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9 Cozy Ideas to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

Working from home had become the norm during the pandemic. Hence, many employees found it difficult to return to their sterile workplace after working from the comfort of their couch for the better two years.

However, your workplace does not have to be clinical and dull. Unless your office has stringent rules against redecorating your cubicle or cabin, you can often add elements that make your workplace cozy and feel like home.

Of course, you must keep quite a few things in mind before changing your workplace décor. You cannot just bring anything into the office; at the end of the day, your workplace has to look neat and professional.

However, many new-age companies and start-ups are doing away with the idea that an office has to have a strictly formal ambiance. They are willing to bend the rules, which can be seen everywhere- from a more eclectic workplace ambiance to a more relaxed dress code.

Hence, redoing your workplace to make it more cozy and comfortable is a good idea, especially if it helps boost your productivity. You will look forward to working every day if you can create the ambiance you love.

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Why is a Comfortable Workplace Important to Boost Productivity?

Employers around the world are now open to granting their employees leniency when it comes to redecorating their workstations. And they have a good reason for doing so. Here is why.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

It is easy to get bored when an employee has to do the same kind of work day in and day out. No matter how much one loves their work, it is natural to feel that the job is monotonous at times.

During such moments, if there is nothing but a blank white wall or a computer screen to stare at, the employee is bound to feel dejected more than ever.

While their work is unavoidable, they can bring in some variety with some color and a choice of items they feel close to. This will help them connect with their surroundings, and it will help them perform better at work.

When the work environment is too sterile and clinical, employees feel the urge to break out of its confines, as a result of which the quality of work suffers. If employees can change their environment, they are bound to feel more attached, boosting productivity.

Physical Comfort

Physical Comfort

Gone are the days when an office meant a long table and straight-backed chairs where employees were expected to sit and work for hours.

Modern workplaces are far more mindful of the health of their employees. They are investing in ergonomic furniture and other aspects to make them feel good.

However, there are often some personal things that an employee feels good about using, and having them in the office could help them work comfortably. It could be that special cushion they want to lay against their chair or a mug they like to drink from.

These little changes can increase their well-being and translate to better work performance.

More Creativity

More Creativity

Working in a cozy and comfortable environment enables people to use their imagination more. Those who work on creative ideas feel more imaginative if they can work in their comfort zone.

Ideas come more easily if one is in a livelier environment. If the workplace feels like home, things only get better. It is challenging to develop new ideas for campaigns or solutions to problems if one has to work in an unimaginative environment. Employee performance is bound to improve if they feel more imaginative and energized.

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Some Ideas to Make Your Workplace Cozy Like Your Home

After decluttering and cleaning your workspace, you can incorporate some ideas to make it feel cozy and more like your comfortable nook at home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Use Rugs to Soften the Look

Use Rugs to Soften the Look

One of the best ways to soften the look of your office room is to add some rugs. The rugs are soft, and the texture is enough to make you feel warm and cozy. You can spread them on the office floor. Just make sure they are not too gaudy or flashy in color.

Rugs will make you feel at home with their softness and add much-needed color and charm to your office. The rugs will remind you of your home and help you relieve your coziness. Your office won’t feel so lifeless or sterile anymore.

2. Add Your Favorite Pictures

Another way to bring charm to your office is to bring your favorite work of art. You can hang some colorful pictures that reflect your taste and sensibilities.

Moreover, they will act as great conversation starters when someone is in the office with you. You can gaze at your favorite work of art when you need some inspiration, and the masters are sure to inspire you.

Art can also make you feel cozy and comfortable because it will remind you of the things you love.

3. Incorporate Furniture Like Your Home

Incorporate Furniture Like Your Home

One of the best ways to bring some elements of your home into your office is to include furniture like those in your home. For example, you can have a couch similar to the sofa you have at home.

You can derive the same comfort when you feel sore from sitting upright in your office chair for too long. In the same way, you can also include some shelves or cabinets like the one you have in your apartment to keep the office space organized.

However, ensure that the furniture is still appropriate for the office and not too bulky. You can buy furniture in the same style you have at home but smaller in size.

4. Use Unique Lighting

Adding innovative lights in your office is the best way to lift your mood. The use of unique lights will make your office room livelier. The best way to enhance the lighting is to ensure that your office room or cubicle gets lots of natural sunlight.

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D and can help you fight fatigue. You will feel instantly rejuvenated if you get sunlight from your window.

