. Yes, you are going to meet with some rejections. However, use them as learning opportunities and determine what you may have lacked. There might be other qualified candidates around you, but that does not mean you are any lesser.

Work on improving your personality. A confident and professional demeanor and an eagerness to learn and grow will surely attract your prospective employers.

They will also make a few concessions if they feel you are a promising candidate in who they should invest it. Hence, work on yourself and change those situations you can for the better, and you will surely get a good job to boast of.