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How to Put Dean’s List on Resume? (Ultimate Guide With 3 Examples)

If you have ever been on the Dean’s list, you would be aware of it; if you haven’t been or didn’t know its importance, you have landed on the correct page. The majority of us don’t understand its significance. Even if a student is on that list, they don’t feel or think that it can be of great use in the future.

A Deans list can be defined as the list of students who have scored a perfect grade point or GPA in the semester during their college life. Every college or university has different GPA criteria; the opportunity is given to only full-time college students.

The Academic Awards can also enhance your reputation, which automatically increases your chances of being on the Dean’s list. But the real question is, why is it important to mention this on your resume?

We all know that sending a resume continuously doesn’t mean you will get a job. You should always have that extra skill that shows the hiring recruiter that you have the determination to work for the company. But as a beginner, if you don’t have any job experience, then the Dean’s list can be of great use.

In this article, we will discuss more, why you should or should not include a dean’s list in the resume and in what format you should list them down?

Why Should You Include Dean’s List On The Resume?

Why Should You Include Dean's List On The Resume
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Mentioning the Dean’s list in the resume has several essential factors. Firstly, getting into that list is not easy and signifies that you are a high achiever in your batch. It also helps the recruiter to get an idea that you are serious about your career (or whatever you do), which makes them believe that you will be a hardworking employee after getting hired.

Furthermore, it’s always an honor to be on that list, so you should always highlight your ability. Even if you have no professional experience or have never done any internships in colleges, mentioning the Dean’s list would always be a great option to enhance your chances of getting shortlisted or accepted.

We should never forget that even a minute information in your resume can highly impact the decision of a recruiting manager. So you should always be aware of what you are mentioning in your resume.

In What Condition Should You Put the Dean’s List on the Resume?

In What Condition Should you Put the Dean's List on the Resume
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Firstly,  you should always have clarity in your mind about mentioning or not mentioning the Dean’s list in the resume. You can include this information in the summary section of your resume, especially when you have no professional experience. The factors that you should keep in your mind are listed down below:

You’ve graduated from a very prestigious university in your country: Getting a degree from a prestigious university is always a dream for many students. If you have attended that kind of university, you should definitely mention the Dean’s list on your resume. Getting admission to those colleges and then being on that list can significantly impact the recruiter’s mind.

It doesn’t matter if you have made it to that list once or twice; always consider adding a time period/semester to your resume. This will always impress the employer and make your resume stand out from other people.

You were consistently on the Dean’s list: Now, if you have not attended any prestigious or top university in your country, even then, it is entirely okay to mention this in the resume. We recommend you mention this only if you have consistently been on that list in every semester of your college.

It shows that you have a consistent work ethic, academic ability, and firm determination in your work.

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When Should You Not Include The Dean’s List In Your Resume?

The people who have job experience or a professional accomplishment, then it is entirely okay to avoid the Dean’s list. In this case, mentioning the Dean’s list will automatically take up so much space in your resume, making it too long and tedious. If you have job experience, then the recruiter manager already knows about your skills and what they can expect from you. Your professional work speaks up for yourself, and you don’t need to include any kind of list or academic credibility to enhance your resume.

What Format Should You Follow in Dean’s List?

What Format Should You Follow in Dean's List
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The Deans’ list can be added under different sections or the general sections like education which play a vital role.

  •  You can include a Deans list in the education section because it relates to your academic background. But it will make a huge negative impact if you have taken any gap between your education or you are a graduate student.
  • You can also add the Academic Awards section to the resume. Under this section, you can easily mention the Dean’s list.
  •  You can also mention the dean’s list under the experience section but don’t make it too long. You can also list the time period in which you were in that list, for example, in the 7th semester, while also mentioning the total no. of semesters.

Example 1

XYZ university
Bachelor’s in business administration, Deans List 2020


XYZ University, Location/Address of your university
Bachelor’s in business administration

• Dean’s List 2020
• Participated in debate competitions

You can also add a new section(called an additional section) to include the Dean’s list. This section generally consists of the impressive accomplishments that you have achieved during your academic years, which shows your valuable skills and credibility. It may include any certificates, additional language, etc., and all those skills related to the job profile.

Example 2

Additional section
Technical skills: Microsoft skills, excel skills, C++ coding
Awards: Deans list 2019-2020, participated in debate competitions

You can just add an awards and accomplishments section instead of an additional section. Under this heading, you can include separate information and would only have the accomplishment during your academic years.

Example 3

Awards and accomplishments
•Dean’s list, 3rd semester
•Debate competition, 1st place 2020

Before mentioning anything in the resume, ensure that you’ve read the job description and included all the essential skills or information to make your resume much more impactful. You should also run your resume through several websites to check the grammar mistakes.

Should You Include The Dean’s List in Your LinkedIn?

Should You Include The Dean's List in Your LinkedIn
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There are specific rules to include your dean’s list on LinkedIn. A few of the rules are listed down below:

  • You should never include the Deans’ list if you have graduated with Greek honors/Latin honors. These honors are much more critical and have more value than the Dean’s list. So it will be better to include these honors instead of the Deans’ list.
  • If you have job experience, it is a waste of time to include the Dean’s list, as this can give a clear-cut idea about your score and skills in the college.

Pro Tips

You always need to follow specific rules to understand how to mention the Dean’s list in the resume. A few of the essential points are listed down:

  • Always read the job description, be careful while adding the Dean’s list, and don’t make it detract.
  • Always mention the school, college, major, and essential details.
  • After writing your GPA, you can also add the information on the Deans’ list.
  • Be very specific about the total no. of semesters whenever you include this list.
  • Most times, the education section is the most preferred section as compared to the additional section or awards and accomplishments section.
  • If you don’t have much job description, then you can also describe the Dean’s list criteria in your university because it differs from one university to another.
  • Don’t make your resume too lengthy; always add specific key points that relate to the job description.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed how to put dean’s list on resume, and the importance of mentioning it. It’s very important to list because we all know that to be on the Dean’s list is not an easy job and doesn’t happen to everyone. It becomes crucial to mention this in the resume, especially when you don’t have any job experience.

This helps the recruiting manager to know about your ability and potential.  Always remember that there should be an appropriate format to mention this in your resume, and it shouldn’t be anywhere.  This can enhance your resume’s credibility and chances of getting hired.

The Dean’s list shows that you can focus on your work and you work hard to achieve your goals.  If you want to make your resume stand out from other people, especially when your competitors are the ones who have excellent job experience, then this is the best way to make your resume better and stand out.