However, if your office is situated in a corner that does not get sunlight, you can invest in some unique light fittings, like the ones you have at home.

You can add a patch of color as an exciting lampshade on your work table or ceiling fixtures. The brightly lit room and the interesting shapes will surely make you feel energized and productive.

5. Add Some Greenery

Add Some Greenery

Proximity to plants can alleviate your mood, and you can bring some indoor potted plants to your office.

If you have any favorite plants at home, you can also bring the same variety to your office. You only need to remember not to bring in species of plants that grow too big because it is your office.

However, you can put a small plant on your desk, beside your workstation, or by the door. Plants will also keep your indoor air quality fresh and clean, making you feel more relaxed around them.

6. Use Aromatherapy

One thing that reminds people of their homes is the smell and fragrance of something familiar. If you have a similar favorite, you can incorporate it in your office with the help of aromatherapy.

You can use scented candles if your office allows open flames. If not, you can use essential oils to have the same effect. Aromatherapy will immediately soothe your senses, which are instrumental in calming down anxiety.

You can choose the fragrances that remind you of your favorite memory or childhood, and you will be comforted immediately.

7. Use Your Favorite Knickknacks

Use Your Favorite Knickknacks

Another way to feel cozy and comfortable in your office is to use your favorite knickknacks that you use around your house. You can bring your favorite coffee mug or that unique cushion you like behind your back.

You can change into your favorite slippers when no one is looking for some time before changing back to your office shoes again.

Depending on what your office allows, you can incorporate elements that will leave you feeling cozy by changing a few items for personal use.

8. Bring Your Favorite Books

Reading is one of the best ways to relax your mind, and bring some of your favorite books to the office to make you feel calm and comforted. There are periods when work is light, or you are so stressed out that you must divert your mind.

Books will provide you with the ultimate retreat. Not only will the words of great authors inspire you to pursue your dream again, but you will also feel refreshed enough to come back to work with a clean slate.

Most importantly, you will feel the same comfort at home when you settle down with a good book.

9. Make Your Playlist

Make Your Playlist

Creating your favorite music playlist can be the best way to make you feel comfortable and the best thing is that you can use earpods or headphones to listen to them without disturbing anyone else.

Of course, you need to be sure that listening to music will not distract you and that you will only make errors at work. You can always use the music to unwind and get your bearings after a particularly difficult or stressful hour or two of heavy workload.

Music has calming and healing powers; you will feel comfortable and cozy and think of home when you listen to your favorite compositions.

Things You Must Avoid While Redecorating Your Workspace

While it is a good idea to redecorate your office to make it feel cozy and comfortable like your home, there are some things you must avoid. It is your workplace, after all, and you cannot do everything as you do in your private space at home. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Use of Controversial Art

Use of Controversial Art

You can use any piece of art or figurine to make your workplace more artistic or creative. Stay away from any work that might be deemed controversial.

People from all cultures and backgrounds work in an office, and avoiding pieces that can harm someone’s sentiments is best.

2. Loud Colors or Motifs

While redecorating your workplace, avoiding loud colors and motifs is best. While a colorful environment will remind you of your home, too much of it can clash with the professional ambiance of the office.

Try to choose something softer that matches your taste and seems to be in the right place in an office environment. Stay away from slogans or any vocabulary that can be interpreted differently.

3. Infringing a Coworker’s Space

Infringing a Coworker’s Space

If you work in a shared space and your cubicle is not separate from your coworkers, you must be mindful while redoing your workstation.

None of the items you use in your space should spill over to their side, and they should not feel distracted. For example, if you use an ergonomic chair, ensure it is manageable to prevent others from walking on the aisle.

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4. Personal Gadgets that Use More Power

If you use any gadgets in your office for comfort, you should charge them from home. Try only to use personal items that use extra power from the office if you are allowed to do so.

Your decorating ideas should only include something that adds a little to your company’s expenses.


Work can be stressful and if there are a few things you can do to make your workspace more cozy and comfortable, then go ahead. It is imperative to take care of your physical and mental health to perform your best. Adding some elements that make you more productive will work to your benefit.

Make sure you are not breaking any official rules, and you should be fine. You might not be able to turn your office room exactly like your bedroom. Still, the little changes significantly increase your concentration and comfort. You will love your workspace all the more for it, and work will cease to seem stressful.