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How to Tell If a Phone Interview Went Well: 13 Signs

Unless your prospective employer makes you a job offer, there is no way to tell if your phone interview went well. However, some signs can tell you how you fared, and it might make the waiting period less worrying.

While some employers conduct the entire interview over the phone, some might just hold the first round of interviews over the phone and then conduct the subsequent rounds in person. It depends on the location of both the parties and the company policy.

However, since many companies now want to hire talents from a global pool and are offering remote positions, they are now open to conducting interviews over the phone or online.

It can be an excellent way to know if the candidate can communicate well over the phone as it indicates they will be able to do so when they have to deal with clients over the phone.

Many factors can determine the outcome of the phone interview. However, you should prepare for it as rigorously as you would for an in-person interview. That will give you the maximum chance of doing well.

Doing well in the phone interview will also increase your self-confidence and help you do better in the next rounds of the recruitment process. Hence, knowing whether you did well or not can be instrumental in determining your overall performance.

Why is it Important to Do Well in Your Phone Interview?

Why is It Important to Do Well in Your Phone Interview?
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During the phone interview, you will learn about many aspects of the company because you will finally get to speak to your prospective employers.

You can use this opportunity to create a rapport with your prospective employers, which can only happen when you do well in the interview.

Since many employers conduct phone interviews to screen candidates in the next round, you must do well to be selected for the next phase of the recruitment process.

It will help you acquire helpful information or clear any doubts that will help you prepare for the next round of interviews or when you appear before your employers for the first time in person.

Suppose you do not make a good impression on the phone interview. In that case, you will be under much pressure while facing your employers and making up for what you missed earlier. Hence, it is better to get it right the first time.

How to Make a Good Impression Over a Phone Interview?

How to Make a Good Impression Over a Phone Interview?
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Making a good impression over a phone interview is easier than you think. It would be best if you had some practice, but you are sure to do well.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Work on your intonation. Voice modulation is significant during a phone interview. You do not want to sound disinterested or excited to the point of being fake.
  • Remember to work on your phone manners. Refrain from interrupting when the interviewer is speaking.
  • Make sure you take good care of your voice. Avoid cold drinks or very hot beverages as they can irritate your throat. Coughing or sneezing during phone interviews can disrupt the flow of the conversation.
  • Be sure to be on time to receive the phone when your interviewer calls at the appointed hour. You do not want to miss the call. Remember, this is as important as turning up at the office for an in-person interview. You must also ensure you are located in an area with a strong network coverage.
  • Dress well even for a phone interview, and do not just receive the call in your pajamas. Although you do not have to dress in full formal attire, you must at least have a shower and wear clean day wear clothes. This will have a psychological impact and help you do better in the following rounds.

Signs That You Did Well in the Phone Interview

It is common to worry after a phone interview to comprehend how well you did. Watch out for these signs that tell you have done well.

1. Your Interview Talks About the Next Rounds

Your Interview Talks About the Next Rounds
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If you have not done well in the first round of phone interviews, your interviewer will not likely talk about the next rounds of the hiring process.

Suppose you see them telling you about the follow-up interview, fixing a date, or asking you to meet them in person in the office. In that case, it is a good sign that your phone interview went well.

2. Your Interviewer Tells You

Sometimes, prospective employers can be very encouraging and do not want their potential employees under pressure. Hence, if they categorically tell you that your phone interview went well, you have much reason to hope.

Yes, sometimes it could be a word of encouragement, and in case of minimal vacancies, they might choose a candidate even better than you. However, if they tell you that you did well, it is a good sign.

3. Your Interviewer Sounded Happy and Excited

Your Interviewer Sounded Happy and Excited
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As much as you would be happy to land a job, employers also become very happy when they find the right candidate because they will contribute to the organization’s growth.

 Hence, if they sound happy over the phone and you hear phrases like, “You sound perfect for the role,” it indicates that your phone interview went well.

4. You are Told to Provide References

Usually, employers tell a candidate to submit references and other documents when they are halfway through deciding that they will seriously consider a candidate for the position.

Hence, if you are told to submit references and other such documents, you can be sure your phone interview went well.

5. You Felt it was a Good Conversation

You Felt It Was a Good Conversation
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A good interview feels more like a good conversation than a clinical one. Even if your discussions are formal and distant, they will gradually settle into a rhythm if they like candidates who match their requirements and perform well.

Once the standard interview questions are done, the employer will also try to get to know the candidate. If you feel you had a good conversation that ended on a positive note, it is a sign that your phone interview was good.

6. Your Interviewer was Quite Long

Usually, recruiters will give you an estimate of how long the phone interview might take for the organization.

However, suppose you see that the phone interview went on longer than the stipulated time. In that case, it indicates your interview went well.

This is because if the recruiter were not interested in you, they would not make an effort to carry on. And since they deal with many candidates regularly, singling out someone for an extended interview shows they liked the candidate enough.

7. Your Interviewer Talks About the Future

Your Interviewer Talks About the Future
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If your recruiters talk about your future in the company towards the end of the phone interview or what you plan to bring to the organization three to five years from now, it means they liked you.

They would only do this if they see you working for them after an extended period, which only happens when you create a positive impression on them.

8. Your Interviewer Tells You About Office Rules

Your recruiter might not have offered you the job just yet. However, if you notice them telling you about office rules and workplace policies and asking questions about how you would fit in, your phone interview went well.

They will want to know whether, apart from the technical skills, you will fit in with their work environment and office culture, which only happens when they see you working for them. It would help them arrive at the final decision.

9. The Employers Want You to Work for Them

The Employers Want You to Work for Them
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One of the most significant signs that your phone interview went well is when the employers ask you to come and work for them.

They will tell you about the benefits of working in their company, how they will help you learn new skills and how it will help you advance your career. They take a genuine interest in your trajectory and see the potential that makes them ask you to work for them.

10. Your Interviewer Asks You About Work-Life Balance

Suppose your interviewer asks you about how you maintain your work-life balance. In that case, it means they want to find out whether you can handle your job responsibilities and manage your responsibilities simultaneously.

This mostly happens if your phone interview went well and they want you to work for them. If they weren’t satisfied with your answers, they might not have asked you this question.

11. Your Interviewer Talks About Pay Packages

Your Interviewer Talks About Pay Packages
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Suppose your interviewer questions you about your salary expectations or tries to tell you about the perks and benefits when you come to work for their organization. In that case, it is another indication that your phone interview went well.

Recruiters usually do not broach this topic unless they are very impressed with a candidate. You have much to hope for if asked about salary expectations and should be prepared with an answer.

12. Your Recruiter Asks About Your Starting Date

If your recruiter asks you about your expected starting date, it shows they must be impressed after the phone interview. This is especially the case if they are urgently looking to fill a position and want you to start immediately or throw hints that you should.

They are always eager to know about better candidates’ availability so they can make their decision, which is a good sign that you managed to impress them.

13. Your Recruiters Bring Others On the Call

Your Recruiters Bring Others on the Call
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While the interview was meant to be between you and the recruiter, sometimes, they may just add someone else to the call. This is usually the case when they are impressed by a candidate and want another colleague or senior to listen to them.

You will soon find this out when the new caller also asks you pertinent questions and if both end on a positive note. This would certainly mean that your phone interview went well.

Signs That Your Phone Interview Did Not Go Well

While you might be prepared to watch out for all the signs that your phone interview went well, there are some that might indicate that it did not go well.

Here are some of them.

  • Suppose your interview ended too early than the stipulated time. In that case, it could indicate that your interview did not go well because the interviewer did not feel like continuing the conversation.
  • If your interviewer cuts you off abruptly and concludes the interview, it could mean that the phone interview was not up to the mark.
  • Another sign of a bad phone interview is that your interviewer might have only asked you technical questions related to your job and showed no interest in getting to know you.
  • Your interviewee did not use any enthusiastic words during or after the interview. In addition, their voice was flat and did not show any excitement. Yes, it could be that the interviewer was very formal, but it could be a sign that the phone interview did not go well.
  • Your interviewer does not mention a follow-up interview or does not ask to see you in person. Even if you ask them about it, they might say they will let you know, but you do not hear from them. This is a sign that the phone interview did not go well.

Is a 10-Minute Phone Interview Good or Bad?

While time is a major factor during any interview, it is not a determining one, especially in a phone interview. If the phone interview is the first round and is only meant for screening candidates, then a 10-minute interview is good enough.

On the other hand, if it is the second or third round and you feel that your interviewer should have asked you more questions or the interview could have been more comprehensive, then ten minutes might not be a good thing.

However, the interview quality matters the most, rather than the actual time limit. Sometimes, expert recruiters are excellent at getting the measure of a candidate simply by asking a few well-chosen behavioral questions, which could take merely ten minutes.


Doing well in the phone interview will help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Your employers will notice you, which could positively impact your chances of getting the job.

Moreover, when potential employers are impressed with a candidate while speaking to them over the phone, they are eager to meet them in person.

Employers always look out for deserving candidates as they can help the company grow and prosper.

Hence, the signs can help you determine how well you did. Keep applying to other companies until you receive the job offer. However, it will give you something to look forward to.